Train Sim World 2 update 1.54 (1.015.000) is now available to download on PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One. According to Train Sim World version 1.54 patch notes, the latest update added gameplay changes and fixes. Apart from this, TSW2 update 1.54 (1.015) also includes performance improvements.

Previously, a big game update was released with various quality of life improvements. Recently, a hotfix was also released.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues when trying to play the game. Today’s TSW2 update 1.54 (1.006) will fix a few of these issues. Read full details below.

What is new in today’s Train Sim World 2 1.54?


  • Updated the brake pressure reference type, this should resolve instances where the audio failed on the BR Class 377/4 and the BR Class 387/2 on London Commuter

Boston Sprinter

  • Updated the speedometer on the MBTA F40PH-3C to show the correct speed and digit order.
  • Updated the doors on the MBTA F40PH-3C so that they are now easier to interact with when open.
  • Various performance improvements to Boston Sprinter, specifically areas containing MBTA F40PH-3C traffic.
  • Updated the numbering on MBTA single deck cars to fix wrong or missing numbers on BTC (Blind Trailer Coach) and CTC (Control Trailer Coach) interiors.
  • Updated the lighting on MBTA single deck cars to initialise properly with different control interactions.
  • Updated the window animation on MBTA single deck cars to be more accurate when opened.
  • Improved the door Lock/Unlock functionality on MBTA single deck cars.
  • Removed jumper cable management for MBTA single deck cars, because these are self-managed.
  • Added the ability to lock the doors on MBTA single deck cars even if the vehicle is moving. It can’t be opened while moving.

Download free Train Sim World 2 update 1.54 on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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