Soul Dossier update is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Soul Dossier patch notes, the latest update added a new resentment spirit attack(Yang Qilang) to the game. Apart from this, the Soul Dossier patch also includes various bug fixes.

Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Soul Dossier patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Soul Dossier Patch Notes – November 27, 2021

[New features]

New resentment spirit attack: Yang Qilang

“Let me show you how good the Young can shoot.”

Yang Qilang is a very aggressive spirit, as the first shot in the Northern Song Dynasty – Yang family markswork users, his flexibility and lethality are extremely powerful.

Face pinching function is open

“Pinch your face before entering the game to make a difference.”

Agents can purchase a new item in the mall: Yyrondan. After purchase, you can choose the role and click on the upper right corner to select the face pinching function. After this update, all players will receive an email: Yrondan X3

Man-machine mode opening

“Master your character’s skills faster against psychic Bureau AI.”

Agents can enter this mode by selecting man-machine versus single player mode in the start game interface

New map: Lanruo Temple

“Lanruo Temple is a very special place for some spiritualists and vengeful spirits. What would have happened if they had come here…”

Other features Added

  1. New Evil Magic:

    Seal is paradoxical – Damage array: The vengeful spirit can attack the array eye, making it unable to seal for 10 seconds

    Seal is magic – Illusory Array: every time a psychic is sealed, a vengeful spirit will randomly appear elsewhere

    Seal is magic – Spirit array: vengeful spirit can attack the eye array, the attacked eye seal cannot restore spirit for 60 seconds

    Seal deception – Maze: refresh 5 false eyes randomly at the beginning, unable to seal the psychic seal, then the array of eyes will disappear

    Curse paradox – Gift of The Gods: A vengeful spirit gains 1 skill point every 180 seconds

    Curse of Deception – Void Body: Psychic Seal circle loses 2 health per second

    Curse of Deception – Eye of Darkness: The psychic seals an eye for 10 seconds

    Curse paradox – Verve: Every time a psychic falls, there is a 70% chance of losing an extra verve

  2. New items on the Clan Store: Nie Xiaoqian – Rich Family (set), Yu Ji – The Universe in your Hands (Weapons), Xiao Li – Chu Renmei (Set), Spoon Maniac – Horror Night in the Playground (Weapons), Ao Feng – Stone Can break (1), Zhiqiu Yiye – Inspiration (1)
  3. New in the Clan store: Treasure Box
  4. New on the Clan store: You can buy the mock-evil spirit

Function optimization

  1. Pass Reward will be updated soon: Pass reward and pass Soul jade will be reset after the update next Thursday (December 2), please receive the current reward in time to avoid unnecessary loss of reward.
  2. This update will refresh the rewards and reset the number of times you pull.

Weeks from role

Zhou Xuanling exploration: Yan Chixia, Zhiqiu Yiye, Shang Xiang, Su Qingli, He Ruoyao, Ge Yongming

Week avoid blame spirit: small spider, yu Ji, spoon crazy demon

New fitting rooms

Theme treasures: Nie Xiaoqian – Hanqin white porcelain series, Qin Qiang – Maid seduction series

Selected Treasure box: Mangrove – Beautiful Scenery series

Mall: Yang Qilang – Tiger Series

Balance adjustment

  1. Adjusted the cooldown of simulated Netting spider 1 skill to (14s/13s/12s/11s) according to skill level (15s/14s/13s/ 13s/ 11s)
  2. Changed the upper storage limit of the Spider Web skill to (3/4/5/6) based on skill level (2/4/4/5)
  3. Changed the number of interactions needed to escape when the psychic was bound by the spider web skill to (3/2/1/2) based on skill level (3/3/3/3)
  4. Now simulates the creation of spider 1, creating a web that takes effect after a certain amount of time
  5. Increased the maximum distance of all levels of spider spinning skills
  6. Slightly increased the distance of each pull of the unfallen spook hit by spider 3
  7. Added left and right key judgment after releasing one skill and two skill spider cocoon:

    Left Release: Release normally

    Right click release skill: after release, will attempt to connect three skills spinning

  8. Reduced the ability to hit who? The cooldown of all three skills is changed to full rank
  9. Reduced the cooldown and energy cost of agent Manlin’s main star ability
  10. Increased the deceleration caused by agent Manlin’s main star ability, Fairy Cord, to (20/25%) from (10/20%)

The problem to repair

  1. Fixed an issue that caused the model to be abnormal when clicking the left mouse button all the time during the release of the spider cocoon
  2. Fixed an issue where agent Yan Chixia’s weapon display was too large for the bureau
  3. Fixed an issue that would cause a soulseeker to fall when hitting a soulseeker at full level, as well as causing him to freeze when hitting a Soulseeker at full level
  4. Fixed an issue where the material of costume Manlin – Bunny (shoe) would be abnormal after using cloaked characters
  5. Fixed the abnormal display when entering the candidate interface from the mall and then exiting the mall
  6. Fixed an issue where agent Manlin could not use the main star ability to bind the fairy Cord in training levels
  7. Fixed an issue where simulating a vengeful spirit would not gain mana when attacking a soulseeker with a protective jade
  8. Fixed an issue in studio GKD where psychic could not be seen when he was in front of the Finance Department by rotating the camera outside the door
  9. Fixed an issue with the downed time when the seeker was carrying a secondary star
  10. Fixed an issue with the sound when using and turning off the domain skills of the simulation
  11. Fixed an issue where the gender button did not respond when clicked in the profile screen
  12. Fixed an issue in Werewolf kill mode where booby Trap explosions could kill people near the eye during a meeting
  13. Fixed an issue where the shortcut menu could not be closed in Werewolf kill mode when the character was killed when calling out
  14. Fixed agent Manlin’s status bar copywriting error
  15. Fixed an issue where she could not gain spirit value when attacking agent Jia Hui, who had started seven kills in the main star
  16. Fixed an issue where a ghost could pick up a fallen psychic when turned into a psychic
  17. Fixed an issue where the default avatar was still displayed in the friends screen after the user changed the avatar
  18. Fixed an issue where the model would be abnormal when the model was jumping on the candle table on the second floor of the hostel 1 in Lane A
  19. Fixed an issue where the Sunny Red character’s 3-day experience card did not display properly in the backpack

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