A new Icarus update (Dec 10, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam) players. According to the official Icarus patch notes, the latest update added three new missions, added two new workshop items, added the Leather Backpack, and many more.

Previously, a major update added quality of life fixes and enhancements.

Unfortunately, since the last major update players are facing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s Icarus patch will address a few of these errors.

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Icarus Patch Notes (New Update)- December 10, 2021

Three New Missions: Fire Walk, Wet Work, Solid Metal

By now you should have realized that you can either take your time on Icarus’ Prospects or foolhardily race ahead. We’ve added three new Prospects for those making good progress.

They add more than just new objectives – you might unlock a unique ability or meet someone new too.

Here are your mission briefings.

FIRE WALK: Delivery

//OPERATOR: Group 15 //BIOME: Riverlands //BACKGROUND: In contravention of general UDA regulations, Unaio has continued to experiment with terraforming technology on Icarus. The Operator believes there may be a lost supply pod in the region, containing prototype Inaris bio-flechettes. Intelligence suggests the contents are EXTREMELY volatile. //MISSION: Retrieve the bio-flechette and return it to orbit before Uniao intercedes. //TERMS: The flechette’s temperature must remain stable at all times.

SOLID METAL: Stockpile

//OPERATOR: ACS //BIOME: Multiple //BACKGROUND: The Operator is expanding its orbital infrastructure and requires Contractors to supply materials to cargo pods landing in the region. //MISSION: Reach loading zones, establish processing systems, and load requested resources into pods. //TERMS: Three cargo pods will be dispatched to three locations.

WET WORK: Extermination

//OPERATOR: Sinotai //BIOME: Riverlands //BACKGROUND: Operator has reported severe personnel losses due to local wildlife. Attack patterns suggest a single group of extremely aggressive predators. //MISSION: Track and eliminate the predator(s). //TERMS: All equipment, safety and hospitalization is the responsibility of the Contractor.

Full Patch Notes

  • Added two new workshop items, the MXC Hammer, and the MXC Campfire.
  • Increased frequency of gold spawns.
  • Increased meta deposit quantities on harder missions.
  • Added in-world marker for player loot-bags.
  • Improved map player icons. Added support for colours. Icon’s get smaller when zooming right into the map. Made compass waypoint icon bigger.
  • Added Scrolling with mouse wheel now works on talent views with no zoom enabled
  • Added Scroll bars on talent views are correctly hidden when they aren’t needed (Player & Blueprint only need one)
  • Added HUD window to display connectivity status information.
  • Added additional connectivity information to the escape menu.
  • Added button to allow players to cancel out of a save prompt on leaving their prospect.
  • Changed prospect notifications will now forcefully appear on the screen if it contains unclaimed resources/items
  • Changed electrical wall and ceiling lights to no longer require shelter.
  • Changed Cooking Station to no longer require fuel.
  • Improved accolade popup notification window and added images.
  • Improved locomotion animations for Buffalo and Wild Boar.
  • Updated HUD. Now Talent and Blueprint points always show if any are available.
  • Decreased movement speed while carrying animal carcasses (-10%/-20%/-30% depending on size).
  • Removed Fog Of War on Outposts.
  • Updated translation information for Asian and European languages.
  • Addressed a bug with El Camino mission which could prevent it from progressing.
  • Addressed a bug with Desert Expedition mission which prevented players from continuing if they left the game during the boss fight.
  • Fixed several issues relating to reloading mission state.
  • Addressed a bug with scanned meta-deposits not reloading properly.
  • Addressed a bug where cosmetic rain was not applying effects correctly.
  • Addressed a bug with some accolades where the quantities in descriptions were incorrect values.
  • Addressed a bug with mislabelled Cougar accolade.
  • Addressed a bug where Coal Ore could be taken off-world.
  • Fixed issues where some electrical wires could not be deleted.
  • Addressed a bug where some outposts were missing their map image
  • Addressed a bug where players could use invalid characters in naming their outposts.
  • Addressed a bug with ‘If It Works’ talent where knives can split trees but don’t grant wood on auto-collect.

Currently, Icarus servers are down on PS(Steam). Check Icarus server status here.

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