IOSoccer Winter Update 2021 is now rolling out on PC(Steam). According to the official IOSoccer patch notes, the latest update added animated crowed, new team stadium theming, team-colored flares, a new scoreboard, and much more. Today’s IOSoccer Winter Update 2021 patch also includes various stability fixes.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s IOSoccer Winter Update 2021 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

IOSoccer Patch Notes – December 12, 2021

Dynamic & Immersive Stadiums

  • Added animated crowd with dynamic team colours, based on the teams playing (Shagwa, Thing’e’)
  • Added team stadium theming, with dynamic team accent colours (by Thing’e’)
  • Added dynamic team banners, which include customisable banner messages from kit data (by Thing’e’, Shagwa)
  • Added team-coloured flares [8v8_italia only] (by Thing’e’)
  • Added new scoreboard with video screen to be used in maps (by Thing’e’, Shagwa)
  • Added ragdoll goal net [8v8, 4v4 only] (by Kalimando, Thing’e’)
  • Updated goal net texture with new fading effect for goalkeeper transparency view (by Thing’e’, Shagwa)
  • Re-added support for fog
  • New & updated maps:
    • Added 4v4_rooftop (by Shagwa)
    • Added 4v4_samba (by tet, Thing’e’)
    • Added 4v4_indoor (by Pricey, Thing’e’)
    • Added 8v8_nightfall (by Shagwa)
    • Added 8v8_italia (by Pricey, Thing’e’, tet)
    • Updated 8v8_vienna (by Shagwa)
    • Updated 8v8_coral (by Thing’e’)
    • Updated 8v8_court_hey (by tet, Thing’e’)
    • Updated 8v8_municipal_park (by tet, Thing’e’)

Tutorial & Training

  • Added tutorial with various practice courses, including dribbling, passing, shooting (by Leotte, Thing’e’)
  • Added goalkeeper auto-shoot ball cannon in warm-up and tutorial (by Thing’e’)
  • Added outfield ball cannon in warm-up and tutorial (by Thing’e’)
  • Added ball spawner for set piece practice in warm-up (by Thing’e’)

Banner 3

Improved Animation System

  • Added left foot kick animations for all primary kicking animations (by Whatniesta)
  • Added updated animations for fouls from left or right side (by Whiatnestia, Thing’e’)
  • Added updated header animations, including new directional animations (by Whatniesta, Thing’e’)
  • Added new knee slide celebration (triggered by the slide key) (by Whatniesta, Thing’e’)
  • Added updated backwards walk animation
  • Re-added “arrow” celebration (by Whatniesta)

Player Customisation

  • Added beards for all ethnicities and hair colours (by Shagwa)
  • Added tattoos, with five available styles (by Juanmi, Thing’e’)
  • Added goggles accessory (by Shagwa)
  • Added ponytail hairstyle (by Juanmijuan)
  • Added red hairband hairstyle (by Juanmijuan)
  • Added flat top hairstyle (by Whatniesta)
  • Added fade hairstyle for white ethnicity (by Juanmijuan)
  • Added fade hairstyle for black ethnicity (by Juanmijuan)
  • Added new wristband variant (by Thing’e’)
  • Improved bleached mohawk (by Thing’e’)

New HUD & Updated User Interface

  • Added new HUD and updated existing HUD for scorebar, stamina, charge, player info, and all other HUD elements (Concept by Quincy, graphical contributions from Shagwa, implementation by Thing’e’)
  • Added on-screen card icons when the current player has a yellow card (by Quincy, Thing’e’)
  • Added on-screen red cards to scorebar (by Quincy, Thing’e’)
  • Updated Team Join and Scoreboard menus, including team-coloured formation shirts (by Thing’e’)
  • Added new dynamic Changing Room background menu (by Shagwa, Thing’e’)
  • Added option to theme Player Info bar to use current team’s colours (by Thing’e’)
  • Added HUD theme option server-side setting _sv_hudtheme (by Thing’e’)

New Statistics

  • Added Second Assist statistic (by Thing’e’)
  • Added Key Passes statistic – a Key Pass is an Assist that is not converted (by Thing’e’)
  • Added Chances Created statistic – Primary Assists and Key Passes combined (by Thing’e’)

Improved Performance Management

  • New Performance tab on Customize menu (by Thing’e’)
  • Added multi-core rendering option, which will automatically handle _mat_queuemode, and prevent crashes due to this setting (by Thing’e’)
  • Added “focus walls” to hide stadium – useful in conjunction with Hide Stadium option (by Thing’e’)
  • Added “Hide Stadium” option, to enable best performance on very low-end computers, at the cost of visuals (by Thing’e’)
  • Added “Hide Crowd” option to disable the animated crowd and show seats (by Thing’e’)
  • Added “Hide Scoreboard Live Camera” option which will disable video screens (by Thing’e’)
  • Added “Disable Lighting” option which toggles _matfullbright (by Thing’e’)
  • Added “Disable 3D Skybox” option to disable map 3D skyboxes (by Thing’e’)
  • Added “Disable Fog” option to disable map fog (by Thing’e’)
  • Added “Disable 3D Main Menu” option to disable dynamic main menu background (by Thing’e’)

New & Updated Kits

  • Added colour blind kit option (by Thing’e’)
  • Added generic IOS kits, for mixes, fallback kits and tutorial (by Dino, Thing’e’)
  • Added option to pass team codes to _mpteamkit [e.g. _mpteamkits eng ger] (by Thing’e’)
  • New Country Kits
    • Cameroon (by dino)
    • Canada (by tet-)
    • Czech Republic (by _l3moN)
    • Ecuador (by JuanmaCale10)
    • Iran (by tet)
    • Israel (by AleX)
    • Norway (by _l3moN)
    • Qatar (by dino)
    • Scotland (by tet)
    • Serbia (by AleX)
    • Slovakia (by kaer)
    • South Africa (by tet)
    • Switzerland (by _l3mon)
    • Vietnam (by tet)
    • Wales (by Wales)
  • Updated Country Kits
    • Albania (by AleX))
    • Argentina (by JuanmaCale10)
    • Australia (by _l3moN)
    • Belgium (by kaer)
    • Brazil (by JuanmaCale10)
    • Chile (by NSQ)
    • China (by JuanmaCale10)
    • Colombia (by AleX)
    • Costa Rica (by NSQ)
    • Croatia (by JuanmaCale10)
    • Denmark (by JuanmaCale10)
    • Ecuador (by JuanmaCale10)
    • Egypt (by JuanmaCale10)
    • England (by AleX)
    • France (by AleX)
    • Germany (by JuanmaCale10)
    • Greece (by JuanmaCale10)
    • Ireland (by AleX)
    • Italy (by JuanmaCale10)
    • Japan (by kaer)
    • Korea (by JuanmaCale10)
    • Mexico (by _l3moN)
    • Netherlands (by AleX)
    • Nigeria (by dino)
    • Peru (by JuanmaCale10)
    • Poland (by _l3moN)
    • Portugal (by kaer)
    • Romania (by Jerry)
    • Russia (by dino)
    • Spain (by JuanmaCale10)
    • Sweden (by _l3moN)
    • Tunisia (by NSQ)
    • Turkey (by dino)
    • Ukraine (by NSQ)
    • United States (by AleX)
    • Uruguay (by kaer)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed warm-up menu key capture bug (by Thing’e’)
  • Fixed team crest transparency alpha issues (by Thing’e’)
  • Fixed throw-in exploit (by Thing’e’)
  • Hid wristband option for players unable to use them (by Thing’e’)


  • Added highlight for fouls where a penalty is conceded (by Thing’e’)
  • Added mechanism to automatically bind slot keys, used by Warm Up and Tutorial menus (by Thing’e’)
  • Added _sv_ragdoll_netmode cvar for disabling ragdoll nets (by Thing’e’)
  • Added new mapcycle mechanism based on _mpmaxplayers (by Thing’e’)
  • Updated iosoccer.fgd with new outputs, including GoalScored, HomeGoalScored, AwayGoalScored (by Thing’e’)



  • Thing’e’ – Programming, maps, graphics, release lead
  • Shagwa – Maps, models, textures, graphics
  • tet – Maps, textures, kit refresh management
  • Whatniesta – Models, animations
  • Juanmi – Models, textures
  • Pricey – Maps (historical contribution)
  • Quincy – Graphics
  • Dino – Textures
  • Jerry – Textures
  • Alex – Textures
  • kaer – Textures
  • _l3moN – Textures
  • NSQ – Textures
  • Aryan – Kit refresh management

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