Let’s Build a Zoo update is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Let’s Build a Zoo patch notes, the latest update added Quality-of-Life improvements, bug fixes, and new features.

Previously, a major update added various quality of life changes and gameplay improvements.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s Lets Build a Zoo patch 1 will address a few changes.

Lets Build a Zoo Patch Notes – November 11, 2021


  • You can now buy food for 14 days with a new research pack – Increase storeroom capacity to allow you to keep food for up to 14 days and a Fridge to keep perishables up to 14 days! These will seamlessly integrate with your storeroom once you have them unlocked.
  • New Floor Types available in a new research pack
  • New Fairy Light Tree available through research
  • Added brush size for floor painting (use – & = to change the size). We know so many of you were looking for a way to paint bigger floors!
  • Added 4 new songs to the game and adjusted the volume for 2 others.

Quality Of Life:

  • Changed breeding rates for many animals – now getting to all your genomes for trading should be MUCH easier!
  • Reduced requirement for crossbreeding to 5 Genomes rather than all 10. You’ll only get Hybrids based on the animals you have discovered, so it’s still worth collecting all 10!
  • Reduced trade requirements with many zoos, speeding up game progression. It’ll now be much easier to get to the animals you want, and you should find yourself getting ‘stuck’ much less!
  • Added Donate / Euthanize selection system to enable multiple actions at once! We know this was another big one that was requested a lot – your populations should now be much easier to manage!
  • Added “APPLY TO ALL” for shop settings – you’ll now be able to set all the currently built shops in your zoo at once with a checkbox!
  • Made Contraception always visible, so it’s easier to adjust the setting (even while animals are pregnant). This should hopefully clear up some instances where contraception wouldn’t stick, too!
  • Sped Up WASD movement around your zoos
  • Added Gender to move/euthanize/donate panels – a few of you were looking to make female and male only pens or cut down on breeding stock, so you’ll have more information now to do so!
  • After building a structure that requires an employee, the build menu returns to the most recently selected category, rather than going back to the first one, enclosures
  • Menu icons jump onto the screen faster, so you waste less time waiting to build
  • Added new shortcut to the build menu – using the “B key”
  • Use Left Ctrl when building to toggle visibility on heat maps (Water/Bin and Collision) – save your eyes from the orange glow!
  • Added text in animal UI for robots and hybrids to make it clearer that they do not breed.
  • Added Quit Confirmation to QUIT screen, letting you know if you’ll lose data
  • Added “NEW” icon for new employee variants – to help make collecting easier.
  • Added Species in move / select UI – to make it easier to differentiate between animals.
  • When looking at clone options in the CRISPR building, clones that can be used in trades will have an icon on them to help you.
  • The mouseover info for “glue factory” was confusing – as it only showed a cow, while a donkey and horse are also valid animals for processing
  • When viewing the Water and Bin heat maps, the customer icons do not show anymore, making it clearer to see.
  • Tweaked pathfinding so that NPCs find more natural paths to get where they’re going
  • Adjusted Farmer Behaviour to make them clump together slightly less
  • Fixed using Q & E to zoom
  • Changed keybinds menu – removed the X close button, added a cancel button, and made done button start greyed-out to make it clearer when the keybinds are being applied or discarded


  • Robotimals no longer need food, water or space and cannot die.
  • Fixed bug where resignations would still happen despite maximum pay (and added a threshold system for each employee!)
  • We’ve made it impossible to put robotimals into battery farms
  • Fixed donation on finance table dropdown displaying 100 times the value
  • Fixed some of the Chinese localization text
  • Fixed the yellow grass graphical error on the right hand side boundary (the UV coordinates were off by one pixel)
  • The incinerator was not perfectly centered, now it is!
  • Sprinklers now animate in animal enclosures
  • When selecting “Move Building” the rotation is carried over from the building you are picking up
  • Fixed LionCity achievement unlocking 1 trade earlier than it should
  • Fixed some German text overruns.
  • Fixed keybinding screen being too wide and going out of screen in some resolutions
  • In the build select, sometimes the arrow cycle icon buttons did not respond correctly / could be clicked through. This should now be fixed!
  • Changed message to “Place Gate” during edit pen (we’re still working on some other edit pen bugs you’ve been sending us, thank you!)
  • Fixed storeroom scroll sometimes will have wrong offset.
  • Stopped Hybrids from breeding
  • Cannot see the bus spawn or leave the map any more.
  • Fixed an issue where old placeholder UI would appear after performing specific actions in the nursery
  • Fixed the corona virus critical choice displaying 0.05% instead of 5%
  • Fixed crispr’s red dot from showing on the crispr building build bar not disappearing after you collect the crispr animals inside
  • Customers would pay mascots even if they did not enter the park if your mascot was working close enough to the main entrance – this was definitely cheating!
  • When editing a pen – water troughs would spawn arrows that would not go away until you reload the game. These should be fixed now!
  • The song “Need More Animals” had the start of the song “Biodiversity” playing at the end. Ooops!
  • Fixed a softlock when getting capys from forest fire critical choice at morality points of 5
  • Mouse Response over animals on order sign
  • Removed info button for life expectancy for Robots
  • Fully randomized cripsr breed outcome (I know a few of you have been having some bad luck, hopefully this will fix that right up!)
  • Fixed image on Pilot critical choice that was overlapping text
  • When creating or editing a pen, you could switch build state (by clicking the category icons) which would break the game, this is now fixed
  • Changed CO2 bar in end of week summary to always display positive number whether there’s a net increase or decrease, since the colour of the bar already changes.
  • We stopped old UI updating during play (that you couldn’t see, but it was there being a pain)
  • Fixed issue where members of the public would have a maximum amount of $100 in their wallets. Owners of expensive zoos, rejoice!
  • Fixed crash in applicant panel when you hire the last applicant on your list and go back
  • Fixed issue where sometimes members of the public would buy tickets they could not afford


  • Fixed rare crash on hunger notifications when tracking an animal that you have donated.
  • Fixed bug where hunger notifications would not refresh after donating an animal
  • Sometimes the header file can become corrupt – now if this happens, we rescan the save files for, and make a new header file. Unfortunately, some information is lost so we can resave the zoo. – The name of the zoo will switch to NA.
  • Fixed rare crash when clicking on farm while zoning keepers
  • Animal undertaker would crash sometimes, this should now be fixed
  • Fixed crash when moving factories & recycling centres that were in specific manufacturing states.
  • If the config file becomes corrupt – it will be regenerated.
  • Super-Ultra-Wide monitors will automatically flip to safe mode for start-up (stopping crash)

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