The Division 2 patch 1.47 (Title Update 16.3) is rolling out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. According to the official Division 2 1.47 patch notes, the latest update added various fixes and changes for PVP, Manhunt, gear and weapons. Apart from this, Division 2 update 1.47 also added performance improvements.

Previously, a major Division 2 update 1.46 added new features, changes and fixes to the game. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing a number of issues with the game. Today’s Division 2 version 1.47 will address a few of these issues.

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Division 2 1.47 Patch Notes – November 15, 2022


  • Fixed the issue that allowed players to turn invisible by interacting several times with the Dark Zone entrance and Safe Room door


  • Players no longer receive the decryption key while being in another player’s game
  • Season 9 objectives are no longer active

Gear & Weapons 

  • Fixed the issues that allowed to stack the Foundry Bulwark Gear Set talent infinitely by changing the server instance
  • Fixed the textures for the Carbine 7 Assault Rifle
  • Fixed Brazos de Arcabuz Brand Set items quality in the Appearance collection


  • Fixed the issue where players were unable to matchmake for Raid or Expedition while in a group of two or three members from the Megamap Matchmake menu or Matchmaking Station


  • Fixed multiple minor clipping issues


  • Fixed the issue with extra “Boss Loot Drop” lines present for the Legendary difficulty Manning National Zoo Stronghold on the Megamap
  • Players will no longer respawn with reset skills after going in unplayable area of the Tidal Basin Stronghold
  • Fixed the issue with the Boss Loot Drops not being detailed for the Legendary difficulty Manning National Zoo in the Megamap
  • Fixed the inconsistency in display between the name of the boss that has been damaged or killed and the boss’s name shown in the objective UI for the Legendary difficulty Manning National Zoo


  • Compare Tab no longer overlaps with Reconfigure tab in the Crafting Station menu
  • Fixed the issue that allowed players to receive unlimited SHD points to spend on resources when running the game in certain languages

Store Exclusives 

  • Pink Tracksuit Outfit now available for 640 Premium Credits

  • Stinger Hunter Outfit now available for 2075 Premium Credits
    • Stinger Hunter Mask: 800 Premium Credits or 1700 Textiles
    • Stinger Hunter Neck Brace: 260 Premium Credits or 1000 Textiles
    • Stinger Hunter Pants: 245 Premium Credits or 1000 Textiles
    • Stinger Hunter Shirt: 550 Premium Credits or 1300 Textiles
    • Stinger Hunter Boots: 220 Premium Credits or 1000 Textiles

Download free Division 2 update 1.47 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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