We are Football update 10 is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official We are Football patch notes, the latest update added various bug fixes and gameplay changes.

Previously, a major update added various quality of life changes and gameplay improvements.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s We are Football patch 10 will address a few changes.

We are Football Patch Notes – November 11, 2021

PLAYER RE-EVALUATIONS: The re-evaluations no longer refer only to unscouted or badly scouted new signings, but now go across the squad and depend on appearances, goals scored and assists. Upgrades/downgrades for previously unscouted players may still occur, as well as level upgrades to 16 or higher. Not all players in the squad will necessarily be re-evaluated, but usually a good portion of the team, depending on the performances of the players.

PLAYERS SCOUTED/REQUIRED: Here we finally have the long awaited filter for players with a release clause. If you have signed a data analyst with level 7 or higher, the filter is available.

TRAINING: Individual units that have already been set can now be quickly copied to another slot by dragging and dropping. This eliminates the somewhat tedious selection of each individual unit. If you additionally press SHIFT, you can also swap two training units. A unit can also be deleted directly with the right mouse button.

Finally, you can now change the intensity of all training units of a week at the same time if you press SHIFT when changing the intensity of a unit.

SIGHTING DAYS: For each half-year, you can now set a date for a sighting day for youth players via the youth department. On this day, between 8.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m., players are displayed in turn, one of whom can then be signed. At the beginning of the day, the players are still completely unscouted (except for their level), whereas near the end of the day the players are shown with more and more information. So you have to weigh up whether to strike early with a commitment or speculate on better players with a higher scouting level.

SCOUTING/CONTRACTING PLAYERS: Free agents can now be signed at any time (i.e. also outside the transfer window).

RULE-BASED LINE-UP: The effect of the focal points can now be increased in several stages. In addition, there are three new line-up criteria according to which players are preferred: Most appearances, Fewest appearances and Best marks. In addition, up to three players can be excluded from the automatic line-up.

CLUB GROUNDS/MANAGER HOME/STADIUM: Buildings or floors of buildings are now no longer ready immediately after purchase, but optionally require a construction time. The remaining time is displayed in construction mode by mouseover. In the 3D view you can see the construction sites. The duration of the construction period can be set on the difficulty level screen (None, Short, Normal).

FITNESS: The colour of the playing level on the pitch now corresponds to the player’s fitness.

-BEFORE THE MATCH: The tactical status of the opponents can now be viewed before the match.

-MATCH: The display of the minute of the match now also includes the current minute of injury time.

-AFTER THE MATCH: The matchday overview now also includes the attendances.

BUDGET: It is now possible to choose between a shared budget for transfers/club investments and a total budget at game start and in the options.

The board can now decide to increase the budget in the event of surprisingly high income from merchandise sales.

STATISTICS: There are now statistics on the overall ratings of all teams and on the development of the 2nd team and your youth players.

INFO: Player/manager/staff and other info screens can now be called up in almost all areas (e.g. also those of the referee at half-time).

TEAM SPIRIT: There is now a button on the team spirit graphic that takes you to an overview of how the team spirit has developed and come about.

NEW BUILDINGS: There is now a stationary and a mobile sausage stand.

CLUB GROUNDS: There are now various random objects that appear from time to time, e.g. on the training pitches.

INFRASTRUCTURE: We now also show the absolute and the percentage value of the average stadium fill level.

OPTIONS: You can now set in the options that international results are always shown. The week will then also be interrupted if you are not involved yourself.

TRAINING PROGRESS: The calculation of the training marks was improved and the motivation was added to the training progress screen. The training progress for free kicks is now also displayed.

TRANSFERS: Players can now be marked as not for sale. Then no more offers will be made. Depending on the level and character of the player, however, this has an effect on the player’s happiness.

SCOUT REPORTS and PLAYER MARKET EXPLORATION: The last setting is now retained and can therefore easily be used again.

PERSONAL: There is now data here on the manager’s results in each season played so far. League, cup and international competitions are taken into account.

STEAM WORKSHOP: The Steam Workshop is supported. Data and graphics are handled separately.

STADIUMS: The type of fans in the individual stadium areas can now be set. Please note: These are not used in the game at the moment.

COMPETITIONS: There is now the possibility to integrate competition logos. These will then be displayed in various places in the game.

EVENT EDITOR: Events can now be created in the editor. We will publish separate instructions for this.

Please note: Events are not yet used in the game. This will only be the case from the next update or the one after that. However, we assume that the work here will need a certain lead time anyway. The export of the events is therefore not possible at the moment, but this will follow as well. It will then be strictly separated from the rest of the DB later on.

DERBY EDITOR: Derbies can now be edited in the editor. These will then be pointed out by an animation before the game!

In addition, there have been the following important bug fixes:

  • TRAINING: Travelling on the same day by train now works correctly. If you have set it in the organization department, you can now also set a unit (reduced selection) on the last day before an away match. As some players prefer to travel by a luxurious team bus, they can now also become unhappy if you select the train option.

NEW POSITION: The progress of a new position is now no longer lost if you put the player back in another position for a short time. If you then use him/her again on the position to be learned, the progress bar in the player info is again at the same level or minimally worse than after the last use on the position.

SCOUTING: There is now a better display of the player type for not yet completely scouted players in the player info, so that you can see that the information is not yet 100% confirmed.

MATCH: Players with a yellow-red card can now no longer be substituted via drag & drop.

TEAM PROGRESS: The progress bars for pressing and counter-pressing are now displayed correctly.

FINANCES: Fan loans are now also liquidated on schedule after expiry.

SCOUTING AND SIGNING PLAYERS: The filter for players with expiring contracts now works continuously again, not only after September 1st.

HR: The correct clubs are now displayed in the employee details.

2nd TEAM: For contract extensions of 2nd team players, only the additional salary is now counted towards the budget, no longer the full salary.

INFRASTRUCTURE: The staff load is now calculated correctly.

ATTENDEES: The occasional 0 attendance problem in the lower leagues has been fixed.

GERMAN CUP: Teams from 3rd leagues automatically play at home also from the 1/8 finals.

MATCH: Results of penalty kicks are no longer visible in advance.

TRANSFER MARKET: Clubs now no longer bid more than necessary for a fixed transfer clause.

TRAINING CAMPS: Luxury costs are now correctly calculated.

BEFORE THE GAME: Automatic setting of the tick from red to green if a win bonus is entered or back to red if a win bonus is removed.

INTERVIEWS: Added confirmation request when cancelling.

SPONSORS: Bug removed that long-time sponsors do not renew their contracts. The chance of success now increases more and more towards the end of the contract period if the general conditions are also fine.

REGULATIONS: No away-goal rule in the European competitions anymore.

EDITOR: Various fixes and improvements in all areas.

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