Pathfinder (WOTR) Update 1.2.1g Patch Notes – March 16, 2022


Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous update 1.2.1g is now available to download for PC (Steam) players. According to the official Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous patch notes, the latest update added quests fixes, improvements, and gameplay changes.

Previously, a big update was released which added numerous tweaks and fixes for the crusade, various mythic paths and other aspects of the game

Unfortunately, players are still facing several issues. Today’s Pathfinder WOTR patch 1.2.1g will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.

Pathfinder WOTR Patch Notes (1.2.1g) – March 16, 2022


  • Captain Seilkind sometimes could disappear from Mineshaft Fourteen – fixed;
  • During the 4th visit of Socothbenoth, it was possible to pick some answers twice – fixed;
  • In Inevitable Excess DLC the epilogue has been enhanced and improved;
  • In Inevitable Excess DLC, a new content has been added for the Lich mythic path. Also mythic Lich can get a special reward in the main campaign, after importing a final save from the DLC into the 5th chapter;
  • In Inevitable Excess DLC, a note has been added to the journal that Valmallos will contact you himself when the time is right;
  • In Inevitable Excess DLC, Azata and Demon mythic paths got special new dialogue options;
  • In Inevitable Excess DLC, Devarra incorrectly reacted to the decisions made by the commander regarding her progeny – fixed;
  • In Inevitable Excess DLC, when using a special Trickster option in Deal with Shamira quest, it was impossible to complete the quest and move between the areas – fixed;
  • In Inevitable Excess DLC, Zacharius reacted to a mythic Lich character incorrectly – fixed;
  • In Inevitable Excess DLC, Lariel incorrectly reacted to mythic Angel – fixed;
  • In Inevitable Excess DLC there are more places to look for the ingredients for Thaberdine’s elixir now;
  • Morevet didn’t return to the brothel after her quest was successfully completed – fixed;
  • Seelah stopped rolling fortitude checks for everyone during the drinking contest;
  • We added a warning regarding a point of no return in the Inevitable Excess DLC, when entering Valmallos’ Threshold.


  • At Wedding Meadow a skeleton could appear as an interactive object even when it wasn’t possible to interact with it (if you have already found the bone for the dog) – fixed;
  • At Wedding Meadow, some objects could become transparent near player’s characters – fixed;
  • During the council board meetings in Drezen, Daeran now will be indoors;
  • Fixed an issue in the Extirpators’ Camp, where it was possible to glance beyond the edge of the map;
  • Fixed the lighting in Mage’s Tower;
  • Fixed the lighting on the prison building in Drezen;
  • Hepzamirah and Shamira didn’t return to Fleshmarket on time – fixed;
  • In Ineluctable Prison some teleportation abilities could still work – fixed;
  • In Inevitable Excess DLC, a female shaman in Iz had a wrong name – fixed;
  • In Inevitable Excess DLC, a puzzle has been removed from the entrance to the final dungeon;
  • In the 5th chapter, after returning to Midnight Fane, when transferring into the caves, the party could get stuck outside of the area, which blocked the progress – fixed. If you encountered this issue already, you will need to either load an earlier save, or use a rope, which will teleport the party back together;
  • Optimization of the Enigma area has been improved;
  • Seelah’s animal companion was in the wrong place in the Crusader’s Camp – fixed;
  • Some companions could speak from the darkness in Drezen – fixed.


  • Agony had incorrect description – fixed;
  • Bestow Curse didn’t work correctly – fixed;
  • Damage of Ghlaunder Knights has been significantly increased;
  • Damage of Grave Knights has been moderately increased;
  • Damage of Infernal Infantry has been moderately increased;
  • Demonic Lullaby had zero spell slots – fixed;
  • Demon’s choice in Nightmares event didn’t work even if the player had the Demon mythic path – fixed;
  • Dominate has been renamed to Charm. New Dominate is a unique Asmodean Clerics’ ability similar to Charm with an extra DC;
  • Drake Poison event now gives Poison ranks correctly;
  • Enervation (global spell) now works according to its description;
  • Freezing didn’t work correctly – fixed;
  • Military Tribunal project was available to everyone, instead of those who fulfilled the necessary requirements – fixed;
  • Reduced the amount of experience required to get the Leadership rank up;
  • Some enemies had incorrect portraits in tactical combat initiative row – fixed;
  • Summon Steeds (Mastodons) now summons 4 Mastodons instead of 1;
  • Vescavor Swarm now has a spell power stat;
  • Visual effect of Sleep will be depicted correctly now.

Classes & Mechanics

  • Aeon Gaze will no longer work on enemies with echolocation, thoughtsense and blindsight, because it is gaze;
  • After fighting Areshkagal, the effects from the arena traps could remain on the player’s characters – fixed;
  • Ambush status effect didn’t help against Frightful Presence – fixed;
  • Assassin’s Poison Use had incorrect DC values – fixed;
  • Burning Hands (Acid), Burning Hands (Cold), Burning Hands (Electricity), Scorching Ray (Acid), Scorching Ray (Cold) and Scorching Ray (Electricity) worked incorrectly with metamagic feats – fixed;
  • Enforcing Gaze — Save DC had an incorrect effect on the enemies – fixed;
  • Enlightened Philosopher’s mysteries didn’t add the class skills – fixed;
  • Erastil’s Blessing didn’t have a description – fixed;
  • Freedom of Movement and Crusader’s Edge worked incorrectly with extended metamagic – fixed;
  • Greater Warpwave in Inevitable Excess worked incorrectly – fixed;
  • In Inevitable Excess DLC enemies have been weakened for Story and Casual difficulties;
  • In Inevitable Excess DLC, the reward effects could be lost upon death – fixed;
  • It was impossible to retrain the Skeletal Fighter companion – fixed;
  • Ki Power: Wholeness of Body healed an incorrect number of HP – fixed;
  • Lord Beyond the Grave used to give bonuses to Lich – fixed;
  • Paralyzed condition was permanent even if the option to remove negative effects after combat was turned on – fixed;
  • Trickster’s Breath of Money ability didn’t work correctly – fixed;
  • Trickster’s Stat Focus wasn’t visible during feat selection after you got Perception 2 rank – fixed;
  • When starting Inevitable Excess DLC, Daeran had all aasimar heritages at once – fixed;
  • Witch Doctor shaman didn’t have descriptions for the Counter Curse spells – fixed.

Turn-based mode

  • Fixed another case of units not being able to pass through the doors in turn-based mode.


  • Call of the Fiery Things didn’t have a description – fixed.


  • Companions, which remained in another area, stopped being visible when pressing Tab;
  • Deep Shadow of Frost attacked allies – fixed;
  • Fixed a number of performance issues caused by a memory leak;
  • Fixed an animation for a particularly bushy dwarven beard;
  • Fixed an error, which prevented you from asking Lann about his enmity towards Andoran;
  • Fixed the conditions for one of the epilogue pages dedicated to kenabres;
  • Fixed the loading of some older saves:
  • Fixed the size and the position of Warhammer of Obstinacy in character’s hand;
  • Improved the visual of the Ice Storm spell;
  • Improved the visual of the Stone Call spell;
  • In some cases it was impossible to retrain the companions when playing the Inevitable Excess DLC – fixed;
  • Missing companions should return under player’s control.

Download free Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous update 1.2.1 on PC.

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