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Wartales update 2 is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Wartales patch notes, the latest update adds hours of new content and gameplay.

Recently, a big update added a number of changes, including “No scaling mode”, a questlog, and much more. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing several issues. Today’s Craftopia update will fix a few of these issues.

Wartales Update Patch Notes – March 23, 2022

The World

  • Discover this brand new region, its customs, beliefs and mysteries
  • The level cap has been increased to 9!
  • Explore a new Tomb of the Ancients
  • Discover countless new points of interest
  • Forsaken Villages are newly added places where the player has to choose some members in his group to explore and loot abandoned and plague infested villages:
    • The selected troop must be as silent as possible, heavy armored companions are not advised
    • If the group makes too much noise, things might become trickier…
  • The Marshlands are infected by plague riddens and Hordes frequently roam the land. Try to escape from the huge cohort chasing you!

The Enemies

  • Fight as yet unseen enemies such as Bears, Giant Mosquitoes or even the mighty Crocswines!
  • Each enemy faction has a new unit unlocked after reaching level 5 !
  • Each enemy faction has now a unique passive trait that will make them even stronger (after level 6)
  • Trackers now have their own faction units with new armor design !
  • Some animal groups are stronger than before, beware of those!
  • With the exception of pack leader and Phantom Swarm, it is now possible to tame every type of animal, and yes, even Giant Mosquitoes (though you’ll need a special item)!


  • WIth the level cap increase, we added a new step of specialization (at level 8). Each class will get access to brand new skills.
  • The animals you tame now have unique skill trees and yes, you can choose to specialize your ponies to fight alongside you!
  • The daily food consumption for animals has been updated.
  • You can customize your group appearance by buying a barber’s kit.


  • With the new regions come a TON of new items, equipment pieces, weapons, recipes…
  • Depending on the weapon rarity, the UI background will change.
  • We added new camping gear to be crafted with brand new interactions!

Profession and Activites

  • The Bard is a new profession and allows you to learn and play songs in taverns.
  • Missing crafting recipes have been added
  • Each profession now have new recipes
  • You can now find wood logs to be cut by your axemen in old and new points of interest
  • When you change a profession, you should now come back to the highest level you reached in this profession.


  • A new Survival battle mode has been added: hold a certain number of rounds
  • A new Escape battle mode has been added: Reach a specific area to flee the fight while being chased by swathes of enemies
  • New environmental effect can now affect the course of a battle:
    • Lightning strike have been added during storms
    • Rockfalls have been added in certain combat biomes



  • First Aid has been nerfed: still heals 10% HP but only removes poison, burning and bleeding without affecting other debuffs
  • Repair kit have been updated : you have more ways to upgrade the quantity of armor they can repair and it is now displayed
  • Fish is now considered as Meat for meals.
  • Some forge crafts have their recipe updated
  • All belt accessories crafted through alchemy require you to be lvl 3 alchemist
  • Units that were not part of a battle will now gain 80% xp
  • Crafting an item that unlocks a new recipe now also gives knowledge
  • Maximum Carrying capacity provided by Constitution is now 20
  • Leather straps (Belt accessory) give 10% Guard (was 5%)
  • Poisoned Knife throw price has been largely reduced
  • Animals should now give more fangs
  • Components caravans now sell alazar powder
  • Some Knowledges requirements have been updated

  • Alexa Grathan stats have been increased.
  • Slice and dice (skill Splitter) now deal 80% of Strength (was 100%)
  • Bloodshed (status Splitter) now is canceled at the end of turn (was round)
  • You can’t stack infinitely Bloodshed status.

  • Willpower of animals globally reduced
  • Creeper damage reduced by 40%
  • Health reduced by 50%
  • Their number in combat increased by 30%

  • Knife Throw’s range has been reduced to 4m (was 8m).
  • Poisoned weapon (talent) now applies 2 poison instead of 1 when you backstab.
  • Poisoning (skill Hoodlum) now deals 70-90% of Dexterity (was 60-80%)

  • Beast master (upgraded talent) now only heals animals.
  • Recoil shot (talent) now deals 70-110% of Dexterity (was 40-80%).
  • Recoil shot (upgraded talent) now deals 80-120% of Dexterity (was 50-90%).
  • Recoil shot’s range (talent) is now 9m (was 8m)
  • Barrage’s range (talent) is now 9m (was 8m)
  • Shot’s range (basic skill) is now 9m (was 8m)
  • Reinforced arrows (upgraded talent) now increases Critical damage by 35% (was 25%).
  • Vicious shot (skill Poacher) now deals 50-90% of Dexterity (was 40-80%)
  • Vicious shot’s range (skillPoacher) is now 9m (was 8m)
  • Shoot order’s range (skill Sapper) is now 9m (was 8m)
  • Volley of arrow (skill Captain) now deals 30-80% of Dexterity (was 30-70%)
  • Volley of arrow’s range (skill Capitain) is now 9m (was 8m).

  • Counterattack (upgraded): fix the duration of Inspiration
  • Slashes _(talent) now deals 75% of Strength by attack (was 100%)_
  • Interception (skill) now deals 65% of Strength (was 40%)
  • Encouragement’s area (talent) is now 6m (was 4m)
  • Encouragement’s area (talent) is now 10m (was 6m)
  • Destabilizing strike (talent) now deals 90-110% of Strength (was 80-100%)

  • Sentinels stats have been updated
  • Cutting maelstrom (talent) now deals 35% of Strength (was 50%)
  • Recklessness _(talent) _damage bonus reduced from 150% to 100%
  • Recklessness (upgraded talent) damage bonus reduced from 200% to 150%.
  • Rampage (talent) now deals 30-45% of Strength (was 30-40%)
  • Fanaticism (talent axe) now deals 10% of max Health (was 5%) to gain Fury

  • Relentless charge (talent) now deals 65% of Strength to units (was 45%)
  • Armour breaker (talent) now increases damage dealt to armor by 35% (was 25%)

  • Spear throw’s range (talent) is now 8m (was 10m).
  • Fervent support (talent) now deals 50% of Strength when an adjacent ally is attacked (was 40%)
  • Fervent support _(upgraded talent) now deals 70% of Strength when an adjacent ally is attacked (was 60%)
  • Rallying shout (talent) now costs 1 Valor Point (was 2)

  • Fixing a major bug causing chances of capture to always be 100% : you should now be able to miss
  • Occupied point of interest should now be displayed in the questlog
  • Clearer UI display when fighting an animal group without a leader
  • Fixed a problem where we could kill all units in the camp
  • Fixing a bug with prisoners having attribute points to be spent
  • Training camp now refills their items.
  • Lighting adjustments in the Vertruse region
  • New places icons for the map (Fishery, stone circle, big tree, dead tree)
  • Major perf and memory leaks fixes
  • Strength now correctly increases Critical Damage, as originally designed.
  • Many other little things have been fixed/changed

Download free Wartales patch 2 on PC(Steam).

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