A new Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous update 2.0.4 is rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous patch notes, the latest update added a long list of bug fixes and tweaks. Apart from this, Pathfinder WOTR update 2.0.4 also includes performance improvements.

Previously, a big update 2.0.0 was released which added numerous tweaks and fixes for the crusade, various mythic paths and other aspects of the game. Unfortunately, some players are still facing issues with the game. Today’s Pathfinder WOTR patch 2.0.4 will fix a few of these issues.

Read more details below.

Pathfinder WOTR Patch 2.0.1 Notes – November 15, 2022

Beware of possible plot spoilers below!


  • Chaplain in Murky Grotto could refuse to sell magical equipment after a victory over the Songbird – fixed;
  • During the gargoyle attack, characters under the fear effect could run through the “invisible wall” – fixed;
  • Fixed Daeran’s immortality when you attack him in his party house instead of accepting into your party. Don’t forget to finish him, when he falls unconscious (monster!);
  • Fixed the blinking of a puzzle piece in the Final Veil puzzle;
  • Fixed the incorrect start of the dialogue with the theater in Drezen, in chapter 5. Additionally, fixed the issue with Greybor getting stuck at the throne room, which prevented his quest from progressing. If you have encountered this issue already, it will get fixed after re-entering Drezen;
  • Fixed the issue when a secret passage into the lich dungeon wouldn’t open in the Lost Chapel;
  • Fixed the issue when the enemies in the Tower of Estrod wouldn’t attack after you pushed the column on them;
  • Fixed the issue which sometimes prevented from leaving the Rich Quarter in Through the Ashes DLC;
  • Fixed the lighting in Citadel Drezen;
  • Fixed the lilitu in Sacred Lands, and she’s no longer hostile until you attack her;
  • Fixed the passability in the Tower of Estrod, fixed places inaccessible for the player. On saving and loading, the party won’t end up stuck in inappropriate places anymore;
  • Fixed the repeating exit and entry points on some islands in the Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC in the integrated mode (when playing as the commander);
  • Improved the visual effects in Mage’s Tower;
  • In Shrine of the Three, it was impossible to interact with quest objects after the turn-based battle – fixed;
  • It was impossible to loot a chest with magic essence in Reliable Redoubt – fixed;
  • Mythic Demon can return to Blackwater now, if they were summoned while resting in there. Additionally, you won’t be summoned from that dungeon anymore. Sleep soundly!
  • On a treasure island in the 3rd DLC it was impossible to disarm a trap while mounted – fixed;
  • On Martyr Zacharius’s Cemetery, it was possible to trigger the cutscene in the ruined chapel twice – fixed;
  • Stone golems under the Lost Chapel will slow down your characters now instead of being slow themselves and doing nothing.


  • A Refuge from the Present quest could start in chapter 5 even if you never visited Old Sarkorian Mines in chapter 3. If you have encountered this issue already, the quest will automatically fail;
  • Added Irabeth’s reactions to the fate of the Through The Ashes characters;
  • Fixed the chain of events during the Pharasma’s Wrath quest for Mythic Lich;
  • In case of Regill’s death, a cut scene of Hellknights arrival to Drezen could break – fixed.

Turn-based mode

  • Turn-based mode could hang on the turn of a character that was recently resurrected – fixed.


  • Fixed the ability of Radiance to dispel magic, now it correctly considers character’s level as caster level for the sake of dispel magic.


  • Generals were missing some spells in battle – fixed;
  • When enabling the auto crusade mode, all crusade quests will be removed from the journal.

Classes & Mechanics

  • Auto level-up was not available when choosing a pregenerated character in the Inevitable Excess DLC – fixed;
  • Azata became slightly less friendly, and no longer gives the enemies teamwork feats with Life-Bonding Friendship;
  • Changing the type of spell’s elemental damage now correctly adds the DC from feats that affect the said element;
  • Deskari’s Rasping Armor ability now works correctly (we convinced him to rasp louder, so everyone could hear, and not just those under his belly);
  • Dragonheir Scion’s Dazzling Display is a standard action now, and won’t disappear forever after character’s death;
  • During the boss battle with the Songbird, he HP could track incorrectly, and as the result, the cutscene wouldn’t trigger – fixed;
  • Enemies with immunity to the prone condition now can be affected by Hideous Laughter spell;
  • Fiery Body and Iron Body spells now work with Brown-Fur Transmuter;
  • Fixed multiple Azata spells: Field of Flowers now works according to its description, Believe In Yourself now has correct duration, Water Push now works correctly, Nature’s Grasp now deals the right damage, Repulsive Nature now works as described and has an increased radius of 40 feet; Friendly Hug now provides immunity to mind-affecting spells, Sudden Squall now affects the enemies and prevents them from casting spells; Burst of Sonic Energy now works correctly, can be used with metamagic, and doesn’t harm the Azata; Winds of the Fall spell now works correctly and applies the intoxication effect; Water Torrent now works correctly, and the targeting has been improved; Unbreakable Bond now provides correct immunities to mind-affecting, charm, fear, compulsion, emotion, shaken, confusion effects.
  • Fixed the crashing when Charge was used together with Demonic Rage;
  • Fixed the second stage of the final boss battle in chapter 6: [spoiler]fire copies of Areelu now deal damage to her, and the original Areelu is displayed in the initiative order; looping ability activation could cause an endless detonation and a severe FPS drop – fixed. A scene with the goddesses also appears now under the right conditions[/spoiler];
  • Flying Time Undertow will no longer stay on the character that left your party before the whole group left the island. If you have encountered this issue already, add the affected character to the group and finish the island;
  • Forester can properly benefit from their Animal Focus now. Also, all hunters now benefit from two aspects of Animal Focus, when their animal companion is dead. Additionally, hunter bonuses to ability scores from Animal Focus — Bull, Tiger, and Bear have been changed from enhancement to inherent;
  • Green Faith (Druid philosophy) got a new symbol and now allows not only true neutral alignment, but any neutral alignment as well. Also fixed the icon and the description for Camellia;
  • Hunter Tactics and several other feats that make the character share some of their own feats with the animal companion were stealing those feats from the animal companion, if the animal obtained them by itself. Resolution: fixed. You may need to retrain the animal companion to get those feats back, but they will stay now.
  • Mighty Charge now allows to pick a combat maneuver to perform (or not to perform) and no longer provokes the attack of opportunity with the chosen combat maneuver;
  • Nahyndri has become slightly more powerful with mythic saving throws, immunity to sickened condition, and some additional buffs on higher difficulty levels;
  • Now Bless spell ignores spell resistance on allied targets;
  • Overwhelming Soul’s Overwhelming Power now properly scales the attack and damage bonuses with level up;
  • Protection from Arrows spell protected not only from ranged weapons, but from some magic as well – fixed;
  • Sacred Huntmaster now correctly adds teamwork feats to their animal companion;
  • Smite Evil no longer affects loyal companions;
  • Summoners summoned incorrect number of creatures – fixed;
  • The player could keep giving crystals to the Helmsman even after becoming the Legend – fixed;
  • Weapon training feats worked incorrectly if the equipped weapon belonged to two categories – fixed;
  • When Evil Eye was on auto-cast, the character would cast it on friendly targets when there were no enemies around – fixed;
  • Your invisibility will no longer fool the Storyteller, and he will start the dialogue in Iz properly.


  • Compass no longer obscures a part of the initiative tracker after cutscenes;
  • Fixed the layout of the icons in the Abilities tab of character sheet;
  • Fixed the mount control when playing with a controller;
  • Initiative order animations and portraits for turn-based mode have been improved for the controller UI;
  • Nested spells won’t offer the option to use them automatically, if automatic use is impossible for them;
  • Sometimes texts could be missing in the epilogue slides – fixed;
  • The cursor wasn’t able to interact with some UI elements, like door overtips etc.– fixed;
  • When entering photomode while in turn-based mode, the initiative tracker could stay on screen – fixed;
  • When playing with the controller, character cards could duplicate on global map – fixed;
  • When playing with the controller, tool tips and windows no longer open below each other.


  • The game will no longer play sounds and music while in running in the background.


  • Dynamic weather visual effects didn’t work in photomode – fixed;
  • Fixed a minor issue with the fog of war in the Lost Chapel area;
  • Flags and capes were clipping through characters and level geometry – fixed;
  • Survivors’ animations in Through the Ashes DLC were glitching after the rest – fixed. Also fixed some minor visual issues in other cutscenes in the DLC;
  • Weapons had incorrect size if the character joined combat while being off-screen – fixed;
  • When transforming into the Gold Dragon, there could be issues with the visual effect – fixed.


  • After loading a save or travelling between locations, visual effects on the characters could act in a wrong way or disappear completely – fixed. Additionally, fixed visual effects on creatures, ghosts, elementals, and some objects, like the Sword of Valor;
  • Fixed an issue, which could break pregenerated characters during character creation.


  • Bug reports saves were visible for some time after sending the bug report – fixed;
  • Hal no longer visits the Legend if he was previously killed;
  • Characters that are mandatory for the current party due to a quest, may not be there when leaving an area – fixed.

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