The Division 2 update 1.48 (Title Update 16.4) is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. According to the official Division 2 1.48 patch notes, the latest added Dark Path Apparel Event. Apart from this, the Division 2 patch 1.48 also includes various bug fixes and gameplay changes.

Previously, a major Division 2 update 1.46 added new features, changes and fixes to the game. Recently, hotfix 1.47 was also released. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing a number of issues with the game. Today’s Division 2 version 1.48 will address a few of these issues.

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Division 2 1.48 Patch Notes – December 6, 2022

Apparel Event 

  • Dark Path Apparel Event is now available

Store Exclusives 

  • Gamology outfit is now available for 2405 Premium Credits
    • Gamology pants: 200 Premium Credits
    • Gamology backpack: 475 Premium Credits
    • Gamology vest: 450 Premium Credits
    • Gamology shoes: 180 Premium Credits
    • Gamology hoodie: 450 Premium Credits
    • Gamology mask: 650 Premium Credits

Season 10 Manhunt 

  • Lucky League is now available
  • Lucky Target is now available
  • Prime Target General Anderson is now available

Happy Holidays 

  • Added Named Sniper Oh Carol — High-End M44 Marksman Rifle
  • Holiday exclusive Hoarder NPC activated
    • Holiday exclusive loot drops:
      • Chill Out Mask
      • Oh Carol Named Sniper
      • The Sleigher Named SMG
  • Added Santa Outfit
    • Available in-game starting from December 13th


  • Fixed multiple crashing issues that affected Season 10 Manhunt progression, Operation Dark Hours Raid and Operation Iron Horse Raid
  • Tidal Basin: Fixed the issue with the agent getting stuck at a specific location
  • Countdown: Fixed the issue with the agent getting stuck in a container
  • Countdown: Fixed a few misaligned UI elements
  • Lefty Named Shotgun no longer behaves like a SIX-12
  • Fixed the issue with Sledgehammer and Perfect Sledgehammer Talents stacking when an incendiary grenade is used
  • Heartbreaker: Fixed the issue with the missing mod slots on the Unflinching Vest on the female agent model
  • Fixed the issue with The Ravenous defensive primes not granting the +4% bonus armor when disrupted
  • Fixed the issue that prevented the players from change the body type due to missing button in the Barber menu

Download free Division 2 update 1.47 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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