Ruined King Update 1.07 Patch Notes (Official) – January 11, 2022


Ruined King update 1.07 (v1.7) released on PS4 and PC (Steam). According to the official Ruined King patch notes, the latest update added various bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Idling to Ruined King patch 1.07 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

What is new in today’s Ruined King January 11 Update 1.7?

  • Addressed an issue when triggering the cutscene with Malik and combat at the same time would cause a permanent black screen
  • Addressed an issue that would stop the heavenly bell from dropping when triggering combat near the NPC
  • Addressed a crash when attempting to fight the Infused Angler twice
  • Addressed a rare crash when traveling to Serpent Isles from Bilgewater in a specific order
  • Addressed a rare hang when the Ruined King’s mist shroud was used
  • Defeating the Angler Trickster now marks the chest as obtained on the map
  • Addressed the Porohole in the Vault of the Vasani from freezing the game if repeated multiple times.
  • Addressed collision being stuck on the defeated Golem in the Vault of the Vasani
  • Addressed an infinite loading issue when accessing the light puzzle in Fathom’s Pharos
  • Addressed an issue with the Difficult Diner quest not being completable if you saved/loaded during the quest
  • Addressed an issue with bounty quests not getting checked off in the quest log
  • Addressed an issue with characters getting stuck on certain elevators
  • Addressed a rare crash when sorting slots in the inventory
  • Added character names to mograph subtitles
  • Addressed Healing Mist 2A not clearing Terror stacks from all 3 champions
  • Various map icons Addressed
  • Various text and grammar corrections as well as description updates to be more clear
  • Various other crash fixes

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