The Slormancer game update 1.3.1 is now available to download on PS4 and Switch. According to the official The Slormancer patch notes, the latest update added 19 new Slorm Reapers, 5 new Enemies, a new Environment: The Mage Academy and much more.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s The Slormancer patch 1.3.1 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

What is new in today’s The Slormancer Update 1.3.1 Patch Notes?

The Mage Academy becomes available as soon as you have Olorin, the Archmage back in your village (in Act 2). As of right now, the Mage Academy will only be available in Battlefield Expeditions.

From left to right:

The Academy Student:

casts 3 tiny projectiles in a line moving toward you. But since he is still a student, it’s not effective, it does not deal much damage and the range is ridiculously short.

The Mana-Devouring Imp:

jumps toward you when he gets in range, and consumes a bit of your Mana whenever he deals damage to you.

The Academy Witch:

silences you whenever you stand on the seals she channels. Silence means that you can no longer cast any Skill (as long as you remain inside the seal).

The Burning Pudding:

casts a single projectile that tries to follow you.

The Strict Tutor:

casts a dome around him and surrounding allies protecting them from your projectiles. He also smashes you with a really heavy book if you get too close.

Enemies will be slowly unlocked as you progress inside the Mage Academy, by simply raising your Influence level there.

We are introducing

19 new Slorm Reapers

to the game.
Out of these 19 :

  • 10 can be found the regular way: by closing Breaches in Battlefield expeditions.
  • 1 can only be purchased from Olorin, using Pure Slorm. The option to purchase this Reaper only becomes available once you reach Floor 50 in The Slorm Temple.
  • 1 can only be found by defeating The Temple Keeper for the third time in The Slorm Temple. (If you already defeated him, you will have to defeat him again to unlock the Reaper).
  • 7 will be unlocked by evolving newly added Slorm Reapers.
  • The 20th Slorm Reaper that was supposed to be added with this update (see the Road Map) is actually done and inside the game but cannot be looted currently as it is tied to an upcoming endgame mode (currently called “The Great Forge”) coming in a few months.

As usual, each Slorm Reaper comes with a hidden Primordial form.
Bonus: Crafting Materials Tab

The Crafting Materials Tab frees up 31 slots in your inventory which should prevent quite a bit of trips to the shop and blacksmith. This tab is also shared amongst all classes, so you no longer have to worry about sending Slormites and Slormandrites to your other characters.

– Effects triggered by “Whenever you’re dealt damage” are now properly triggered when being dealt damage by a Slorm Temple Trap or a Cataclysm.
-> This includes Nimble Warrior effects, Life Bender effects, Indomitable Mountain, Immortal Grasp, and so on… that were not properly triggered by Traps and Cataclysms.

– Pure Stats should no longer be able to roll above 100% of the regular value.
– Pure Stats Max Ranges now take your Slorm Temple upgrades into consideration when displaying Max Values at the Blacksmith.
– Slorm Temple’s Reduced Temple Damage Upgrade should now properly reduce damage.
– Slorm Temple’s vertical Rays should now properly deal damage.

– Life on Kill now works as intended (when actually killing an enemy, not the hit before).
– Having more than 100% Critical Strike Chance or Ancestral Strike Chance should no longer increase your Average Damage in your Stats sheet.

The Mighty Knight:

– Safety Bubble now reads: You are immune to Area Damage during Deflect (so it’s also a 25% buff, but that’s what it was meant to be).
– Fixed a rare crash occuring with Banners of War.

The Fierce Huntress:

– Finesse’s Pinnacle should now work properly with a controller.
– Using Wandering Arrow with Squad of Eternity should now always trigger the correct amount of Arrows.
– Using Delightful Syndrom should now properly display the Huntress’ UI element.
– Using Tumble while being Rooted should now work properly.

The Mischievous Mage:

– Ray of Obliteration should no longer indefinitely grow bigger under certain conditions
– Put on Cleats should no longer prevent Burning Trail
– Attunement is no longer affected by the Gravity Cataclysm without the Reshape Upgrade.
– Echoing Pulse’s animation should now be properly destroyed when being Stun while charging.
– Primordial Attunement Pulse cast by an Arcane Clone should now properly come back to it.
– Arcane Clones casting Rift Nova and Attunement Pulse should now properly target enemies within their range.
– Book Smash’s Bedtime Story should now properly work on the first target only while using Archivium.

Slorm Reapers:

– Non-Primordial Big Fury Reaper no longer has the Primordial bonus.
– Since on-hit effects are now properly triggered by Slorm Temple Traps and Cataclysms (see above), Reaper of the Nimble Warrior is now harder to play inside the Temple. This came from a bug that is now fixed, but we’ll make adjustments if needed.

Ancestral Legacy:

– Soul Bound should now properly work!
– Focus should no longer give tons of Cost Reduction when being using with Zeal – 15.

Quality of Life:

– The most relevant Slormite is now highlighted when Reinforcing an Item
– Pure Stats now display either “!” (Bottom 50%), “!!” (50% to 90% Range) or “!!!” (90%+) based on the Pure Value rolled (relative to your Slorm Temple upgrades).
– When buying a random container, Items with Highlighted stats are now properly highlighted.
– Collecting the Pure Slorm at the end of a floor in the Slorm Temple now fully heals you.

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