Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous update 1.1.2d is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous patch notes, the latest update fixed the problems related to lost saves and the quest “Middlegame” can now be completed. In addition, Pathfinder WOTR patch 1.1.2d also includes a long list of bug fixes and gameplay changes.

Previously, a big update added a long of gameplay changes and fixes. Recently, a hotfix was also released.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are facing several issues. Pathfinder WOTR patch 1.1.2d will fix a few of these issues.

Read more details below.

Pathfinder WOTR Patch Notes (1.1.2d) – November 17, 2021


  • Sometimes Nura, killed by a player character, was displayed as alive – fixed;
  • Daeran went on a date even when he was dead – fixed. We explained to count that sometimes such enthusiasm is inappropriate;
  • Lariel didn’t talk to the player character in Nexus after he was rescued – fixed;
  • When failing Thaberdine’s quest in Chapter 3, events in the citadel could get stuck – fixed;
  • The Next-Door Theater troupe thought the player’s character changed past when taking over Dresen, even though that didn’t happen – fixed. Now actors won’t be confused by timelines;
  • Quest “Middlegame” could not be completed – fixed;
  • Sometimes the fates of Galfrey or Irabeth would register incorrectly (and the game could consider them dead when they were alive) – fixed;
  • After the events in Leper’s Smile some companions could refuse to communicate with the commander for 3 days – fixed;
  • Trickster’s closet kept working after choosing Legend’s path – fixed. We blocked the path to fun;
  • Sosiel’s personal quest could get stuck if the Azata Commander killed everyone in the Fleshmarket – fixed;
  • Fixed the inability to arrange a conversation between Regill and Sosiel in the camp;
  • Sometimes the game did not recognize the death of Ciar – fixed;
  • When angels were saying their farewells to the Commander (in the case of changing the mythic path in chapter 5), the game did not react correctly to the actions of the player – fixed;
  • In Wintersun, after the first meeting with Marhevok, his guards did not leave with him – fixed;
  • It was possible for Trickster Commanders to leave Areelu’s Laboratory without receiving an “An Urgent Invitation” quest – fixed. For players who have not yet left in the 4th chapter, the quest will be activated. For those who left in the fourth chapter and beyond – the quests of the mythic path will be failed;
  • One mongrel was still standing after hitting Savamelekh with the angel ability – fixed;
  • During the final drow ambush, they could attack before their leader gave a signal – fixed;
  • Hal will no longer appear at the beginning of Act 5 if he’s been killed or said you won’t meet him again.


  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck on the tower platform in Alushinyrra. (Warning! If you are already trapped, you need to load an earlier save);
  • After returning from Iz, the player character appeared in the throne room – fixed;
  • In Act 3, it was possible to kill the bosses again in some locations of Kenabres – fixed;
  • After finishing the quest in Wintersun, the current leader of the settlement used to appear on the throne only one week later. Fixed. Now they will appear right after you deal with The Lady of the Sun;
  • In the Sacred Lands area the entire party and animal companions will be disabled now for the duration if the puzzle part.


  • Visual effect of Dominate is shown correctly now;
  • Purge now works according to description;
  • It was possible to drag the general’s abilities into creatures action bar – fixed;
  • If an army moves to a selected point, it will no longer stop near allied armies. When moving with the navigation arrows, the army will stop as before when allied armies meet;
  • Bards’ and Azatas’ auras now work according to their new description. The number of available uses of these auras has been increased from 4 to 8;
  • Bolt of Justice now has two versions of the ability – against summoned units and against others;
  • Fixed the issue with the Spider Swarm model disappearing in tactical combat;
  • Abilities and debuffs with death effect could be applied to units with death immunity – fixed;
  • All Traps now work according to new description;
  • Yozz used to come to the Commander on the Demon path with only one rank up even for the crusade in chapter 3 – fixed.

Classes & Mechanics

  • Fixed Aivu’s abilities;
  • If a rider’s reach is greater than mount’s and the rider’s weapon is not ranged, mount should try to approach target so both rider and mount could attack;
  • Spell Chain Lightning worked incorrectly – fixed;
  • Azata spell Second Breath didn’t work – fixed;
  • Spell Resistance could become negative in some calculations, in particular leading to spam of combat log messages about immunity to some effects – fixed;
  • When replacing a general’s ability its tooltip was not updated – fixed;
  • Close to the Abyss mythic ability did not give extra gore attack – fixed;
  • Devil-Spawn background wasn’t giving charisma penalty – fixed;
  • Mythic progression could duplicate selected abilities – fixed;
  • Demon Dancer with Inspired Rage had extra bite attack – fixed;
  • Demonslayer didn’t get bonus from progression of favorite enemy, but had bonus against neutral outsider – fixed;
  • Changing your path to the Golden Dragon or Swarm That Walks broke mythic abilities taken in previous mythic levels – fixed. However, players who are already in this situation should respec or load an earlier save;
  • Giving conflicting commands to rider and mount at the same time in RTwP resulted in surprising behaviour – fixed;
  • Additional change to Hal, so that he doesn’t attack the player with his breath weapon;
  • Khorramzadeh will no longer have Thundering Rage ability on difficulties lower than Normal. Thundering Rage will no longer grant empower metamagic to electric spells.


  • Killing Pace didn’t work correctly – fixed;
  • Bone Amulet had no effects – fixed;
  • Boots of Stampede didn’t work correctly – fixed;
  • Added Dinosaur Bone, Jade and Stone to Flesh scrolls to vendors.


  • One of bleeding effects was not shown in UI – fixed.


  • Save files that disappeared on macOS should be back now;
  • One of the rare Trickster storyline finales was not supported in the epilogues – fixed;
  • If the player’s character sacrificed themselves, the “game over” window was shown instead of the ending – fixed;
  • The “Follow Character” key wasn’t working properly – fixed;
  • Fixed the Sadistic Game Design achievement – it is now possible to obtain it;
  • Fixed the issue with the small races sitting inside the furniture in the Drezen tavern;
  • Finnean could start talking before you meet him. Now you will only see his lines in the camp if he is present in your team;
  • Monster descriptions are back in the encyclopedia;
  • Cloth physics added to flags that didn’t have it.

Download free Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous update 1.1.2d on PC.

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