Chernobylite update 1.10 is now available to download for PC (Steam) players. According to the official Chernobylite 1.10 patch notes, the latest update added Monster Hunt which includes three new monster types to the Zone, the toughest you’ll encounter yet. Each enemy comes with unique abilities. Apart from this, Chernobylite version 1.10 also includes a new Autumn Dread weapon skin pack.

Previously, a big update added various quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Chernobylite patch 1.10 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Chernobylite 1.09 Patch Notes (January 18, 2022)

Monster Hunt introduces three new monster types to the Zone, the toughest you’ll encounter yet. Each enemy comes with unique abilities, so be prepared if you want to survive. Before you start the hunt, don’t forget to deck out your gear in the eerie Autumn Dread weapon skin pack.

See the full changelog:


  • New enemy: Feral Chernohost

Watch out! You’re not alone in this forest. This monster usually spawns outdoors. When you see its green, glowing head, it means survival is about to get real. The Feral Chernohost is extremely fast and it’s hard to escape him running in a straight line–try running in a zig-zag instead.

  • New Enemy: Overgrown Duster

This monster can spawn anywhere, as long as there’s a flat surface, so watch out when you’re around building rooftops or decayed vehicles. It’s small and attacks from a distance, which helps it blend into the background, making the monster even more dangerous. The Overgrown Duster has also the ability to disappear.

  • New enemy: Ancient Shadow

The Ancient Shadow usually spawns indoors and likes to hide in the dark corners of buildings, so bring your flashlight and don’t get lost. It may seem slow, but don’t be fooled–this monster can gain speed by glitching when moving.

  • New side quest: MONSTER HUNT

This new quest draws less frequently than regular food drops. After drawing it, a player must defeat one of the three monsters mentioned above. Each one can appear on any given level in three specific spots. Killing the monster ends the mission.

Improvements and feedback:

The Black Stalker has been heavily redesigned. He will now actively look for you. When defeated, he won’t respawn on the same day, and his strength scales with the strength of the storm.


  • Sometimes the loot screen was visible for too long. We fixed that.
  • Items brought by your companions when your inventory is full will no longer disappear, but will be placed on the ground instead.
  • We have corrected the wrong names of some containers.
  • An indicator would occasionally not show up on some containers, when a player was in sprinting mode. We fixed that.
  • The lockpick icon would sometimes not display correctly. This has been fixed.
  • When giving away meals, the companion status would sometimes not display correctly. We fixed it.
  • The Black Stalker will now be highlighted by the PDA if you have the appropriate bonus.

Fixed a very rare bug where one of the crystals on the fractal timeline would not change its color, making it very difficult to return to reality.

  • The poison that you could use to poison Kozlov would not disappear from your inventory. We fixed it.
  • Meeting with Tarakan: We fixed the blocker that was triggered by skipping through dialogues very fast .
  • Meeting with Tarakan: We fixed a blocker that was triggered by running in and out of the apartment without interacting with Tarakan.
  • Meeting with Tarakan: Soldiers should no longer get lost in front of Tarakan’s block.
  • Voice in the woods: We fixed a bug that was blocking interaction with a food crate when saving at a very specific moment.
  • Heist: Sometimes Igor was unable to use explosives, even though he had them. We fixed this.
  • Hermit: We corrected collisions to make it impossible to miss the key elements of the quest.
  • Chain Reaction: We removed unnecessary collisions that were blocking the player.
  • The opponent’s death animation would sometimes break if the player has not witnessed it from the beginning. We fixed this.
  • With a specific combination of upgrades, the Shotgun would start to deal much less damage than it should. We fixed it.
  • The zones should now be better marked when selecting missions.
  • Enemies in the large building in the Moscow Eye level should now move normally.
  • Fixed some objects disappearing while being too close to the player in the Moscow Eye and Pripyat Port levels.
  • We fixed some collisions in several places in the Heist level to reduce the chance of getting stuck and falling out of the level.
  • We have disabled the ability to climb certain objects in the prison level and on the timeline. They made it possible to go beyond the accessible area.
  • Fixed the spot in Kopachi where the player could get completely blocked.
  • Fixed the position of some Dusters that were too far from the surface (Kopachi, Red Forest)
  • We have improved spawning points available for some Chernohosts at the train depot in Red Forest. They should not be blocking themselves anymore.
  • We improved the location of several resources in the Pripyat Port level that were unintentionally unavailable for collection.
  • During one of the events with Tatyana in Pripyat Port, not all objects would appear/disappear as planned. We fixed this.
  • We improved the implementation of the Pripyat Port carousel animations. They should no longer act as a catapult.
  • We improved streaming in the largest building of the Moscow Eye level.
  • It was possible to leave Igor’s room after turning on photo mode. We fixed this.

Download free Chernobylite patch 1.10 is now available for download on PS4 and Xbox One.

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