● As Season+ has ended, there will be multiple changes that will take place during the transition period.

– All Season+ Characters that have yet to graduate will be converted into regular characters.

– Adventurers who have not completed ‘[Season Server Graduation] At the Crossroad’ or ‘[Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World’ will find their Gift Box Full of Memories and the Fughar’s Letter of Encouragement in their mail. Head to Rewards>Mail to collect them.

* This mail will be deleted on February 28th 2022 at 11:59PM (UTC+0), so please make sure to collect it as soon as possible.

– All Season quests that have not been completed have been deleted.

– Your highest level Tuvala gear per slot has automatically been converted, if it had not already been done so by the December 8th Maintenance.

– Tuvala enhancement materials, Tuvala conversion stones, unconverted Tuvala gear, and other seasonal items have been deleted.

● As Season+ has concluded, the following servers have changed.

Before After
NEW Olvia NEW Olvia – Novice
Season-1 New Olvia – 1
Season-2 New Olvia – 2
Season3 Rulupee
Before After
NEW Olvia NEW Olvia – Novice
Season-1 New Olvia – 1
Season-2 Rulupee -2

● Node and Conquest Wars have been added to the Valencia Region.

※ After the maintenance on December 8th 2021, taxes will begin accumulating for Valencia Conquest and Node Wars. Therefore, the first week will see lower payouts than expected.

Valencia Node Wars
Day Region Tier Max. Number of Participants
Sunday Pilgrim’s Sanctum: Fast  Tier 1  – Hard 30 People
Altinova Gateway  Tier 2 50 People
Gorgo Rock Belt 35 People
Crescent Shrine 50 People
Ibellab Oasis  Tier 3 35 People
Roud Sulfur Works  Tier 4 60 People
Monday Ivory Wasteland  Tier 1  – Medium 30 People
Valencia Plantation  Tier 2 25 People
Rock Post  Tier 3 35 People
Tuesday Taphtar Plain  Tier 2 60 People
Aakman  Tier 3 60 People
Wednesday Altas Farmland  Tier 1  – Easy 20 People
Ivero Cliff  Tier 1  – Medium 40 People
Pilgrim’s Haven  Tier 3 25 People
 Thursday Rakshan Observatory  Tier 1  – Medium 20 People
Fohalam Farm 30 People
Barhan Gateway  Tier 2 25 People
Cadry Ruins  Tier 4 60 People
Friday Bashim Base  Tier 1  – Hard 40 People
Desert Naga Temple  Tier 2 25 People
Valencia Castle Site  Tier 3 60 People
Ancado Coast 30 People

Valencia Conquest War has the following limits:

Stat Name Limit
AP 475
Evasion 847
Evasion Rate 20%
Damage Reduce 347
Fixed Damage Rate Reduction 23%
Accuracy Limit 726
Accuracy Rate Limit 20%
All Resistance Limit No Limit
Special Evasion Rate Limit 30%

● Loading Screens have been reverted to static images.

● Memory usage of translation data has been optimized.

● The way the game handles Item Tooltips has been modified.

● The alerts that display at certain times for Imperial Alchemy/Delivery have been modified.

Before After
The Imperial Crafting/Fishing Delivery Managers in each territory have begun receiving deliveries. The Imperial Fishing Delivery Managers in each territory have begun receiving deliveries.

● The probability of obtaining Black Magic Crystals at the following spots has been increased.

– Some monsters which would not drop Black Magic Crystals in the spots below have been modified to now be able to drop Black Magic Crystals.

– Therefore the probability of obtaining Black Magic Crystals have increased in the following ways.

Region Increased Probability
Gahaz Bandit’s Lair About 7.5 times increase
Waragon Nest About 1.8 times increase
Bashim Base About 6 times increase
Aakman Temple About 2.4 times increase
Roud Sulfur Mine About 150 times increase
Crescent Shrine About 15 times increase
Cadry Ruins About 7.5 times increase
Pila Ku Jail About 10 times increase
Hystria Ruins About 1.2 times increase

● Added Black Magic Crystal items to the drop tables of the following zones.

– Information has been added to the Item Drop UI.

Monster Zone
Desert Naga Temple
Titium Valley
Kratuga Ancient Ruins
We increased the drop rates of “Black Magic Crystals,” items required for both the guaranteed PEN (V) accessories and PEN (V) boss gear questlines, from level-appropriate mid-tier monster zones throughout the Valencia territory. We hope that this update will help many more Adventurers to progress through these questlines in order to obtain the upgrades they need. (The drop rate for Black Magic Crystals from Roud Sulfur Mine were comparatively much lower than other monster zones, so we increased their drop rate by about 150 times to match that of other zones.)

● Gates have been added to the World Map during Calpheon, Mediah and Valencia Conquest Wars.

– If the gate has been destroyed, you will also be able to see it on the World Map.

● Changed the ‘test NPCs’ in the Battle Arena from Monster-type to Character-Type.

– When skills are used on these test NPCs, any inflicted debuffs/CCs and the number of times the corresponding debuffs/CCs that are inflicted will now display.

● Fixed the issue where the Invincible effect wouldn’t go away if your screen froze temporarily while your character had the effect applied.

● Improved the visual effects of the special actions for the [Mystic] Makalu outfit.

Naru gear was really helpful for leveling from the Serendia questline to the Mediah questline and was also a sort of a tutorial gear that helped with understanding all levels of enhancement in Black Desert. The gear was designed to help you progress through Mediah with little difficulty, but Adventurers not yet used to the skill commands felt a much steeper difficulty spike than others. Due to this, we improved the stats of the Naru gear to allow for a safer adventuring experience. We will continue to provide quality-of-life updates for our new Adventurers.

● Added a feature to easily exchanges the PEN (V) Naru gear (excluding accessories) obtained by a season character for PRI (I) Tuvala gear through the relevant UI.

※ You will be able to check out this feature in the upcoming Season.

– The button for converting to PEN (V) Naru gear will appear in the upper left of the Equipment UI when your season character has a piece of PEN (V) Naru gear equipped or in their Inventory.

– Use the Convert UI to convert your PEN (V) Naru gear into PRI (I) Tuvala gear.

– Changed the Season Pass objectives for converting to PRI (I) Tuvala gear, due to the addition of this feature.

● Added effects to each parts of the Naru gear that improves depending on their enhancement levels, PRI (I), DUO (II), TRI (III), TET (IV), and PEN (V).

Parts Effects PRI (I) DUO (II) TRI (III) TET(IV) PEN (V)
Main Weapon Extra AP Against Monsters 6 8 10 12 14
Sub-weapon Extra AP Against Monsters 6 9 12 15 18
Greatbow Extra AP Against Monsters 2 3 4 5 6
Each Part of Defense Gear Monster Damage Reduction 1 2 3 4 5
Max HP+ 10 20 30 40 50

● Changed the description for ‘Monster Damage Reduction Up,’ an extra effect gained by enhancing gear.

Before After
Monster Damage Reduction Up (enhancement level PRI or up) Monster Damage Reduction Up (Pri or higher)

● Changed the name of the Nude Deep Black Underwear to Nude Black Underwear.

● The description of Cron Stones will now mention that in the event of an accessory enhancement attempt failure while using the stones, the enhancement level of the item can degrade.

● Your character will now cheer when obtaining a Pure Black Stone item.

● Added a note of caution to the item description of the Pure Black Stone about its duration and expiration.

● Changed the [PEN(V) Boss Gear]: The Best Deal questline’s upgradable equipment to no longer allow characters with less than 0 Karma to equip it. (This does not apply to the final PEN(V) Boss Gear)

● Separated [Sorceress, Lahn] Cartian Shoes from [Sorceress, Lahn] Cartian Armor.

– Added [Sorceress, Lahn] Cartian Shoes to the outfit boxes that contain [Sorceress, Lahn] Cartian Armor.

* Adventurers who had the [Sorceress, Lahn] Cartian Armor in their possession will receive the [Sorceress, Lahn] Cartian Shoes in their storage in Heidel.

● Knowledge about the Smuggling NPC’s will now be available. You can find the knowledge in the following locations.

Knowledge Talk to the following NPC’s to obtain Knowledge
Telshir Abdul Jaum
Epil Tanbu Ahon Kirus
Zahad Tatar
Valgon Maguliggio
Roxanna Tavu
Mysterious Man Lolly

● More detailed descriptions have been added to the following items sold in the Pearl Store.

Items that have been added and modified in detail.
Wizard Gosphy Added details on how you have a higher chance at getting a higher tier pet than other pets when exchanging pets.
Bookshelves Purchasable with Pearls (Interior – Furniture) Added text regarding the probability of obtaining Knowledge.

Check out info regarding the probability of obtaining Knowledge on our Adventurer’s Guide.

[All Classes] Underwear Added text regarding Luck and its effects.
Fisto/Dark Thorn Fishing Boat Set

Belle Epoque Rowboat Set

Added text regarding the equip effects of each part.
Fairy Queen’s Might Added info regarding the chance for your Fairy to change into one of all available personalities when using “Reset Persona.”
Wagon Sets Purchasable with Pearls Added text regarding the equip effects of each part.
Reset Mount Growth Added text regarding the probability to obtain new skills.

You can find info regarding the probability to obtain new skills after using “Reset Mount Growth” in the BDO Wik

Ornette’s Dark Honey Wine Added text that includes an example of growth EXP depending on your Fairy’s level.
Mount Brand Spell Stone Changed the text regarding the increase in probability to obtain skills when your mount levels up..
Horse Appearance Change Coupon Added details on how using the item does not change your mount’s breed..
Premium Horse Appearance Change Coupon Changed the text regarding learning a skill and EXP obtainable if the horse doesn’t learn a skill when changing appearances.

Added details on how using the item does not change your mount’s breed.

Elion’s Tear Changed the text regarding the HP and MP when resurrecting your character.

Changed the text regarding restoration of EXP lost from death.

[All Classes] Splat Fisher’s Clothes Set

[All Classes]  Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit Set

Changed the description regarding Stamina consumed while swimming.

● Changed the Item Drop information of the ‘Gatekeeper’ monsters of the following zones to not be displayed on the Item Drop Information page.

Monster Zones Item Drop Info Changed to Not Be Displayed
Crescent Shrine Black Spirit’s Claw Piece
Yona’s Fragment
Intricately Patterned Mystical Shard
Gold Bar 10G
Desert Naga Temple Black Magic Crystal – Vigor
Black Spirit’s Claw Piece
Intricately Patterned Mystical Shard
Gold Bar 10G
Titium Valley Black Magic Crystal – Precision
Black Spirit’s Claw Piece
Intricately Patterned Mystical Shard
Gold Bar 10G
Cadry Ruins Black Spirit’s Claw Piece
Intricately Patterned Mystical Shard
Gold Bar 10G

● Ancient Spirit Dust has been added to the Item Drop Menu for Aakman Temple.

● The Check Box button has been modified to display the J’s Hammer item when used to enhance items.
● The performance of the Party UI has been optimized.

● Fixed the issue where storing Marni’s Stones in Storage would cause their item icons to appear abnormal.

● Fixed the issue where the scroll bar on the Central Market transaction history would regularly reset after a certain period.

● After-images that appear in certain situations have been fixed.

● The area around the Syca fight in Sycrakea has been modified.

● Addressed a bug where Sycrid would not die as intended in certain situations.

● Addressed a bug where grass would appear on the floor in the Glish-3 Residence.

● Addressed a bug with gathering in Gorgo Rock Belt.

● Addressed a bug where Stabilized Magic Black Stones, Cleansed Magical Black Stone, Pure Magical Black Stone Icons would not display in the crafting notes.

● Fixed a typo in the message that shows when Kvariak spawns.

● Fixed various typos in different languages.

● Addressed a bug where NPC’s in Altinova say lines that do not match their character.

● Changed the item required to complete the “Curing Someone” quest from a trade item to a quest item.

– Due to this change, the reward item for the preceding quest, “Craft Medical Kit” was changed to the pertaining quest item.

● Fixed Lloyd in Casta Farm to no longer appear in an awkward stance.

● Made the quest summary for “[Processing] Trent Worker Experience?” under the “[ADV Support] Inventory Expansion!” Suggested questline tab read more clearly.

● Fixed the issue where “Returning” under the “Nightmare Revealed” main questline wouldn’t appear for normal characters.

● Fixed the issue where “Gateway to Heidel” and “Reinforcing the Quarry” under the “The Concerns of Bobby Lauren” main questline wouldn’t appear for normal characters.

● Addressed a bug where the Hypothermia and Heatstroke Debuffs would not apply on Tyrant’s Hill.

● Addressed a bug where players could be damaged while mounting the Flame Tower, Enhanced Flame Tower and Hwacha.

● Addressed a bug where the wrong error message would display when selecting an item that had already been installed within a residence.

● Fixed the issue where relogging as the party leader while fighting a boss summoned from a scroll would prevent your party members from dealing damage to the summoned boss.

● Addressed a bug where Cron Stones could not be added to Dream Horse attempts after using the training function.

● The tooltip for the recommended quest, ‘Investigating Rumors’ has been fixed.

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