Rogue Legacy 2 Update 1.0.1 Patch Notes


Rogue Legacy 2 update 1.0.1 released on PC(Steam). According to the official Rogue Legacy 2 patch notes, the latest update brings various bug fixes and gameplay changes. Apart from this, Rogue Legacy 2 patch 1.0.1 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a major update added support for ultrawide screens (21:9, 32:9, etc) and addressed various issues related to liveries. Recently, an update 1.13 was also released with a new DLC.

Unfortunately, players are still facing various issues with the game. Today’s RL2 update 1.0.1 will fix a few of these issues.

Rogue Legacy 2 Patch 1.01 Notes – May 5, 2022

  • Fixing Flicks: We’ve received a number of reports about players turning direction when the controller joystick snaps back. The deadzone values in the game settings helps mitigate this, but it increases the amount you need to press for all directions, which can cause sluggishness. So we’ve gone back and implemented a comprehensive anti-joystick flick system to make RL2 even more responsive than before.
  • Dragon Lancer Redesign: A lot of players are really enjoying the variety of classes, however one class in particular is being left by the wayside. We’ve done a minor redesign to the poor Dragon Lancer to make it more viable and a bit more Dragon Lance-y. Hopefully players that avoided the Dragon Lancer will give it a second shot, while those that already liked the class will like it even more!
  • Relic and Traits Buffs: Having so many people playing Rogue Legacy 2 was like getting months of feedback all at once. Through involved discussions on various forums, to watching gamers use them first-hand, we’ve gone back to the Relic and Traits and made a bunch of tweaks to improve the balance.
  • Economy Update: Much like the Relics and Traits, we’ve paid attention to where people are having trouble with collecting resources. So we’re taking another stab at where we can make changes so that people don’t feel like they’re not progressing. Basically, a bunch of stuff is now cheaper.
  • Trading Cards: We apologize for the delay, but Trading Cards are now live on Steam!


  • Added OpenGL graphics API to temporarily address frequent crashing.
  • Fixed glow effect on Study string light prop not animating.
  • Player Dash Lines effect are now directional and work better with the SuperFluid trait.
  • Magma, Water, and Poison projectile trail effects have been adjusted to not scale with projectile velocity as much.
  • Giant Buzzsaw effects now go all the way around the saw for cases where the saw is spawned on an elevated platform.
  • Improved visibility on Marble Statue Relic landing explosion.
  • Boxing Glove attack effects have been visually toned down a little bit and now sort behind enemies and projectiles for improved visibility.
  • Improved visibility on Player’s poison cloud effects.
  • Added a bounce indicator to the Axe Knight’s projectile.
  • Improved telegraph effects for Eyeball and Fireball enemies.
  • Improved visibility on all circular warnings.



  • Fixed bug where switching Challenges while the scoreboard was open would result in the Challenge Description showing the previously selected Challenge’s information, rather than the current one’s.
  • Fixed bug where the Scoreboard Toggle text was still visible for Challenges the player had not yet unlocked.
  • Added option to skip the Credits.
  • Added option to skip the Parade.
  • Fixed bug where the player could occasionally slip through walls while in the Crow’s Nest if it was both too close to the ground and too close to a wall.
  • Fixed bug where the Panic Attack darkness effect would remain visible on the player until they got hit again if you entered a loading screen while the effect was active.
  • Fixed bug where entering the Parade trigger from the Above surface area while flying would soft-lock the game.
  • Fixed bug where the game was not correctly incrementing the names of your fallen heirs, so that they would always be stuck as the second of their name.
  • Fixed bug where the controller vibration was triggering on all controllers connected to the system, rather than just the one you were using.
  • Fixed bug where if you triggered Comet while assist-flying, disabling assist-flying would disable Comet as well.
  • Fixed null ref bug if you managed to kill the advanced or higher versions of the dummies.
  • Fixed null ref bug where the on-hit cooldown AddOnce listener for abilities stayed active even when the ability was destroyed.
  • Fixed bug where Panic Attack was still triggering if you perfect blocked.
  • Fixed bug where Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was displaying incorrect recharge numbers in the Player HUD for Chef’s Stew.
  • Fixed bug where Tubal Prime’s second mode was not triggering its hazards correctly.
  • Fixed backup screen not properly appearing when a save gets corrupted.
  • The jukebox now checks for achievements once per time you click “Continue Legacy” / “Start New Legacy” rather than once per game session. This allows players to hop between profiles to get all their achievements.
  • Poison now always deals at least 1 damage per tick.
  • Fixed bug where in certain scenarios, Gigantism / Dwarfism could make the player bigger (or smaller) than intended, preventing them from passing through certain doorways.
  • Fixed crash caused by opening the backup save menu when the Backups folder does not exist.
  • Fixed bug where zombie effects get gradually brighter when they’re culled and unculled repeatedly.
  • Fixed bug where entering a completed Fairy room will still play the zombie underground effects if a zombie was in the room previously.
  • Fixed bug where using Lancer Dash / Scythe while flying would let you move outside of the bounds of doors.
  • Fixed crash caused by quitting to Main Menu while in Comet form, then re-entering gameplay.
  • Fixed bug where entering an Heirloom with Hero Complex would not restore your Mana.
  • Fixed bug where entering the final boss door would not heal you if you’d just defeated the previous boss.
  • Fixed bug where the Jukebox window was not playing any audio when opened/closed.

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