Stranded: Alien Dawn PC update 0.40.230309 is rolling out for players. According to the official Stranded: Alien Dawnpatch notes, the latest update adds new content and quality of life. Apart from this, Stranded Alien Dawn PC patch 0.80 also includes stability improvements

Previously. a major update added quality-of-life changes and fixes. Unfortunately, since the release, some players are reporting issues with the game. Today’s Stranded Alien Dawn patch 0.80 will address all these issues.

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Stranded: Alien Dawn Patch Notes – March 28, 2023

Key new features/content

  • New ‘Trading outpost’scenario– Build a successful business and reach the ultimate goal: become the owner of the planet
  • Hire workers– Hired help is the only way to expand your roster in the new scenario!
  • Trading– Use the trading pod to buy and sell resources and more, from trading with ships passing by the planet’s orbit during the new scenario
  • Earn and spend your Galacticoins– The most complex yet stable currency in the known universe
  • Discover new plants, recipes and technologies– These will provide even more ways to help your survivors survive and thrive!
  • Meet a new survivor –Vicente Santiago, an avid farmer with unique Haggling skills
  • 5 New Steam Achievements –Can you unlock them all?

Trading outpost scenario

  • The trading podallows you to post job offers for new workers, contact trading ships, and transport goods or workers to/from the planet
  • Central to the Trading Outpost scenario,Galacticoinsare used to buy from traders, hire new workers and ultimately purchase the Planetary Ownership
  • As aspirational farmers, the founders of the outpost possess some knowledge of farming, enabling someknown cropsto be planted right away
  • Traderswill contact your outpost periodically through notifications to sell their goods, technologies and crops, while also buying what they need themselves
  • Research and crafting unique to this scenario:
    • Trade Goodscan be crafted from various materials at a Workbench, and while they ultimately can’t be consumed by your survivors, they can be sold at a higher price when trading than raw resources
    • Counterfeit moneyis a new breakthrough allowing you to print Galacticoins on 3D printers
    • ResearchSafesto unlock a new storage device that stores only Galacticoins and protect them from attacks and theft
  • New character traits:Farm owner,Hired worker
  • Unique happinesspleasures and troublesspecific to owners and workers
  • Unique meltdown for workers:Stealing
  • Unique events that can result in more people joining your group

New content in all scenarios

  • Hydroponic racksare a new powered Farming device that can be placed indoors, and will provide artificial light to grow crops all year round
  • Several new plants and resourcescan be discovered during expeditions and farmed:
    • Energy Crystalscan be grown and harvested for their crystals which are a key component in the crafting of Power Cells, but the process of farming them decreases the quality of the soil by changing it into sand
    • Cureplantscan be harvested for antibiotics, which always come in handy whenever someone is sick or injured, and can also fetch a pretty penny from the right buyers!
    • Mulchtubescan be harvested for Sweet Syrup, an excellent raw ingredient and fallback food source, and the plants also turn soil into loam, which can help future crop growth
    • Synthplantscan be harvested for Synthetic Textiles, which can be used to craft clothing. Synthplants also change the quality of the soil by increasing the amount of silt and clay
    • Buzzshroomscan be grown and used to produce both Stimulants and Stimulating Tea that provide survivors with a Manipulation, Movement, and Happiness bonus

Updates to all scenarios

Research & crafting

  • Crafting Power Cells now requires Energy Crystals and Electronics, instead of Metal Alloys and CPU Cores. Energy Crystals can be discovered during expeditions, and are also unlocked by researching Power cell assembly
  • Baking 10 concrete in a furnace now requires 5 stone instead of 10
  • Fixed save compatibility issue preventing players from researching “Spaceship deconstruction” when all criteria were met

Animals and Taming

  • Tamed animals can now be drafted after successfully Training them to level 5
  • Stunned animals are now a valid target for healing
  • Marking a tamed animal for slaughtering will now queue the order for butchering


  • It is now possible to use direct orders to haul resources out of barrels and to deconstruct Stockpiles
  • Fixed pathfinding and animation loop issue caused by trying to rescue and heal a survivor at the same time
  • Pacifist characters no longer have the option to “Fight back attackers”
  • The Survivors inventory panel no longer displays stats for pacify and energy deflection
  • Addressed edge cases to avoid rare issues regarding survivors’ behaviour when carrying injured or dead survivors


  • Reconstructing a device will return resources, the same as when a device is deconstructed
  • Copying a synthetic bed now copies its colour
  • The description for Power cell generator now accurately lists the necessary resources to build it

UI and Controls

  • Crops are now organised into sub-categories within the Farming menu
  • Improved visibility of existing fields when placing or expanding a field
  • Copy/Paste option now copies the “Other restrictions” in the Restrictions section of the survivor’s panel
  • The button to copy a device when playing with a controller has been removed and replaced with an input on Y or triangle
  • The stack size of Medicine, Beverages and Relaxation resources has been increased from 10 to 25

Mod Editor

  • After starting the Mod Editor, the Mod Editor map now starts with ‘Cheats’ features available to assist with development and testing of Mods.
    • ‘ [apostrophe/@] – Toggle cheats – note that additional cheats are selectable within the info panels for selected objects
    • Enter – Toggle the ‘console’ On/Off
    • F9 – Clear the text log displayed in the lower left area of the display
  • Disabling mods no longer removes the built-in presets from the game permanently, requiring the game to be restarted after disabling mods
  • Fixed an issue that prevented icons in shared/packed mods being displayed correctly
  • Mods now always load correctly when initialised for the first time
  • Fixed issues with mod dependencies and the applicable fields in the Mod Editor work so they now work as intended
  • The Survivors/Character Mod Item now includes a checkbox named ‘Selectable on new game’ that should be checked if the character is intended to be available for selection in the pre-game flow


  • Wild plants no longer wither prematurely within a few days
  • The minimum farming skill to plant various crops have been revised:
    • Glitter caps (from 0 to1)
    • Heptagonia (from 0 to 2)
    • Smokeleaf (from 3 to 2)
  • Fixed a rare issue preventing the Campfire celebration occurring after the notification had been received
  • Fixed a rare issue causing the achievement “Four walls, floor and a roof” to unlock prematurely
  • Minor optimisation and general adjustments to rendering, several animations and lighting

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