[Elder Scrolls Online] ESO update 2.38 is now available to download on PS4, PS5 (1.006.000), and Xbox One. According to the official ESO patch notes, the latest update added Legacy of the Bretons adventure: Firesong DLC to the game. In this update, you can explore the island of Galen and dive deep into the culture and histories of Tamriel’s druids. While doing so, collect new item sets, unique collectibles, Antiquities, achievements, and more. Apart from this, ESO version 2.38 also includes a new Target Marker system that allows you to mark allies, enemies, and even yourself with a unique icon a long list of quality of life improvements

Previously, a major Lost Depths DLC added two new 4-player dungeons for you to explore, along with several new item sets, collectibles and furnishings for you to obtain.

Unfortunately, since the last major update, players are facing several problems when trying to play the game online. Today’s ESO patch 2.38 will solve a few of these problems. Check out more details below.

ESO 2.38 Patch Notes – November 15, 2022

Firesong DLC Game Pack

New Zone: Galen
Prepare to embark on a new adventure! In this update, you can travel to the northern most island of the Systres Archipelago – Galen – and uncover the secrets of the Druids and their connections to the Breton legacy!

  • You can enter the zone in one of the following ways:
    • Using the Wayshrine in the city of Vastyr Outskirts
    • Use the boat located in Daggerfall or Gonfalon Bay in High Isle
    • Traveling to a friend who is already in Galen
      • Once you have arrived in the island of Galen, seek Dhulef of the Mages Guild to get the first quest of the Main Story.
  • Firesong includes an exciting zone story, 2 new Delves, 2 powerful World Bosses, Volcanic Vent world events, and a wandering World Boss to test your skills.
  • Obtain new Item Sets found only in Firesong, as described below, and new Outfit and Housing rewards for completing select achievements and quest content throughout the zone.
  • Complete the zone stories in both High Isle and Firesong to unlock the year-ending questline and learn the truth behind the Ascendent Lord!

New Item Sets

  • Overland
    • Light – Back-Alley Gourmand
      • 2 – Adds 657 Critical Chance
      • 3 – Adds 657 Critical Chance
      • 4 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
      • 5 – While you have a food buff active, your Critical Damage and Critical Healing is increased by 13%.
    • Medium – Phoenix Moth Theurge
      • 2 – Adds 129 Stamina Recovery
      • 3 – Adds 129 Stamina Recovery
      • 4 – Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
      • 5 – Healing yourself or an Ally grants the target Minor Courage and Minor Force for 10 seconds, increasing their Weapon and Spell Damage by 215 and their Critical Damage done by 10%. This effect can occur once every 12 seconds per target.
    • Heavy – Bastion of Draoife
      • 2 – Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
      • 3 – Adds 1206 Maximum Health
      • 4 – Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
      • 5 – Blocking an attack grants you a stack of Inflection for 10 seconds, up to 3 stacks max. You can gain up to 1 stack every 0.5 seconds. Increase your Magicka and Stamina Recovery by 106 per stack of Inflection.
  • Crafting
    • Chimera’s Rebuke
      • 2 – Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
      • 3 – Adds 1206 Maximum Health
      • 4 – Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
      • 5 – Gaining resources from a Fully Charge Heavy Attack also restores 2363 of the gained resource to the three allies nearest your target.
    • Old Growth Brewer
      • 2 – Adds 129 Stamina Recovery
      • 3 – Adds 129 Magicka Recovery
      • 4 – Adds 129 Health Recovery
      • 5 – After drinking a potion, gain 245 Magicka, Stamina, and Health Recovery for 45 seconds.
    • Claw of the Forest Wraith
      • 2 – Adds 657 Critical Chance
      • 3 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
      • 4 – Adds 657 Critical Chance
      • 5 – Adds 2037 Critical Chance to your Class abilities.
  • Mythic Items
    • Medium Chest – Faun’s Lark Cladding
      • If you continuously Sprint for 1 second, you gain the ability to pass through enemies. Enemies you pass through become Charmed for 4 seconds, removing their ability to attack or cast abilities as they move toward you. Charming an enemy this way restores 678 Stamina and Magicka to you and heals you for 678 Health. Charming an enemy removes you from Stealth.
    • Light Legs – Stormweaver’s Cavort
      • Adds 300 Magicka Recovery. Sprint, Roll Dodge, Bash, Break Free, Sneak, and Block now consume Magicka instead of Stamina. You cannot regain Magicka while Blocking, Sneaking, or Sprinting. You can gain Stamina while Blocking, Sneaking, or Sprinting.
    • Heavy Belt – Syrabane’s Ward

New Patron Deck: The Druid King
With this update you’ll be able to discover a new Tales of Tribute Patron deck during your adventures through Firesong! The Druid King Patron rewards you for playing the right types of cards at the right time, and the order by which you play your cards is vital to ensure you get the best possible result.

  • You’ll unlock fragments of the Druid King Patron deck by completing a wide range of activities within the new zone of Galen, but note that in order the unlock the ability to play Tales of Tribute (and your new deck) you’ll still need access to the High Isle Chapter.
  • Several new achievements related to the Druid King patron deck can now be earned.
  • New clues to upgrade cards in the Druid King Patron deck can be discovered in Tribute Reward purses.

New Collectibles & Dyes

  • The Firesong Obsidian Mask is available by earning the “Welcome to Galen” achievement.
  • The Draoife Old Growth Sigils Basin furnishing is available by completing the quest “A Heart Turned Black”.
  • The Y’ffelon’s Body Brand marking is available by completing the quest “Seeds of Destruction”, while the Y’ffelon’s Face Brand marking is awarded completing the “A Sea of Troubles” quest.
  • You can earn a Phoenix Moth pet by completing the quest “Guardian of Y’ffelon”.
  • The Ascendant Lord’s Greatsword Outfit Style is awarded by completing the quest “And Now, Perhaps, Peace”.
  • The King Orgnum’s Wine dye is available for completing the “Savior of Galen” achievement.
  • The Pelin’s Paragon Outfit Style can be rarely found in Tribute Reward purses.

New Antiquities

  • There are three new Mythic Items to find throughout Tamriel for enterprising adventurers. Details on these can be found in the New Item Set section above.
  • The Music Box, Blessings of Stone and Barkroot Blessing skin are available from discovering the Antiquity Lead and unearthing them.
  • Eldertide Shoulder Style Pages can also be found via Antiquities.
  • The “Ancient Map of Fargrave” is accessible to Deadlands heroes who purchase the associated Antiquity Lead and uncover it.

New Furnishings
We have a wide variety of new furnishings introduced in Galen, including, but not limited to:

  • A broad selection of new Galen-styled furnishing plans, which are obtained from pickpocketing, monsters, and containers across Galen.
  • We have taken a different approach to Home Goods in Galen and have combined inventories between the Gonfalon Bay and Vastyr vendors, Miruza in Gonfalon Bay, and Ormax Lemaitre in Vastyr. Both vendors sell all new Home Goods introduced in High Isle, and a few new furnishings introduced in Galen, which include sunflower clusters, some sea daffodils, and beech trees, along with a few others.
  • Various Galen achievement furnishings can be purchased from Idrenie Beren in Vastyr, including a pair of massive megalith hands and a volcanic lava spout, provided you have completed their associated achievements.
  • Crafting plans for five new Firesong Druidic style furnishings can be found very rarely by participating in Volcanic Vents in Galen.
  • New Tribute tapestries can be found for The Chimera and Forest Wraith from Tribute Reward purses.

New Achievements and Titles
This update introduces 45 achievements and four new titles, including:

  • The “Guardian of Galen” title, obtained by completing the “Savior of Galen” achievement.
  • The “Mighty in Magma” title, obtained by completing the “Volcanic Vanquisher” achievement.
  • The “Sower’s Savior” title, obtained by completing the “Firesong Extinguisher” achievement.
  • The “Eye of the Queen” title, obtained by completing the “Buried Bequest” achievement.

Base Game

Target Marker System
We’ve added a new UI system that allows you to mark allies, enemies, and even yourself with a unique icon. Target marking can be used across all types of content including dungeons, Trials, PvP, and in the overland, and can also be used while in a group or solo.

  • By default, this feature is bound to the Tab key or the right D-pad on Gamepad. Simply hover over an entity and press Tab (or the right D-pad if on Gamepad). You can then select any icon in the wheel to apply the mark.
  • A mark may be removed by targeting an entity with a mark and selecting the same mark currently present on that entity.
  • Marks may be self-applied by bringing up the target marker wheel without a target selected, then selecting an icon.

Hiding Pets in Towns
A new feature is available in your settings to allow you to hide other players’ pets (hereafter shorthand to mean summoned class ability pets like Winged Twilights and Warden bears, vanity pets, assistants, and Companions) around certain high-traffic objects in the game. Specifically, this includes daily crafting writ bestowal boards, daily crafting writ turn-in crates, and basic crafting stations.

  • Your own pets will not be hidden if this option is turned on, and if a player whose pets are hidden gets into a duel or combat while near the affected objects, the pets will reappear.
  • The setting can be found within the Gameplay menu, then toggling “Limit Followers in Towns.” Again, this is an optional feature you can turn on or off at your discretion!

Housing Quality of Life Improvements
We’ve added several improvements to the general housing system overall, including the following:

  • Visitors can now access the Retrieval tab of the Browse menu, which includes Modify, Set Destination, and Precision Edit access if their permissions allow it. If you do not have permission to edit the home, this mode is named “Inspection Mode”.
  • Added a display in the upper righthand corner, under the currently tracked quest, identifying the name of the current home, the homeowner, and the current number of visitors.
  • You can now share links to any of your homes via Chat or the Guild Message of the Day!
    • Links to your homes can be created from the Collections menu or from the House Information panel shown while in a home’s Browse/Inspection Mode.
  • We added the ability for you to cycle through targets using the Tab key in the Housing Editor’s selection mode. This makes selecting books in bookcases, fish in aquariums, and other items tucked away inside larger items easier.
  • Furnishings intended to hang on walls now align more naturally with surfaces, aligning flat to the surface instead of embedded at sideways in the surface.
    • Several hundred furnishings were adjusted to use this new tech across a large range of furniture categories, most notably Art, Banners, Mounted Decor, Paintings, Sconces, and Shelves, to name a few.
  • Furniture item tooltips now include the furniture Subcategory under the Category on the top left of a furnishing’s tooltip.

Emperor Scaling in Cyrodiil
The Health bonus for having an Emperor crowned for your Alliance will now scale depending on how many “home” or “natively owned” Keeps you have controlled by your alliance. For example, if you own all 6 of your home Keeps you’ll get the full bonus as Emperor, but for each of those you don’t own, the health bonus is reduced.

The Emperor Passives also now scale in a similar way to the Alliance wide health bonus. For each of the 6 home Keeps your Alliance owns, the bonus will be up to its full value. For each one that is not owned by your Alliance, the passive benefits are reduced.

Armory Stations in PvP
Armory Stations have been added to portal Keep locations for each alliance in Cyrodiil and in each sewer entry in Imperial Sewers.

Chat Narration
A new accessibility setting is now available that will let you have the game narrate what is said in text chat channels out loud. This setting is off by default, and you can toggle it on by navigating to the Accessibility menu in Settings, then setting “Narrate Chat” to On. From here, you can also adjust the voice volume, speed, and type. Note that Accessibility Mode does need to be enabled for this option to be available.

Daily Login Reward Timer Change
In this update, your new daily login rewards will start being available at 3am UTC for European servers and 10am UTC for North American servers, rather than at midnight UTC regardless of region.



  • Fixed an issue where Random Battleground queuing was enabled for characters below level 50 characters during a Battleground weekend.


  • Fixed some issues that would result in darker colors and banding when FSR is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where your character could incorrectly play the swimming animation when teleporting to another location while in water.
  • Fixed some issues where Bretons could sometimes appear as Kothringi (silver skinned) across the game.


  • Fixed an issue where some Jewelry Master Writs would not show you where to go on your map.
  • You can now accept a daily Alchemy Writ even if you just turned one in from a previous day.
  • The crafting icon for the “Small Game” provisioning item now has a much, much more appropriate icon. No more absolutely gross rodent toenails!
  • Fixed an issue where Pewter Nodes would occasionally display as Silver Nodes when using a crafting survey report.


  • Fixed a rare case where your character’s model could get stuck after previewing collectibles.
  • Fixed an issue where weapons could appear at your character’s feet if you quickly previewed different weapons.


  • Fixed an issue where choosing Buying Multiple on items during Discount Holiday events did not show the correct amount or calculate the correct amount when purchasing.


  • If you decide to skip the tutorial, you will now be granted a set of gear inline of what you would have received from the tutorial.
  • Added a new icon for the Pristine Dragon Heartscale.
  • The style pages for the Second Legion, Legion Zero, Jephrine Paladin, and Knight of the Circle outfits now use the standard icon for style pages rather than the Undaunted style page icon.
  • Fixed numerous grammar and spelling issues on assorted collectibles.
  • Fixed an issue where certain trapped objects wouldn’t light up when you were crouched to alert you of their presence.


  • Defeating Leafseether in Elden Hollow I will now advance progress in the “Veteran Alit Slayer” achievement.
  • The “Ascending Order Style Master” and “Dreadsails Order Style Master” achievements now display the correct location on where to collect those style pages.


  • Fixed an issue where furnishings could become offset when aligning them in Precision Edit mode.
  • Slowed the speed at which the furnishing preview camera moved when flipping between furnishings.
    • Previously, the camera pitched between heights of different furnishings as you switched between them very quickly, which could get jarring.


  • Fixed an issue with the “Mammoth Cheese, Pungent” furnishing where one of its stakes had a small opening in its base.
  • Fixed an issue where the “High Isle Dresser, Rustic” furnishing made it difficult to place small furnishings on its shelves.
  • Fixed multiple issues with the Druidic Provisioning Station furnishing where parts of it were missing art, causing a few visual oddities.
  • Corrected a variety of issues with the Tribute Tapestry Reward Furnishings so they no longer have any collision on their cloth, and fixed small patches of white texture and small visible seams.
  • Fixed a few issues with the “Reinforced Dwarfglass Window, Massive” achievement furnishing where textures were slightly distorted and some holes were visible on the fixture.
  • Added the Animated item tag to the “Vvardenfell Anemone, Basket” luxury furnishing.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the “High Isle Walkway, Straight Castle” furnishing.
  • Updated the icon for the “Solitude Table, Square Ornate Low” furnishing so it’s more accurate.
  • Adjusted the default rotation for the Vines, Ashen Moss furnishing to better align with surfaces.
  • Corrected a small stutter near the end of the Sea Elf Galleon Helm’s spinning animation.


  • Fixed an issue within the Highhallow Hold house where your camera could clip through some of the supporting ceiling beams.
  • Fixed an issue within the Highhallow Hold house on lower graphic settings where some distant walls would vanish.


  • Fixed an issue with one of Houseguest Druid Ryvana’s animations where her lighting effect would stop before her animation finished.


  • Added a new option to improve device performance when the game client is not in focus. By enabling “Limit Background FPS” within Video settings, the game client FPS limit will be set to 30 when the client is not in focus.
    • This reduces system resource usage when it is not needed, and the setting is Enabled by default.
  • Fixed a system-wide keyboard input delay that could occur when the client was out of focus and running at a low framerate.
  • Fixed an issue related to map pings causing a crash.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when you start loading as the leader of a group.


  • Fixed yet more clipping, floating, buried, or bizarrely positioned NPCs, resource nodes, books, and animals.
  • Fixed a bunch more typos, an eternal process.

Alik’r Desert

  • Feathered Fiends: Reworked the spawning of Kabrahla on the stable roof so you no longer see ground-based versions of her before it was time.


  • Pulled the Nestmother world boss out of the dark corner and made some adjustments so she no longer spawns in the ceiling.


  • Crossing the Chasm: The steps to close the portals now complete once the final wave ends, to avoid confusion in situations where you run out of the chambers before the scene fully completes.
  • Light from the Darkness: The map pin on the final step to talk to King Laloriaran Dynar will no longer try to point you back through the Fighters Guild door.
  • The Citadel Must Fall: Fixed an issue where you would have no map or compass pin on the step to Enter the Pyramid unless you were close to the pyramid itself.
  • Holes in the World (Village of the Lost Public Dungeon): You can no longer beat Mezha-dro to the tears, which could break the interaction.
  • Your game will no longer crash upon speaking to Millenith or The Prophet after completing their respective quests.


  • Search and Rescue: Fixed some issues with Deepcrag Mine that made the directions all squirrelly on the step to stop the fumes and rescue the miners.


  • Hag Fen: Erwan Castille no longer runs in a seemingly random direction when he appears.
  • Sojourn of the Druid King: Fixed an issue during this quest where a quest icon would not appear above a map you’re supposed to interact with.


  • The Halls of Colossus (Elsweyr Prologue): Using “Show on Map” for the first step to enter the Halls of Colossus will now properly point you to the cart in Grahtwood.


  • Fixed issue where the area name was not consistent across Camp Gushnukbur.

Main Quest

  • Castle of the Worm: Fixed an issue where Dremora ambushers wouldn’t spawn from their portals at the tower summit.
  • Daughter of Giants: Fixed an issue where, if you killed the Ancient Clannfear and interacted with Lyris’s Axe before she finished her scene with Abnur Tharn, Lyris wouldn’t be interactable on the step to talk to her until you relogged.
  • God of Schemes:
    • Fixed an issue where your character could, somehow, die during the Molag Bal execution sequence and break your progress.
    • Fixed an issue where Daedric Titans summoned during the battle with Molag Bal stopped playing their disintegration effects.

Malabal Tor

  • A Novel Idea: Fixed a weird timing issue where you could get two Shandis at the end of this quest.

Reaper’s March

  • A Traitor’s Luck: Fixed an issue where Cariel could sometimes spawn outside of Reaper’s March while on this quest.


  • A Spy in Shornhelm: Fixed an issue where the step to talk to Adusa-daro in the Upper City would direct you back the other way once entering the other city (she’s still up there by the fountain).
  • Puzzle of the Pass: There is no longer an inexplicable layer change halfway through a room in the Doomcrag ruins.
  • The Lover: Fixed an issue where map pins for asking the townsfolk about Guendeline’s interests would be off centered depending on whether the NPC walked around recently.


  • Mounting is no longer enabled in Crow’s Wood.
  • Fixed an issue outside of Fort Virak that would allow monsters atop the nearby cliffs to phase in and out as you were near to them.
  • The Caravan map marker in Davon’s Watch now properly references the cart that takes you to the Reach.
  • Crow’s Wood: You can no longer spawn infinite portals to Crow’s Wood. We know you love the Duke of Crows and his murder, but there are better ways to honor them.


  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t get another combat training partner if the corpse of the first one was still lingering around.


  • Fixed issue where accessibility mode did not work properly.


  • Declining a Ready Check will now have a secondary confirmation to help prevent accidental declines.
  • Fixed an issue where numeral fonts would appear off center (most obvious on Tribute cards) in Japanese.
  • Fixed an issue where the keybind to change guilds at the guild store could disappear if changing to a guild that didn’t have the store unlocked.
  • Fixed an issue where searching in the buyback tab at a vendor did not function.


  • The following scripts will now open the Activity Finder rather than the group menu:/script GROUP_MENU_KEYBOARD:ShowCategory(DUNGEON_FINDER_KEYBOARD:GetFragment()) /script ZO_UI_SYSTEM_MANAGER:RequestOpenUISystem(UI_SYSTEM_DUNGEON_FINDER)
  • Fixed a UI issue with ResizeToFitDescendents and DimensionContraints not respecting 0 as not being set.

Alliance War

  • Fixed an issue where inactive Battleground weekends would display in the Activity Finder UI while in a Battleground.


  • Added a new column in the potency rune tab at the Enchanting station that communicates what level glyph the rune makes. Runes that have not yet been translated will display a “?”.

Gamepad Mode

  • Fixed an issue in the Claim Keep screen where text would wrap prematurely and not tell you how long you had to wait to claim the keep if the ownership recently changed.
  • Fixed an issue on the keybinds screen where keyboard keys would display in the instructions even when using a controller.
  • Fixed an issue where some dialog screens (mainly tutorials) would have overlapping keybinds or would appear non-responsive.
  • Corrected some tutorial pop up text that stated “not bound” when playing on a PC with a keyboard in Gamepad Mode.
  • Fixed issue where when backing out of the character creation screen with a grid option selected, nothing would be actively selected upon re-entering.
  • Fixed an issue in the character select UI where the character tooltip could appear above an event announcement.
  • Fixed a UI error caused by filtering out the Smithing creation level spinner while it was currently focused.
  • Added PEGI country select screen on the Gamepad UI for those who haven’t yet accepted the new PEGI rating.
  • Fixed an issue where you could use keyboard controls to rotate the character in various preview scenes when in the Gamepad UI.

Help & Tutorials

  • The Deadlands DLC entry and the High Isle help entry now displays the correct icon associated with it.
  • Added several new help entries for new features, including:
    • Linking to homes in chat
    • Customized Actions
    • Target Markers


  • Fixed an issue where you could not immediately read mail after being notified of new mail, the mailbox would appear empty, or mail would be displayed with no contents.
  • Added a visual spinner when loading mail.
  • Fixed an issue where your mail could erroneously display a message stating that your inbox is full when it is not actually full.
  • When opening mail, you will now see a loading spinner icon while mail is retrieved.


  • Zone Story quests will now display the Zone Story quest icon next to them when tracked in the journal instead of the normal quest icon.
  • Fixed an issue where using Zone Guide to find the Xal Thak world boss would bring you to the map to Tsanji’s Hideout.

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