Tails of Iron Comes to Xbox One and Xbox Series XS

Rise, prince! Get ready to embark on an exciting journey to save your kingdom on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S!  You must restore peace and order in your war-ravaged realm by banishing Greenwart, the cruel Frog clan leader.

What are Is Tales of Iron?

Tails of Iron takes place in a dark land plagued with war. It is an RPG Adventure that features brutal combat and hand-drawn graphics. Redgi is the heir to Rat Throne and must restore the Kingdom by destroying the Frog Clan’s ferocious leader Greenwart.

You’ll meet a variety of companions as you travel the charming and deceiving world. You’ll need all the assistance you can get, including new recipes, blueprints for deadly weapons and armour or even a mole-plated mobile that can eat land-chugging!

Be brave and overcome your fears Save your brothers. Save Your Kingdom.

Master Brutal Combat

The Kingdom is full of danger, from frog zombies and gargantuan Grubs – and everything between. You must be able to read your opponent’s moves and respond accordingly in order to overcome every perilous encounter. There are many deadly options at your disposal including parry bashes or fatal executions. You also have the option to use your handy bow and arrow to launch ranged attacks.

Discover a Treasureful Kingdom

Begin an epic journey across the mediaeval-fantasy Rat Kingdom, accompanied by Doug Cockle’s deep, raspy narrations. Side quests and faction hunts are available for additional gold, as well as joining forces with a sharp-eyed companion.

Customise your Attack

Redgi can adapt his combat style to suit the task. While heavy armour might provide greater protection, can you afford to slow down your dodge roll? Then there’s the matter of weapon. Axes pack a punch while spears are agile and quick. Maybe you prefer the versatility and performance of a reliable broadsword.

Overcome Savage Boss Fights

There is danger around every toadstool. However, you will need to be able to stay alert and sharp when it comes time to fight the bosses. These large amphibians are cold-blooded and will present a unique challenge to combat. You’ll need more than just a good set armour to win.

Craft Weapons, Forge Armour, Recipes for Brew, and Weapons

Redgi’s house is also home for his brothers, Rem, Bam, and Bam-Bam. Rem can make a healthy meal using ingredients from all over the globe, and Bam can create new weapons and armors with special blueprints that you will find… if your eyes are open enough. Dug will keep you informed about the latest quests in the Kingdom.