Soulworker update 211209 is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Soulworker patch notes, the latest update added new event, improvements, and bug fixes.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s Soulworker patch will address a few of these errors.

Read more details below.

Soulworker Patch Notes – December 8, 2021


  • Ruin Fortress Hero will be open for a limited time only. (December 9th Update ~ December 23rd Update)

[Entry Requirements / How to Enter]

  • Above Lv. 72 can enter.
  • How to Enter: Ruin Fortress >> Forgotten Armory / Deep Core / Acheron / Ark Ship Maze Portals
  • Click [HERO MODE] button >> HERO MODE CHALLENGE OPTIONS >> Clear the maze >> [Violet Glazed Vacuunium] will be provided as a reward in proportion to the number of selected challenge options.
  • There will be a total of 6 challenge options and no limits to the number of applications.
  • Challenge Number Restriction: Can challenge 20 times per account every week.

    Consume all 20 times, you can still enter the Hero Mode. However, no longer be able to earn any rewards.

    All Hero Mazes share a limit on the number of challenges.

  • Can craft items with [Violet Glazed Vacuunium] at Gruton Coin Shop.
  • ‘Signal Troop Hat / Top / Bottoms / Shoes’ drop with a low chance when the boss is defeated.


  • New Akashic Record: ★5 ‘Chloe’ and ★4 ‘Nabi’
  • ★5 ‘Chloe’ / ★4 ‘Nabi’ will be added to Parable’s A.R Transmitter.

    Parable’s A.R Transmitter (Not Mileage Shop Product) that you already own before the update: ★5 ‘Chloe’ and ★4 ‘Nabi’ have chances to obtain AFTER THE UPDATE.


  • Monthly Subscription Product: Can obtain additional bonus while playing SoulWorker.

[Additional Booster Perks]

  • Monster Defeat EXP +20%
  • Maze Clear Rewards EXP +20%
  • Zenny Drop +20%
  • Maze Clear Rewards Zenny +20%
  • Ether Drop +20%
  • Item Drop +20%
  • Market Privilege -4% (Before PLUS: 9% → Purchase PLUS: 5%)
  • Upgrade Success Rate +50%

[Additional Maze Perks]

[Additional Stay Connected Perks]

  • Daily Rewards (01:00 ~ Following Day 00:59 / GMT)

    30 minutes: Resurrector x 1

    60 minutes: [PLUS] Perfume PKG x 1, Nano Care Kit x 1

    90 minutes: Nano Care Kit x 1, SoulWorker PLUS Ticket x 1

  • Weekly Rewards (Every Monday 01:00 ~ Following Week of Monday 00:59 / GMT)

    90 minutes: Bonus Card Key x 20

    180 minutes: Ether 100,000

    270 minutes: Anti-Limiter x 1

    450 minutes: Random Dye Eyedropper x 1

    600 minutes: Lucky Day Z [300%/30M] x 1

  • Monthly Rewards (The 1st of Every Month 01:00 ~ The 1st of Following Month 00:59 / GMT)

    1800 minutes: Energy Converter x 5

    2400 minutes: Parable’s A.R Transmitter x 10

    3000 minutes: Unified TERA Brooch Cube (Possession) x 1

[SoulWorker PLUS Ticket Crafting Lists]

  • Can craft items with ‘SoulWorker PLUS Ticket’ at Gruton Coin Shop.


  • Lunar Fall Hero will be closed as the playable period will be ended.
  • Brooch Fusion issue has been fixed. (Issue: Normal Brooch and Possession Brooch can be fused together.)
  • [The Beginning of Disaster] / [The Night-end of Disaster] quest issues have been fixed.

    Those quests will not be possible to receive after the update. Received quests will also be removed.

  • Among the Card Key rewards of Skyclock Palace, ‘Gruton Coin’ will be changed to ‘Bluelight Dust’.
  • Number of Stack for Parable’s A.R Transmitter will be changed from 99 to 9999.

    For – Parable’s A.R Transmitter / Parable’s Low-Grade A.R Transmitter/ Parable’s High-Grade A.R Transmitter / Parable’s Hidden A.R Transmitter

———————————————◆ EVENT ◆———————————————

1. NEW EVENT BEGINS – [WINTER TICKET COLLECTION EVENT] (December 9th Update ~ December 23rd Update)

  • ‘[EV] 2021 Winter Ticket’ will be added to Daily Mission Rewards.
  • This event ticket can be exchanged to useful items at Gruton Coin Shop. (e.g. [EV] Parable’s A.R Card Select Option [★4])

2. NEW EVENT BEGINS – [WELCOME COUNT BOX EVENT FOR NEW & RETURNING PLAYERS] (December 9th, 2021 Update ~ January 13th, 2022 Update)

Download free Soulworker update for PC (Steam).

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