Wartales update 2 is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Wartales patch notes, the latest update added a number of new changes, including “No scaling mode”, a questlog, and much more.

Recently, a big update added new changes, fixes, and a long list of improvements. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing several issues. Today’s Craftopia update will fix a few of these issues.

What is new in Wartales February 9 Update?

Region-locked mode has been added

We have designed Wartales so that each player can enjoy the game as they wish. The free expression of the player has always been and will remain the keystone of any proposal and any update that we release. In this sense, level scaling seemed to us to be an appropriate, though not perfect, solution, allowing the player to roam the world freely without constraints. We are still working on improving this solution because we are convinced that this game mode has its interest in Wartales.

Many players have asked for a version of the game without this auto-scaling. This seemed to us to be a legitimate request and as alluded to in the roadmap, we have now added this mode!

In this mode, the regions have an initially set difficulty and these regions are themselves divided into more or less difficult areas. The level and size of the enemy groups are fixed and the further away from the village you explore, the more powerful the enemies are. Moving from one area to another will therefore require you to have a sufficiently powerful troop. If an area seems too difficult, you can go and train your troop and then come back to take advantage.

We would like to point out that we are adding this mode while keeping the level scaling. The two modes will coexist: at the beginning of your game, you will have the opportunity to choose to go through the world in “free” mode or in “region-locked” mode. We really want every player to be able to enjoy Wartales the way they want to play it, and this idea remains at the forefront of our minds as we work on updates to the game.

Concerning the balancing of this new mode, we worked closely with the beta-testers to ensure it is going to provide the best experience. We are eager to receive your feedback to keep improving the balancing of this mode and the game.

New feature: Questlog
  • When you open your map, you will now have a questlog to keep track of the state of your current regional objectives with a quick summary of what you have to do.
New feature: Respecialisation
  • Training grounds are a new building in each region that centralizes everything related to companion abilities. We also wanted to create a place where you could optimize and reset your companions’ specialisation tree.
Camping gear
  • You can now have a chest in your camp to store your items. If you don’t want to carry around items you no longer use but still want to keep, store them in your chest!
  • You can now sort your inventory depending on the selling price, weight or item type.
  • When an item is on sales, you should now also see the correct original price to compare both.
  • Crafting an alchemy recipe now grants more experience.
  • Crafting a blacksmith recipe now grants less experience.
  • Fish oil has been added to each apothecary : it will now be easier to craft oils.
  • You should now gather more iron if you succeed in your gathering.
  • The operation of throwing weapons has been changed : their use is unique but you can craft them by stacks. Also, their price, weight and craft recipe have been updated.
  • Items : Blinding powder, Incendiary flask, Hand bomblet, Throwing axe, Poisoned throwing knife and throwing knife.
  • Hideouts should now have their unit number reduced when you have killed groups related to the hideout, as originally designed.
  • You should now gather more wood in the world.
  • You should now be able to complete the Edoran scenario alongside Vernalis.
  • The merchant in Vernalis’ castle should now correctly sell her items.
  • When you ambush or surprise attack enemy groups, they should now be grouped together and your group should circle them.
  • Enemies’ bowmen will now have a greater chance to shoot their allies in a disadvantaged position, as originally designed.
  • Killing a phantom swarm animal now reduces the terror by 3 instead of 1 but only for the unit who killed the animal.
  • Oils effects have now more chances to be triggered.
  • Trinkets’ selling price has been reduced.

What is fixed in Wartales February 9 Update?

Bug Fixes
  • Dash could cause the movement to end on unit and result in a crash, under certain conditions
  • Creepers can’t equip left weapon anymore
  • Fix battle crash when unit die during multiple hits
  • Black market agent in the Edoran bandits’lair will no longer be accessible if the black market is not yet unlocked
  • Fixed Claes’quest
  • Several other bugfixes regarding battle, quests resolutions and crashes.
  • Several fixes regarding the naming of captain and lieutenant.
  • Several fixes regarding the plague status and its healing.
  • And additional bugfixes…

Download free Wartales patch 2 on PC(Steam).

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