PUBG Mobile update 1.9 released on Android and iOS devices. According to the official PUBG Mobile 1.9 patch notes, the latest update added new content, fixes, map changes, and gameplay optimizations.

Previously, a major update was released with various quality of life improvments.

Apart from this, PUBG Mobile patch 1.9 also includes a new unique vehicle, an armor-destroying sniper rifle, and more. Read more details below.

PUBG Mobile 1.9 Patch Notes – March 17, 2022


Vibrant Anniversary

The 4th Anniversary Celebration themed gameplay is here! More gifts and more fun! Enjoy the Anniversary Celebration to the fullest!

How to enter: Mode Selection – Ranked Mode – Erangel Themed Map/Livik Themed Map.

Colorful Spawn Island

Players can use 4 different Colored Balls on Spawn Island to dye the 4 giant statues in their favorite color to trigger a special performance in the themed mode!

Aerial Battleground

Jump into a vibrant aerial battleground and wear colored outfits. When players are hit by enemies, the head cover will grow larger and float in the sky. Players will return to the battle royale battlefield after they are eliminated. When players are hit by teammates, the head cover will shrink and return to the ground of the aerial battleground. The vibrant aerial battleground is only available in the first 5 minutes of matches, so check it out now!

Colorful Bicycles

Pick up a folding mountain bike on the map and open it in your Backpack to use it as a one-person vehicle. This bike doesn’t need to be refueled or recharged, barely creates any noise when it is used, cannot be destroyed, and can be placed in the Backpack at any time to move quickly later.

New Camps

Large-scale resource camp

– Vibrant Plaza. Check out the Bicycle Exhibit and other special anniversary areas. There are extra supply crates waiting for you!

Small-scale resource camp

– Vibrant Camp. Check out memory exhibits voted on by players, and activate them to relive happy moments. Collect combat supplies and souvenirs.

New small-scale military-themed camps

– Vehicle Scanning: The Vehicle Radar has been added. Activate it to learn the location of nearby vehicles to easily find them.

– Anniversary-themed graffiti created by players appear on nearby buildings. Check them out with your teammates.

New Firearms Depot

– Firearms Depot: Search for Access Cards to open Firearms Depots on the second floor to get extra supplies.


Classic Mode Improvements


Every player has 1 chance to return to the battlefield. Find the Recall Tower to recall eliminated teammates.

Available in: Unranked Mode – Erangel, Unranked Mode – Livik, Unranked Mode – Aftermath, Ranked Mode – Erangel Vibrant Anniversary, Ranked Mode – Livik Vibrant Anniversary

Supply Shop

– Locations of Supply Shops on the map have been adjusted and the amount of Supply Shops has increased so that players can more easily find them.

– The items being sold in Supply Shops have been updated. In Erangel, the AWM, GROZA, and Ghillie Suit have been removed, while the Flare Gun and more have been added. In Livik, the AWM and Ghillie Suit have been removed, while the AUG and more have been added.

– The cost of items in Supply Shops have been adjusted for better balance.

Affected Maps: Unranked Mode – Erangel, Unranked Mode – Livik, Unranked Mode – Aftermath, Ranked Mode – Erangel Vibrant Anniversary, Ranked Mode – Livik Vibrant Anniversary

Map Improvements

Updated the bridge that leads to the Military Base in Erangel, widened the width and updated the amount of cover, and added additional walkways to the sides of the bridge to allow for more strategic depth.

Mechanic Improvements

– Reduced the frequency of the countdown reminder in the Playzone to minimize interference.

– Added a feature that allows players to close the Backpack by tapping the rubbish bin icon in the lower right corner of the Backpack screen.

– Players can now adjust the viewing angle when holding the prone, crouch, and jump buttons.

– Improved the display effects of quick marks at the edge of the screen.

– Improved cancelling universal marks and the quick voice wheel.

Control Improvements

– Supports default weapon switching for more convenient weapon switching in the water.

– Firearm attachments can now be replaced while reloading to help players improve their response efficiency.

– Improved the Climb feature. Players can now hold the Jump button when approaching cover to automatically climb over them, which also makes it easier to climb through windows.

– Improved players’ experience when jumping over or climbing through things to make the flow of action smoother.

Settings Improvements

– Added the Horizontal Swipe Acceleration switch to the Controls tab. When this is disabled, the panning speed of the viewing angle is fixed.

– Improved the display effects of ammo pickup configuration of AC firearms in Aftermath Mode.

– Improved players’ experience when uploading and searching for sensitivity loadouts.

Map Improvements: Aftermath

– Updated the appearance of ziplines and the animation when using them to make it smoother to use.

– Improved the color-changing effect on the crosshair of firearm sights.

– Improved the handling of shotguns, restoring the screenshake that sometimes triggers after firing.

Royale Arena: Assault

Available from April 7 at 2:00 (UTC+0). In Erangel and Livik, a random area will become a 4v4 combat zone. The first team to complete the elimination goal wins. Respawn next to teammates after you are defeated. Let’s fight together!

Supported maps: Erangel and Livik

How to enter: Mode Selection – Arena – Royale Arena: Assault


Cheer Park Upgrade

Cheer Park has been completely redesigned with a brand new look! Play now for more fun and excitement!

– New racing gameplay: Support for two-player racing and a variety of different vehicles to choose from.

– Moved the Shooting Range to an indoor environment. Each player will now have their own room when training in the Shooting Range and won’t be disturbed by other players.

– New hoverboard platforms and viewing platforms.

– Fine-tuned system mechanics: Players can now choose to intelligently reduce ambient noise, reduce the volume of other players’ gun sounds, improve the pathfinding mechanism, etc. Vehicles in the practice area will no longer be damaged, and they will return automatically if they have been driven out of the practice area.


– Added the Clan Announcements feature to make it easier for the Clan Leader/Co-leader to issue Clan Announcements.

– Added a Collect All feature for Clan Perks to make it more convenient for players to collect Clan Perks.

Other Gameplay

Metro Royale: Reunion

Availability: March 28 at 2:00–May 10 at 23:59 (UTC+0).

Balance Adjustments: Rebalanced the core aspects of bullet penetration and anti-penetration so that items with these properties can perform better in battle. Adjusted the properties of Armor Chips to further increase their defensive capabilities.

New weapon: FAMAS. This firearm can be purchased from the Black Market or obtained from the map.

Payload 2.0

This mode will be removed on March 15 23:59 (UTC+0).

Basic Security Content

Fog of War Anti-Cheat System

To more thoroughly combat wall hacks, the Fog of War Anti-Cheat System will be implemented in some Arena Maps and some Classic Modes and rolled out via dark launch.

Account Security

– Added a feature that can be used to change the email address and mobile phone number. After an email address and mobile phone number have been used to complete the verification, players can change and link a new email address and mobile phone number.

Merit System

– Increased the Merit penalty for hurting teammates, which increases with each occurrence.

– Players who have maintained full Merit for a long time will receive exclusive space gift rewards.

Security Center

– Refined the display of promotional content on the home page.

– Improved the challenge missions of Investigators and how they gain EXP.

– Added a historical data display for Investigators.

Separation of Matchmaking Modes

– Expanded the scope of restrictions of the safety observation period: Users who are under safety observation cannot participate in sponsored tournaments.

New Season

New Cycle Season: CYCLE 2 SEASON 5:

March 22 at 2:00 (UTC+0)–May 18 at 23:59 (UTC+0)

– New set of Legendary rewards: C2S5 Glasses, C2S5 Set, C2S5 Parachute, C2S5 – MK14, C2S5 Mask, C2S5 Cover.

–  CYCLE Memories: New 4th Anniversary-themed missions. Collect souvenirs to unlock commemorative titles and exclusive rewards.

–  Added a new redemption shop: Updated redeemable rewards  and adjusted the redemption limit to the season purchase limit.

–  Improved the chance of triggering Challenger Point Protection to rank up faster!

–  The Survival Rating calculation now factors in player recalls: The more players recalled in the game, the higher the Survival Rating.

–  Adjusted the Ranked Classic Mode team ranges so that players in the following ranges can team up: Players in the following ranges can team up with each other: Bronze–Platinum, Gold–Diamond, Diamond–Crown, Crown–PUBG Conqueror.

New Royale Pass

Royale Pass Month 9: Cosmic Clash

March 22 at 2:00 (UTC+0)–April 19 at 23:59 (UTC+0)

–  Get the Wukong Prime Set, Fluorescent Flash Set and themed PP-19 Bizon, Kar98K, and QBZ finishes!

–  Improved the RP purchase screen to increase readability and improve the user experience.

–  Get a free RP Voucher (60 UC) for next month’s Royale Pass, participate in the server wide Golden Chicken event, make up the difference in cost to upgrade to the Elite RP, participate in the bonus RP Point event and the group purchase event, and get more RP perks.

–  Added a new release animation for rank 50 sets. Tap the preview button of the sets to see the animation.

Other Updates and Improvements

– Added new anniversary celebration gameplay achievements. Complete missions to get exclusive limited-time achievements.

– Adjusted the display of the MVP screen and friend screen in some modes.

– Added a feature to view the status of progress missions and collect rewards from the mission result panel in the new Progress Missions system.

– Added information about recently added point-scoring rules to the results screen.

– Improved the jump logic to make the jumping experience smoother.

– Improved the shadows of characters, as well as the quality of characters’ shadows in the lobby.

– Improved the backend touch processing to make Aftermath Livik play and control more smoothly on low-end devices.

– Improved the firearm firing process to make firing smoother in Aftermath.

– Fixed an issue that caused frame rate instability when using 90FPS high frame rate on some Qualcomm Snapdragon chip devices.

– Added Dolby Atmos support to Arena. Improved the accuracy of locating enemies based on firearm and footstep sounds and improved the audio quality.

– Improved vehicle finishes to give them separate settings. Each vehicle model can be equipped with up to 3 finishes so that players can use any of the equipped finishes when driving the corresponding vehicle in a match.

– Clearing Resources Improvements: When device storage is low, players will be guided to free up resources to clear space on the device. Sorted out the storage clean-up list to mark infrequently used resources.

Bug Fixes

– Fixed the issue of being unable to complete the mission for the achievement Threat From Above when dropping in on the designated location in Miramar.

– Fixed the issue where the camera would occasionally move up when getting eliminated.

– Fixed the issue where firearm sound effects would occasionally not play.

– Fixed the issue where hit effects would fail to display properly when spectating.

– Fixed the issue where the BP, EXP, and text would fail to display properly in the Career Results.

– Fixed the issue where the crosshair would sometimes move about on iPhone 13 Pro devices.

– Fixed the issue where the ASM Abakan would fail to display properly when resources haven’t been downloaded.

– Fixed the issue where resources would continue to show as not being downloaded after finishing downloading them.

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