Planet Zoo Update 1.8.1 Patch Notes – January 18, 2022


Planet Zoo update 1.8.1 is now available to download on PC. According to the official Planet Zoo patch notes, the latest update added Europe Pack to the game. Apart from this, Planet Zoo patch 1.8.1 also includes bug fixes, updates, and some new content.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Planet Zoo patch 1.8.1 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Planet Zoo Patch Notes – January 18, 2022

General Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Animals
    • Fixed the Red Kangaroo research not unlocking the small ball and hanging barrel enrichment items
    • Fixed the Reindeer Male animation deforming when transitioning between standing and running
    • Fixed the Capuchin Monkey’s education board from incorrectly displaying the Taiga biome icon
    • Fixed a bug where the leucistic Eurasian Lynx’s colour variation description wasn’t displayed in its info panel
    • Fixed the American Beaver occasionally displaying water VFX when walking on dry land
    • Fixed the North American Beaver occasionally falling through Beaver Pool as it approaches the water
    • Fixed a bug where the first education boost wasn’t unlocked after researching the Fire Salamander
    • Fixed animal visuals occasionally popping when exiting the burrow
    • Fixed European exhibit blueprints. They now all place with new, empty exhibit boxes
    • Fixed the European Badger Juvenile’s right cheek twitching and deforming during walking
    • Fixed the Alpine Ibex Juvenile animation clipping when using the scratching tree
    • Fixed the Alpine Ibex not nudging the small barrel feeder correctly
    • Fixed the Alpine Ibex not making any sounds when dying due to predation
    • Fixed the Alpine Ibex floating when using Goat Climbing Mountain enrichment
    • Fixed the Alpine Ibex wound tracks from not appearing
    • Fixed food not coming out of the Skittle Feeder and Dog Ball enrichment when being used by the European Badger
    • Fixed the Eurasian Lynx Juvenile lower jaw clipping into upper jaw when moving from a stand to resting
    • Fixed the musical keyboard not making any sounds while being used by the Bornean Orangutan Juvenile
    • Fixed food not coming out of the Dog Ball enrichment when being used by the Sea Lion Juvenile
    • Fixed the straw bedding textures from flickering inside the Animal Burrow
    • Guests will no longer flee from adult European Fallow Deer, making them viable for walkthrough habitats
    • Removed Dall Sheep tags from the Goat Mountain enrichment, as the species cannot use it
  • Scenery
    • Added ‘Grid’ tag to the Vertical Wooden Plank Roof Flat Quarter Circle 02
    • Fixed the Ferry Entrance’s tags to ‘Grid Prop’
    • Added missing ‘Small’ and ‘Large’ tags to European Brass Finial Thin and Thick assets
    • Added ‘Editable Text’ tag to Memorial Plaque Screens
    • Added ‘Flexicolour’ tags to the Editable Memorial Plaque
    • European Fence Planter Support is now included in the research for the European scenery
    • Fixed Vista Points not saving their names
    • Fixed the non-grid Glass Modern Wall Panel pieces so they are transparent
    • Fixed the White Sage and Diamond Leaf Willow bushes rotated branches
    • Fixed flexicolour changes not applying for glass house wall panel frames
    • Fixed placement sounds on the following:
      • Snow Block Wall Panels
      • Additional Light Strips
      • Bernies Bakes Blueprint
      • European Coach
      • European Mooring Posts
      • New World Decorative Lights Bulb
    • Fixed artefacts on the right leg of the Alpine Ibex rewards statues
    • Fixed the ferry door being visible through the window of ferry guest entrance
  • Game Mode Scenarios
    • Moved and reset the stuck vendors in Al’s Pine Zoo
  • Guests
    • Fixed an issue where guests would arrive to stand at an animal talk too early
  • Staff
    • Fixed Vet getting stuck trying to remove a dead animal
    • Fixed the Restaurant Staff in the kitchen not playing their animations while restaurant is open
  • Game Modes
  • UI
    • Updated the animal camera so it will automatically switch inside a burrow when following the animal
    • Added Steam workshop tags for the Europe pack items when uploading blueprints
    • Fixing the ‘favourite’ status of an animal not being consistently updated across all UI screens
    • Fixing consistency issues with how the exhibit memorial UI was sorted, now making sure favourited entries are displayed properly regardless of which column is used to sort
    • Fixed duplicate strings in some tooltips in barrier browser and terrain browser
    • In the Animal Talk and Restaurant Table linking UI, creating an empty drag selection will no longer enable the “Link/Unlink” button
    • Fixed biome filters not remaining after closing down the Zoopedia
  • Stability
    • Fixed a crash that could happen when manipulating a track station queue, such as moving the station exit

Fixed a crash when trying to play custom video on Memorial Plaque Screen after playing the same video on a standard billboard. Webm’s can now be played on Memorial Plaques normally

    • Fixed a crash that could happen when the mother of an animal born inside a burrow was sold/died
    • General stability fixes
  • Performance
    • General performance fixes

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