Stellaris Update 3.4.4 Patch Notes (Official)


A new Stellaris update 3.4.4 will soon roll out on PC. According to the official Stellaris 3.4.4 patch notes, the update added various quality of life changes and fixes. Apart from this, Stellaris patch 3.4.4 also includes performance improvements.

Recently, a major Stellaris Cepheus update 3.4 added new changes, bug fixes, AI, and performance improvements. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Stellaris patch 3.4.4 will address a few of these issues. Read more details below.

Stellaris Patch 3.4.4 Notes

  • The Imperial Fiefdom will start with colonies close to every member of their empire, so nobody will feel left out of the fold. Those who feel particularly loyal will now also be able to remain a vassal of the empire after the civil war has started.
  • Added Hydroponics Station designation for habitats. This designation removes 2 housing from Habitation Districts in exchange for adding 1 farmer jobs.
  • Ships now gain 5 exp per day in battle instead of 1.
  • Doubled the base unity output of telepaths.
  • Khan should no longer be hostile to mercenaries.
  • Admirals no longer abandon their post on leased fleets.
  • Planetary automation will no longer seek to build gene clinics if you are a synthetically-ascended empire.
  • Planetary automation will now seek to clear blockers as soon as there is any need. It now uses the same formula as the indicator on the outliner: i.e. if it is limiting the number of districts OR if there are buildings that could be built by clearing the blockers OR if planet growth speed is reduced (previous behaviour was to only check the first of those).
  • Fixed issue where planetary automation would upgrade Necrophage Centers of Elevation (which is often undesirable as it may lead to you running out of necrophytes)
  • Newly colonized planets will now have their planet automation turned on if they are in an automated sector
  • Made some clarifications for the Shroudwalkers, so it is clearer what asset you are getting from them and how the planet modifier works.
  • You can no longer build an orbital ring around a planet with a destroyed orbital ring.
  • Added is_human_species scripted trigger if you want additional portraits to be considered humans.
  • Added on_fleet_lease_started/ended on_actions for more friendly mod compatibility
  • Added is_human_species scripted trigger if you want additional portraits to be considered humans.
  • Automated Exploration and Automated Research are now available from the start of the game rather than being tech-locked.
  • Construction ships now have an Automated Construction mode, which will automatically build Research and Mining Stations over appropriate deposits. (It will not automatically build Observation Stations, Hyper Relays, or other constructions.)

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