Coromon Update 1.0.20 Patch Notes – May 3, 2022


A new Coromon update 1.0.20 released on PC(Steam). According to the official Coromon patch notes, the latest update contains a lot of battle fixes and reduces the amount of RNG from skills and conditions.

Recently, a minor hotfix was also released with changes and fixes. Unfortunately, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Coromon patch 1.0.20 will fix a few of these issues.

Read the full details below.

Coromon Patch 1.0.20 Notes – Official

Fixed issues

  • Fixed a number of typposs in multiple languages
  • The Purrgy no longer lingers right before Illuginn
  • Fixed a number of milestones unlocking in online battles
  • Fixed a softlock when Vørst would freeze a Coromon holding a Crany Fruit
  • Fixed the gem buyer not taking all gems at once
  • The Scan Module blink now always appears on the highest layer
  • Players can no longer walk through the Trainer Hub tiles in Alavi
  • Agility Training now raises 1 stage as intended
  • Withdraw now raises 1 stage as intended
  • Players can no longer interact with trainers while in a minecart
  • Skills that require a charge now correctly retarget if the opponent switches out
  • Zen Cure now cures a percentage of 15 instead of a flat rate of 15
  • Ghastly Nap now targets the enemy team instead of a single target
  • Fixed floor switches in the Pyramid of Sart when the player got hit while a wall was moving
  • Bren can no longer eat cakes
  • When Bren is Potentiflated to a higher Potential category and evolves, the correct database entry is unlocked
  • LuxLure no longer cancels background music
  • Changed the “Always Run” setting to “Always Sprint” to prevent confusion
  • Fixed Thorbjorn from walking into the player when giving him carrots from the tile north-east of the snowman


  • Added (skippable) credits after game completion, and made them available in the settings menu once the game is completed
  • The game now saves after editing an online Squad
  • XP earned is now shown in a single overview instead of for each Coromon individually
  • Added additional hotkeys:
  • 1-3 = Use bound Item
  • 4 = Use bound Trait
  • Numpad 1-6 = Select specific Gauntlet Module
  • Numpad +/- = Next or previous Gauntlet Module
  • The available Coromon overview in the world map now shows 2 rows of Coromon
  • Precision Punch has a 50% chance to raise crit chance instead of 100%.
  • OHKO skills no longer benefit from type proficiency bonus.
  • We disabled the ‘Any’ preference for Casual Custom battles in CoroNet for now, until this works as intended in our backend
  • Cat Scratch is now a Ghost type skill
  • Dark Magic type now has its own type icon
  • Vørst now removes buffs from the player’s Coromon once he regains his fighting spirit, and prevents the first hit on him from doing more than 10% damage.
  • Chalchiu now has a seconds phase where she removes her stat nerfs and status inflictions
  • A sound is now played when an opponent is found on CoroNet
  • Less Coromon can learn the Dirty Snow Skill Flash
  • Transcending skill now resets after any move, instead of just after skills
  • Fruits which increase Skill damage now do 1.5x damage instead of 2x
  • Prepared Trait now shows an indicator when it triggers
  • Wet Coat Trait now shows an indicator when it triggers
  • Some Traits now trigger when entering the battle instead of the start of a round.
  • Ball of Darkness now has 25% chance of increasing Sp.Attack instead of 50%
  • Heatwave now also prevents and removes freeze condition
  • Sandstorm now raises Accuracy and Crit chance (instead of Accuracy and Evasion) for sand Coromon, and no longer lowers stats for non-sand Coromon
  • Snow weather no longer randomly freezes in online battles
  • Sleep now has a 40% chance to last 1 round, 40% chance to last 2 rounds, and 20% to last 3 rounds
  • Freeze lasts 2 rounds, instead of at most 5
  • Hazy lasts 4 rounds, instead of 3 – 5
  • Splash Spinner can now be bought in Alavi
  • Platinum Spinners can be bought after reaching Ixqun
  • Dream / Trick / Heal Spinners can be bought after reaching Darudic
  • Stinky Disc and Fear Disc can be bought from shops after reaching Pawbury
  • Smart Gem can be bought from shops after reaching Vlamma
  • Lazy Gem can be bought from shops after reaching Alavi

Download free Coromon patch 1.0.20 on PC (Steam).

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