[Main Updates]

◈In-Game Updates◈

1. New Area : Sabuk
– New regions will be added to the eastern Phantasia Area and a new area ‘Sabuk’ will be added.
2. New Field Boss : Rockfiend King & Heavenly Asura
3. New Boss Raid : Deranged Hellbound Revenant
4. New Clan Expedition : Azure Flame Emperor
5. 4 New types of Summons
6. Dragonian Growth Support 14-Day Check-in Event

◈DRACO Updates◈

1. New feature : Cart
– Products that can be purchased with HYDRA can be registered to the Cart in the in-game shop.


[May 3rd Patch Note Details]

◈In-Game Updates◈

■ New Regions & Area ㅡ ‘Bladehaven’, ‘Rockcut Tomb’, ‘Sabuk Area’
● New regions will be added to the Eastern Phantasia Area and a new area ‘Sabuk’ will be added.
– New regions ‘Bladehaven’, Rockcut Tomb’, ‘Phantasia Valley’, and ‘Rockcut Labyrinth’ will open in the eastern Phantasia Area.
– ‘Sabuk Province’ and ‘Sabuk Castle Underground Jail’ will move to the newly added ‘Sabuk Area’ from the ‘Phantasia Area’.
– New main Quests, Missions, and Requests will become available along with the addition of the new area.

● Maximum level expansion
– The maximum level will be expanded to Lv.150 from Lv.130 as the new area gets added.

● Expansion of Conquest level
– Maximum promotion stages of all Conquest buildings will be expanded.
– Tower of Conquest, Tower of Quintessence, Millennial Tree, Forge, Mine, Tower of Victory, Portal, Training Sanctum, Holy Shrine : Stage 17 → Stage 19
– Sanctuary of HYDRA : Stage 10 → Stage 12

● New Mystery
– A new mystery <Wedding Vow> will be added.

■ Field Boss
● New Field Boss ‘Rockfiend King’ will spawn on Rockcut Labyrinth 4F.
– Boss Level : 151

● New Field Boss ‘Heavenly Asura’ will spawn on Phantasia Valley 4F.
– Boss Level : 155

■ Boss Raid
● New Boss Raid ‘Deranged Hellbound Revenant’ will be added.
– Boss Level : 135
– Required Power Score : 90,000

■ Clan Expedition
● New Clan Expedition ‘Azure Flame Emperor’ will be added.
– Boss Level : 135
– Required Power Score : 73,000

■ Summon
● 4 New types of summons will be added to the Shop.
– Grandeur Summon (Magic Stone/Spectrumite)
– Opulent Summon (Spirit Treasure)
– Specter Summon (Codex Gear/Forsaken Badge)
– Divine Summon (Mystical Piece)
※ Unidentified items will be given by these Summons and you can obtain specific items by identifying them.
※ There is no identification fee required for the Summons above.

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