World War Z update 1.40 is rolling out on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. According to the World War Z 1.40 patch notes, the latest update adds Horde Mode XL with a new map, a new weapons progression system, a new Challenge Mode with mutators, and new weapons. Apart from this, Today’s World War Z patch 1.40 also includes support for next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

Previously, a Cut and Mend update added new unlockable weapons like Sword and ACW rifle variants. Unfortunately, since the last major patch, players are still facing a number of issues with the game. Today’s World War Z Aftermath version 1.40 will address a few of these issues.

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What is new in World War Z Patch 1.40 Notes? – January 24, 2023

New Features

  • Added Support for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.
  • New Horde Mode XL with a new map for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

In the new mode, you and your friends will find yourselves in a new map where you must protect a civilian camp located inside a shopping mall.

There are three gameplay areas connected to this mall and each of them is a separate front line under the attack of zombie swarms seeking to reach the civilians

    • The Restaurant Area:  The swarm attacks from the temple and the village
    • The Riverside Area:  The swarm attacks from the city
    • The Construction Area: The swarm attacks from the factory
  • New Weapons Progression System.

Horde Mode XL is not the only feature launching with this update.  The rest of the update includes the new weapon progression system and is available to both PS4 and PS5 players.

In the new system, skins are not tied to certain weapon stats.  While you still need experience points and supplies to level up your guns, leveling up is now done with linear stats progression (and unlocking different bonuses), while being able to apply any skin to a weapon.

  • PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 save files converter.

New Content

  • Added Sai Knives.
  • Added Multi-Barreled Shotgun.
  • Added a New Challenge Mode for Horde Mode.

Download free World War Z aftermath update 1.40 on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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