Medieval Dynasty update (November 11, 2021) is released on PC (Steam). According to the official Medieval Dynasty patch notes, the latest update added new dialogue sounds, break slots for Hunters in Hunting Lodge, new activities for NPCs, and more. Apart from this, Medieval Dynasty patch also includes stability fixes. If encountered, have no function anymore as the Halloween event has passed.

Previously, a major update added new content, a new storyline, more quests, new buildings, bandits, and updated grabbing system. Unfortunately, some players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Medieval Dynasty patch will address a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Medieval Dynasty Patch Notes – November 11, 2021


  • New dialogue sounds (together 10 new voice colors): including Farewell, first time greeting, Greeting, Vendor
  • Break slots for Hunters in Hunting Lodge
  • Sorting buttons for people demands control tab in management
  • New home activities for NPCs


  • Compass working incorrectly when mounted
  • Torch not usable while holding a sickle
  • Interaction UI not updating correctly when opening chests while holding interaction key
  • Calf sounds
  • If item is about to spoil in this season, then only the last stack of it will get spoiled
  • Possibility to have an unlimited tool when unassigning item from quickslot during holstering animation
  • Animals not keeping their name after growing up
  • No input on a gamepad for building rotation
  • If game settings save file is corrupted then all settings are set to lowest value instead of default
  • Unassigning notification if NPCs is unassigned from nothing.
  • When road is blocked by no permission, the icon is not darker
  • Inventory selected item changes when consumed item adds another item to inventory
  • During crafting empty bottles are not returned to inventory.
  • The quality of the player’s character mesh sometimes changes in camera view
  • Doubled penalty to reputation for stealing items
  • Problem with boiling sounds too long. When the player wanted to stop cauldron animations in random time the sounds of boiling didn’t stop and were playing longer.
  • Horse turn animations are now properly transitioning between themselves when changing speed/stopping and turning at the same time
  • Mount couldn’t use running/sprinting speed when the player starts moving during the mounting animation.
  • Issue with NPCs when they appear on the screen, causing them to shift strangely and slowly adjusting to the ground.
  • Mislabeled cow shed roof.
  • Sometimes, when a player blocks an NPC (at a workbench or a break point), the NPC starts interacting at the point where he is standing.
  • Sometimes animal breeders enter the animal housing when they are working with the animals.
  • Log Fence doesn’t remove grass.
  • Dialogues – problem with panning on right headphone.
  • Light flash when trying to equip torch underwater.
  • Player not being able to close quick slot menu using left or right mouse button while mounted
  • Strange head movement sometimes appearing when stopping or finishing crafting
  • Stopping animations not applying correctly
  • No torch shadows
  • Player was able to loot items while skinning
  • Milk in a bucket – while milking a cow – looks strange
  • Signboard in the Sewing building has sometimes been duplicated
  • Sometimes player wouldn’t enter the aiming animation if a spear was holstered while holding right click
  • Hands attack animation was much slower
  • Player getting stuck in mount after dismounting in some cases


  • Save and Load optimizations
  • Rendering optimizations
  • Memory optimizations
  • Notification sound for shooting in archer target.
  • Improvements to the effect of snow on the ground
  • Adjusted speed of young and small husbandry animals
  • Adjusted walking speed of adult/teenager NPCs to better match their animation
  • When the bandits move too far from their camp, they return to their camp running
  • Ida now gives Domagoj’s crossbow in the correct moment
  • Equipped items condition is now displayed in the same way in both inventory and quick slot menu
  • Transfer, drop, sell, and buy slider now have clickable buttons for increasing or decreasing amount
  • Sorting items now no longer changes selected item to first on the list
  • Shop management is now sorted in order (Intensity above 0->Is item present in storage->rest)
  • Dismounting animation for donkey and horse
  • German updated

Download free Medieval Dynasty update on PC (Steam).

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