Myth of Empires update (Dec 10, 2021) is now rolling out on PC(Steam). According to the official Myth of Empires patch notes, the latest update added various quality of life improvements, adjustments and more.

Currently, Myth of Empires servers are down for maintenance. Check Myth of Empires server status here.

Previously, a big update was released with bug fixes and changes.

Unfortunately, since the last update, players are facing various issues with the game. Read more details below.

Myth of Empires Patch Notes – December 10, 2021

Added new items: War Elephant Armor and War Rhino Armor

2. Now the county location will be shown on the subordinate panel once mounts and warriors are put into the Guild Depot.

3. Added notes for the “Crown New Lord” panel.

4. Fixed the situation where crafting two steel arrows will be counted as one during the quest.

5. Fixed the client crash caused by dismantling a metal roof.

6. Increased the durability of one-handed weapon by 33% and two-handed weapon by 15%.

7. Fixed the situation where the effective time of the ice container and cart-mounted ice container display abnormally.

8. Optimized some scenes where the terrain displays abnormally on the world map.

9. Reduced the required materials for crafting Kerosene Rack and Kerosene Jar.

10. Adjusted the movement penalty for characters using light armor suit scroll.

11. Fixed the situation where the player cannot unlock Guild Tech when riding a horse.

12. Optimized the icon of Guild Building on the map.

13. Now only the magistrate’s guild can open the mint bench.

14. Fixed the situation where the cold, heat, and miasma status become invalid in the cold areas, hot areas, and swamps.

15. Now buildings within the effective range of the boundary marker won’t be attacked by thralls.

16. Fixed the situation where the durability of boundary marker is abnormal.

17. Now each Fair Panel page will show thirty columns instead of ten.

18. Fixed the situation where players cannot put items on some fields.

19. Fixed the situation where the performance of some crops is abnormal due to the buff added by the player’s talents.

20. Now pressing [F10] twice will block all the incoming information and only show the in-game display.

21. Fixed the situation where the warrior in the warrior camp being dismissed is still shown as being assigned.

22. Fixed the situation where the tamed warrior’s HP regeneration fails

23. Optimized the situation where warriors recovering from torpor state can’t stand normally when the FPS falls too low.

24. Fixed the situation where the players issuing wages to the warriors in the warrior camp will cause the abnormal display of warrior’s loyalty.

25. Now you won’t get copper coins by completing the side quest – retrieve the lost

26. Optimized the alighting point of cart and wagon in case where the vehicle is stuck in the walls.

27. Adjusted the cooldown of common building repair to 60 seconds, defensive wall repair to 180 seconds.

28. Fixed the situation where the building’s durability was restored too soon during repair.

29. Adjusted the cooldown of Cheval de fries repair to 60 seconds.

30. Now you can directly change the Building Owner and Guild Language.

31. Adjusted the thickness of the Guild Building’s frame from 0 to 15.

32. Now there will be no upper limit to the number of Guild Positions.

33. Now the effective range for players to interact with Guild Depot is expanded.

34. Fixed the situation where the warriors assigned to the Stable can’t finish their job.

35. Now the upper limit of the number of common planters you can build is increased to 10, and exclusive planters are increased to 5.

36. Fixed the situation where the horse talent – Stability is invalid.

37. Fixed the situation where assigning warriors to the animal farm to feed animals will cause animals’ mood to swing.

38. Adjusted the weight of small trap to 2, and weight of caught fox and rabbit to 5.

39. Fixed the situation where the maneuverability of horses in the Fair is displayed abnormally.

40. Optimized some settings of Horse Mating

Download free Myth of Empires patch on PC (Steam).

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