So we are doing another round! We heard your feedback and did another round of optimizations. Won’t bore you with the technical details and boring nerd stuff, but you should be seeing a much better performance after this update. As always we are constantly monitoring your feedback and adapting it to development. Oh and it might’ve been crucial for something in the future but who knows.


Let’s start with the new POI. What is a civilized area without all the junk. And that junk needs to go somewhere.

This new POi situated in the B0 sector is a perfect place for scrap junkies, hoarders or just people that love that ominous feeling during the night.

Wall Mount

Right you all always have new things to request don’t you? Fine we are here to please. You gotten your gun racks to store your weapons but it still didn’t satisfy that gun nut aesthetic itch. Well here are some wall mounts to hang your items on. Feel free to hang that shotgun right at the front door just so no visitors don’t get any funny ideas.

Smooth , slick and cool it is time to put your own deadly flair on your walls.

New Settings

Here is the big one. We have completely revamped the settings system. The first thing you will notice is the new UI.

It is much more streamlined and better looking right now and makes the access to your settings easier.

As for the settings themselves we have added a bunch of new options, streamlined the others and had a little tinkering in the back end of things. The result is not only better performance on the client side, but gives us more control over the graphics to optimize the setting variability depending on the quality you want to set on your PC.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed wrong names on some items.
  • Fixed the bug where the clouds would not update on weather change.
  • Fixed the bug when splitting stack of bullets would show incorrect ammo count.
  • Fixed the bug where blurry textures would show.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented players to claim kills if the victim already respawned.
  • Fixed the bug on the M1 Garand clip when dropped.
  • Fixed the bug where the whit dot was shown in 3P when aiming the bow.
  • Fixed the bug where damaged inventory items would not display damage correctly.
  • Fixed the bug where painkillers and food repulsion would sometimes not load properly.
  • Fixed the bug where sometimes other prisoners would not be visible.

Quality of life Improvements

  • Increased text contrast on photo mode UI.
  • Repair interaction is no longer shown as selectable while the player doesn’t have a repair tool available.
  • Raincoat water collector now has more health.
  • Baseball bat with spikes can now be made with the Blazebat.
  • Tweaked the materials needed for several BB elements.
  • Tactical gun holsters will now drop rags instead of animal skins when cut.
  • Tweaked the firearms damage.
  • Construction gloves have been swapped with Insulating gloves in cargo drops.
  • Inventory can now be accessed in vehicles by pressing TAB.
  • Oysters are now edible.
  • Improved the vehicle camera performance on low fps.

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