The Universim update 0.1.53 is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Universim patch notes, the latest update added resized planets and various bug fixes to the game.

Previously, a big update was released with a long list of quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are facing several issues. Mordhau patch will fix a few of these issues.

Read more details below.

The Universim Patch 0.1.53 Notes – November 17, 2021

We are happy to introduce you to resized planets! This exciting addition was requested by the community for quite some time and, though we would have loved to have rolled it out earlier, we were waiting for the right time to pull the trigger. Creating resized planets was a monumental task that required plenty of game optimization and a reworking of the systems in place.

As many of you know, we are working full speed ahead on the Space Age (in addition to new planets). If you checked out our Halloween Patch, you not only were able to experience some holiday atmosphere, but you were one of the first players to test a couple planet customization systems for the upcoming Space Age and its alien planets!

Today, we are happy to present another part of our Space Age puzzle: resized planets. Please note that the size of the planet will require more resources from your at-home equipment. We tried to optimize the game and planet generation process to work as fast and efficiently as possible but, due to increased planet size, object amounts, etc., bigger planets will require more resources from your PCs. The biggest input on the performance will be your computer memory. As of now (and based on our internal tests), in order to comfortably play on the biggest planet, you will need at least 16bg RAM. This patch will allow us to experiment with sizing in the hopes of achieving comfortable gameplay experiences for you, our Creators.

Low Memory Warning

If you try to load the largest planet on a machine that does not have enough memory, we will warn you in order to ensure your understanding that the planet’s performance may struggle. You still will be able to proceed forward and load the planet.

Pollution System

In further preparation for the Space Age, we are adjusting our pollution system to provide different conditions on foreign planets, ultimately influencing your approach to a planet’s colonization – in fact, even affecting your decision on whether or not you WANT to colonize it.

New pollution system UI was added to the game. We are still iterating different effects, but from that UI you will notice 3 main factors: toxicity, atmosphere, and temperature. All 3 factors will influence your planet in several different ways. As of now, the following changes are already in effect:

  • Pollution is accumulative. In other words, your factories will constantly contribute to pollution and will subsequently increase each year if no other buildings that combat pollution are built.
  • Increased pollution will influence your lakes. Nearby lakes to your civilization will become toxic which can lead to different negative effects.
  • Based on the atmosphere and pollution factors, the temperature will take a hit as well. Each year, the temperature will either slowly increase or decrease, causing the vegetation to die out under the effect.
  • Main contributions to the atmosphere will be trees and lakes. Decreasing either will have an effect on your environment and planet.

Improvements and Balance Changes

  • Water usage was 100% removed from residential houses for the Stone and Medieval Eras. Modern Age residentials will still require water.
  • Water usage was removed from the fishing huts across all eras.
  • Reservoir capacity was decreased by 20-25% across all eras to adjust for changes to fishing huts and residential areas.
  • Rain will cover a larger area underneath the clouds.
  • The minister of water has had massive balance changes. It should respond better to your current civilization’s demands.
  • Eateries now cook and provide water 25% faster.
  • Stone Age warehouse capacity adjusted from 100 to 150.
  • Medieval Age warehouse capacity adjusted from 500 to 750.
  • Rebalanced pollution on all buildings.
  • Sick Nugget messages will disappear from the screen as soon as this Nugget is admitted to the hospital or healed using a creator power.
  • Destroyed storage buildings now create resource piles of the items that they stored. 75% of all stored resources will be saved.
  • Raised resource pile decay from 20 to 30 min.

Bug Fixes

Fixed: Fade in / Fade out under certain conditions didn’t work properly during transition to and from the main menu

Fixed: Save folder link was breaking if Windows username had a space in it

Fixed: Nuggets were getting stuck in the bunker

Fixed: Nuggets getting stuck in defense towers and garrisons during an attack

Fixed: Coffin dodgers were getting stuck in the hospital

Fixed: Saving and loading the game while Nugget reserved the drinking spot in the building (reservoir) would cause that Nugget to get stuck forever

Fixed: Missing text with instructions on how to build the exit for the hyperlube

Fixed: Thunder sound was not affected by the audio settings in the game

Fixed: Atmosphere/fog flickering was happening in the intro to the game

Fixed: Subtitles were being displayed in the main menu screen

Fixed: Hunters were able to hunt invalid animals

Fixed: Text on the animal UI was too small

Fixed: Localization error when volcano eruption was killing a Nugget

Fixed: Tooltips with the death cause and information about the dead Nugget were not working correctly in the cemetery

Fixed: Saving and loading the game during the appearance of the easter egg with the portal was causing an error

Fixed: Game crashed when the Nugget was thrown into the temple with a chance to spawn confetti

Fixed: Previously, custom resolution fields allowed 6 digit numbers to be entered that were crashing the game

Fixed: Error was causing by using telekinesis and dropping a Nugget over the water portion of the water building

Fixed: Lost child quest had an issue where dropping the Nugget next to the epicenter would cause the Nugget to fall through the world

Fixed: Text on the billboards in the Modern Age was not correctly displayed

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