Naraka: Bladepoint update (Dec 14, 2021) released on PC (Steam). According to the official Naraka patch notes, the latest update added new content, Bot Mode, Map updates, and more. Apart from this, today’s Naraka update also includes various bug fixes and gameplay changes.

Currently, Naraka servers are down. You can check the Naraka Bladepoint server status here.

Previously, a big update was released which added a new game mode (Bloodsport) to the game.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing a number of issues with the game. Today’s Naraka: Bladepoint patch will address a few of these errors.

Naraka Patch Notes – December 14, 2021

Brand-new Content!
I. Brand-new weapon: Nunchucks
A new kind of melee weapon has surfaced upon Morus Isle over the past few days: the Nunchucks. A fine combination of offense and defense, proficient wielders flow and crash like water itself—stunning all who stand before them.

II. BOT Mode
Naraka now has its own BOT Mode! Temper your tenacity and skills in ‘Normal’ difficulty, or if you’re up to the challenge, there’s always ‘Hard’ too!

III. Map Updates
Added in more structures and natural landscapes to Sunvale Dwelling, Wild Trench, Jade Pond, Cosmic Pillars and other areas. We’ll continue to add more content in coming updates.

Duration: 12/17/2021 16:00 – 12/21/2021 16:00
1. During this period, NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will be free to play for newcomers who have not yet purchased the game.
2. Six heroes (Viper Ning, Temulch, Matari, Tarka Ji, Kurumi Tsuchimikado and Tianhai) will be available to those playing for free during this period, playable in modes such as The Herald’s Trial, Bloodsport, Quick Matches and so on (free players will be matched with each other first).
3. Free players cannot make in-game purchases, join in Torchbearer events, send or receive gifts, use Treasures or Name-change Cards. But the progress made during the event is retained even after it ends. Free players may upgrade to the full game in order to unlock all the features and rewards in NARAKA: BLADEPOINT!
*Log in to NARAKA: BLADEPOINT from any platform (including the official site and Steam) to join in on the trial event!

V. Limited Time Event: [Martial Artists]1. Limited Time Daily Check Event
Duration: 12/14/2021 update – 12/22/2021 20:00
Event Info: Players who sign in a total of 5 days or more while the event is running can receive limited-time Daily Check hairstyle Treasures, the Bruce Lee crossover legendary Nunchucks skin [Chin Woo], loads of Spectral Silk and other event rewards.
1st Daily Check: Limited Time Hairstyle Giftbox
2nd Daily Check: 800 Tae
3rd Daily Check: Bruce Lee crossover legendary Nunchucks skin [Chin Woo]4th Daily Check: 800 Spectral Silk
5th Daily Check: 15 Martial Tokens
2. Limited Time Score Bonus Event
Duration: 12/17/2021 20:00 – 12/21/2021 20:00
Info: During the event, players receive bonus Score from completing The Herald’s Trial matches.
Details of this Score bonus are as follows:
If you gain a positive amount of Score from a match, it’s boosted by 25%.
If the amount is negative, however, you do not lose any Score.
Every player can enjoy this Score bonus for three matches per day while the event is still running.
Note: Matches in which Rank Protection applies or your Score equals 0 do not count as one of these three.
3. Limited Time Battle Rewards Event
Duration: 12/14/2021 – 12/22/2021 20:00
The event rules are as follows:
1. Players can open Troves and destroy breakables around them in The Herald’s Trial and Quick Matches to gain Martial Tokens. You can collect up to 20 per match and 50 per day this way. Players can also gain rare Martial Treasure rewards from gold Troves (1 per match and up to 3 per day).
2. Whenever a player’s knocked airborne, downed or defeated, there’s a chance they’ll drop one of their Martial Tokens or Martial Treasures.
3. Martial Tokens can be redeemed for limited-edition event rewards!
*Note: Rewards may be redeemed during the event up until 12/23/2021 20:00 (UTC), so don’t leave it too late!

Hero Adjustments
I. Tarka Ji
Increased the [Burn] damage inflicted by Tarka Ji’s talent skills and ultimate, from 1.5% to 2% of the enemy’s health per second.

II. Valda Cui
1. [Haze], [Haze: Array] and [Haze: Teleport] can now bind blue and purple Focus targets. The [Haze] cooldown’s been adjusted from 17 to 15 sec, [Haze: Array]’s bind duration reduced from 2 to 0.5 sec, and Tide Traps now last for up to 7 sec (originally lasted 4 sec).
2. Slightly lengthened the time it takes to struggle free from [Nether Nightmare], [Nether Nightmare: Smite] and [Nether Nightmare: Bind].
3. Increased the number of water spears granted by [Nether Nightmare: Bind] from 5 to 6, and the duration that Valda’s sea dragon remains. As for water spears thrown with horizontal strikes, their flight speed has been increased as necessary, yet their damage reduced from 200 to 100.
//Dev Note: We’d like for Valda Cui to be able to bring a certain variety to the lineup, creating more possibilities. As such we’ve buffed all her skills’ control capabilities, and would like to see [Haze: Array] be put to better use as an area control skill. Her ultimates’ control durations have similarly been buffed, and more leeway given to mistakes with [Nether Nightmare: Bind].

III. Yueshan
1. Optimized the range of Leaping Slash once Yueshan has transformed with [Troop Decimation].
2. Greatly increased the range of [Rampage: Heaven’s Descent].
3. Increased the duration of [Rampage: Formation] from 3 to 5 sec, and reduced the damage reduction it grants from 50% to 35%.
//Dev Note: We’d like to improve the accuracy of Yueshan’s charged horizontal strikes, and hope that his Skill 2 and 3 can be put to full use.

IV. Kurumi
Adjusted the amount of health Kurumi heals with [Sacred Circle] in Duos mode from 300 to 240.

V. All Heroes
Adjusted heroes’ maximum Rage in The Bloodbath and Free Training to match that of The Survival.

Weapon Adjustments
I. Dagger
1. [Yurang’s Rage] and [Dreadful Wail] have been changed from gold to purple Focus moves (note: aside from the fact they cannot be Countered, purple Focus moves function the same as blue Focus).
2. Slightly delayed the initial strike of [Soulbreak], which can no longer be charged up.
3. Improved [Dragon Crush’s] pursuit capabilities along with its range.
//Dev Note: With its varied forms and unpredictability, [Soulbreak] can mislead and bewilder the enemy. This time around we’re working to balance this by slightly reducing its overpowered ability to dominate the enemy. It’s still possible to Dagger Dash, crouch and then charge up a horizontal strike, and we’re retaining the blue Focus that a full charge grants. Attacks not fully charged are considered common attacks, instead. We’ve also improved [Dragon Crush] and hope these adjustments will help Dagger gameplay develop in a positive direction.

II. Spear
1. Optimized the range of midair horizontal strikes and crouched horizontal strikes.
2. Reduced crouching horizontal strike damage from 85% * 2 to 95% * 2.
3. Optimized Spears’ third horizontal strike, charged horizontal strikes, as well as the time frame in which you can follow up their second and third vertical strikes with a dodge.
//Dev Note: Spears haven’t been performing all that well in the battlefield. We’re optimizing the range and damage of some Spear moves, aiming to improve the overall feel of Spear gameplay and balance them against other weapons found on Morus Isle.

III. Katana
Reduced crouching horizontal strike damage from 213% to 175%.

IV. Longsword
Increased crouching horizontal strike damage from 146% to 186%.

V. All Weapons
Successful Counters can now lead directly into a crouch.

Souljade Adjustments
I. Spear Souljades
1. Added a new Spear Skill, [Heartstopper Kick].
2. Added a new Spear Souljade, [Spear Sap].

In-Game Adjustments
I. Parties now available in The Bloodbath
You can now team up to play Duos and Trios in The Bloodbath, in which each team has a fixed spawn/respawn area.

II. Bloodsport Adjustments
1. Removed the ‘Shadowjade Mine’ area.
2. Reduced the preparation time from 60 to 35 sec.
//Dev Note: Given the overly-complex terrain of the Shadowjade Mine, battles there would tend to last longer than in other areas. This wasn’t a great experience for players and so we’ve decided to remove it for the time being. Additionally, we’ve shortened the preparation period as we found that players rarely switch heroes during this time.

III. Performance Optimization
1. We’ve continued optimizing the complexity of certain special effects to improve the fluidity of combat.
2. This new version integrates NVIDIA’s latest super-resolution technology, NIS. Graphics cards lacking DLSS support are now also able to experience superior effects, and greatly improve rendering. Using a Render Scale of 50-99% will automatically activate NIS (note: this also applies to non-NVIDIA graphics cards).

IV. New Bag Icons for Stat Souljades
1. Added icons indicating the highest-grade Souljade currently equipped, found in the Bag in front of Souljade stats.

Out-Game Adjustments
I. New Custom Lobby option: ‘Cosmetics only visible to allies and spectators’.
Added a new option for Custom Lobbies: ‘ Cosmetics only visible to allies and spectators ‘, which hides your cosmetics from everyone except for teammates, spectators and referees. Enemies are shown your hero with default cosmetics instead.

II. Season Quest Adjustments
Changed the completion conditions for the Season Quest ‘Defeat an enemy by igniting Kurumi’s Sacred Circle’ to ‘Defeat an enemy being healed by Kurumi’s Sacred Circle’.
III. Custom Lobby Setting Adjustments
Custom Lobby Settings have been improved so as to offer more customization possibilities in future. Settings are split into basic, gameplay, weapon and hero settings. An overview has also been added in, showing all settings changed so players can see a lobby’s settings at a glance.
IV. Changes to System Notice
System notice shown in chat now appear as orange text.

V. Hairstyle Interface Iteration
1. We’ve optimized the hairstyle interface and added the ability to add highlights.
2. Hairstyles can now be edited from the Customization interface, allowing players to preview their characters more easily.

Store Updates
I. Season-Limited Cavalry Treasure Available
Cavalry Treasure can be bought for 360 Gold. Open Cavalry Treasure for a chance to receive Yueshan’s extreme outfit [Dragon Star], extreme Spear skin [Kindred Wit], and other rewards.

II. New Bruce Lee Crossover Outfit
There’s 4 new Bruce Lee crossover outfits: Tianhai’s [Dragon Shadow·Brink of Death], Yueshan’s [Dragon Shadow·Dragon Way], Kurumi Tsuchimikado’s [Dragon Will·Purity], Valda Cui’s [Dragon Will·Unchained], and others that will be arriving in versions to come. Stay tuned!

III. New Weapon Skins
1. Added legendary Nunchucks skins [Tiger’s Grace], [Jade Elegance] and [Chin Woo].
2. Added legendary weapon skins [Japanese Plum] and [Roarshot].
3. Added the exclusive legendary weapon skin series [Dragonforce Koi] commemorating the [The First Koi Cup]. Let’s give it up for the victor of the first Koi Cup!

IV. Silk Store Updates
Added new legendary Yueshan outfit [Dragon Shadow·Dragon Way], legendary facial hair [Magnificent Beard (Upper)] and [Magnificent Beard (Lower)], legendary display gesture [The Dragon·Preparation], and legendary Nunchucks skin [Graceful Pearl].

V. New accessories, emotes, hairstyles, party gestures, and other cosmetics now in stock.

Bug Fixes
I. Hero-related Bugs
Fixed an issue that resulted in control abnormalities when unleashing Tarka Ji’s ultimate in different operating environments.

II. Combat-related Bugs
Fixed an issue where the [Desperation] Souljade’s buffs would fail to take effect upon falling to 50% health.

III. Other Bugs
1. Fixed clipping issues with some of Tarka Ji’s party gestures.
2. Fixed issues with Yueshan’s party gestures that would cause errors with his facial expression.
3. Fixed an issue that could cause the spectator camera to jump.
4. Fixed the display issue of Tarka Ji’s emote [Tarka Ji·Blackout], and now it is replaced by a higher-quality emote [Tarka Ji·Burning Rage].

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