A new The Infected update 12.0 released on PC(Steam). According to the Infected patch notes, the latest update comes with a new map environment, gameplay adjustments, and optimizations.

Previously, a major update was released with various fixes for crashes and more.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s The Infected patch 12.0 will address a few of these errors.

The Infected March 9 Update – Official

New Map Environment:

Here are some of the main features of the new map. More details will be shared in the relevant sections further in this post.

  • Completely new environment.
  • A set of lakes that spawn fish. (see fish icon) No other lakes will have fish.
  • Still a swamp that contain crocodiles.
  • New Rocky/sand biomes.
  • New caves that will allow for ore extraction, coal, mushrooms and lead.
  • Specific animals will now spawn in specific locations.
  • Zoomable map, great when looting villages for more detail.
  • Now has 7 towns and 14 Tech Blueprints.

Mineral Extractors have to now be placed in caves to extract cobalt, aluminum and copper. If they are placed anywhere outside of caves, Iron ore and fragments are extracted.

Players will need to figure out which caves extract what ores but note that a cave will only extract 1 ore type. So exploration will yield the source of Cobalt, Aluminum and copper in caves. Once again, Iron can be extracted if an extractor is place anywhere outside of caves.

Also note that these extractors will no longer extract coal. Coal can now be acquired by breaking coal nodes in caves.Each destroyed coal node will yield 3 x Coal.

Hunting and Meat:

Harvesting animals for meat/etc has now changed. Players need to now carry or transport their carcasses to the new Butcher Table and butcher said animals. (Chickens and Birds do not require the butcher table) Players can carry the animals but their walk speed is much reduced as if they were overweight. The best way to transport them is to use the Log Cart or Truck.

NOTE: Gore and blood when butchering can be disabled in game settings.

The Butcher Table:

The Butcher Table allows animals to be broken down for meat & other resources. With the increased time & effort involved in hunting/gathering meat, the meat/item yield per animal has been increased. Below is a table with yield per butchered animal.

Crafting Recipe: 10 X Iron Ingot

New Animals:


Chickens will spawn anywhere on the map and will serve as a good protein source since fish are no longer in every lake and butchering animals will not be so easy in the first few days.
Yields: 2x Raw Chicken (pieces) and 2x Eggs.


Goats have no unique harvestable items currently but milk will be added in the near future. 1
Yields: 2x Fat / 1x Liver / 6x Bones / 1x Hide / 12x meat.

New Foods:

The in game Itempedia has been updated with the stats of the new foods. Out of game, the official Infected Wiki will also detail these changes once it has been updated.

  • Raw Chicken (Harvested from Chickens)
  • Cooked Chicken
  • Egg
  • Raw Liver (All butchered animals yield 1 Liver)
  • Cooked Liver
  • Raw Bacon (Harvested from Boars)
  • Cooked Bacon
  • Bacon Pie Mix (crafted on the Prep Table)
  • Bacon Pie ((Cooked from the Bacon Pie Mix on a pan on the stove)

Whole Fish and Drying Rack:

You can now add whole fish to the drying rack. This will extend the whole fish perish time and they can be harvested into chunks of dried fish.

Item Outline:

Small Stone, Sticks, Ores and things of that nature will now glow when under or behind tall foliage.

Other Additions and changes:

ADDED – When butchering animals, players will get bloody hands and risk getting food poisoning when eating food. Players can now wash their hands in lakes, bodies of water or from their flask.

ADDED – Food Poisoning… New icon will appear bottom left when a player has food poisoning. The remedy is simple, eat a potato or egg to remove the food poisoning state. If a player has food poisoning, their vital stats will reduce twice as fast.

CHANGE – Foods upgrade stats have changed. By that I mean the max stats of health for example. Previously eating most foods, they would increase these values. Below is a chart of what foods increase what stat.

ADDED – Foliage Clipping Removal. Before and after image below.

CHANGE – Can now place animals into the cart.
CHANGE – Reduced animal spawn rate.
CHANGE – Animals would sometimes walk/run in strange rotations, sometimes hovering over land.
CHANGE – Large Backpack now requires 4 croc skins (8 previously)
CHANGE – Whole fish perish time increased to 4 hours.
CHANGE – Poke and throw spear animations have been changed.
CHANGE – Hunting tutorial quest changed to reflect changes to how animals are harvested.
CHANGE – Removed plastic requirement from rations and added 2 eggs.
CHANGE – Water Basin mesh changed to wood instead of iron. Now requires wood planks to build. The map now has very few lakes and I think these will now be very useful to players, unlike the iron version.
CHANGE – Collision removed from storage stands (example;log stands)- Vambies and animal AI will no longer be blocked by these items.
CHANGE – Spawn of only 1 predator per biome, previously 2.
CHANGE – Changed Stick and Small Stone collisions to ignore the Log Cart.

ADDED – a 7th town and 2 new tech blueprints.
ADDED – New Tech.. Power Technology (junction box)
ADDED – New Tech.. Oil Pump Technology
ADDED – New tutorial quest called “Water” to teach new players about how to gather water If no lake or other water source is close.
ADDED – Croc footstep sounds in swamp water.
ADDED – Zoomable map.
ADDED – all the missing translations for the new stuff.

BUGFIX – Town Loot would respawn every game re load.
BUGFIX – Campfire was burning in the rain and not extinguishing under uncompleted shelter.
BUGFIX – Foliage was still clipping through the corner foundations.
BUGFIX – Windmill fan blades appear as “ghosted” when building in Free Build Mode. I also added a delay to not spam build certain placeables.
BUGFIX – Washing hands with flask would always work regardless if there was water in the flask or not. It will now only work if there is over 10 water in the flask.
BUGFIX – Log Cart would sometimes not make the cart sound when attaching it while in movement. Regualar footstep sounds would be heard.
BUGFIX – Birds colliding with Spike Traps were damaging them and sometimes destroying them.

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