Destiny 2 Witch Queen Bugs, Known Issues, Glitches and Fixes


Destiny 2 Witch Queen is now available to download on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox. Unfortunately, since the release, some players are experiencing various crashes, error codes, and lag in Destiny 2 Witch Queen.

Today, we have compiled a list of Destiny 2 Witch Queen known issues, bugs, and glitches. Also, download the recently released Destiny 2 Witch Queen patch for the game.

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Official List of Destiny 2 Witch Queen Glitches, known issues and bugs

The following information may include minor spoilers for item and activity names.

  • Season Passes will be applied to the first set of characters that signs in. If you plan to Cross-Save but will use other characters later, it’s recommended to set up Cross-Save before logging in.
  • The Overload auto rifle and SMG Artifact mods do not successfully disrupt the health regeneration of Overload Champions after a stun.
  • The recommended Power level for the PsiOps Battlegrounds playlist does not display on activity launch. The recommended Power for this playlist is 1500.
  • Certain player buffs and debuffs may be missing associated icons.
  • Enemies with the Volatile debuff may not count for bounty progress when defeated using area of effect damage.
  • Glaive melee kills do not count toward kill tracker progress and certain melee-triggered perks.
  • Certain Ghost tracking mods do not display destination material or chest locations when in the Throne World
  • The Grave Robber perk on The Enigma glaive is currently disabled and cannot be activated. This perk will be re-enabled in an upcoming Hotfix.
  • Opening the character screen on Xbox consoles with a full inventory may result in a large framerate drop.

If you previously pre-ordered the expansion, but no longer see it present in your purchased content, please reach out to your platform’s support for assistance with your transaction.

Many of these bugs are known to the developers and they are working hard to fix them.

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