Naraka Bladepoint November 11 update is now available to download on PC and PS5. According to the official Naraka patch notes, the latest update added a new season (cavalry), changes, hero adjustment, and more. Apart from this, today’s Naraka patch also includes a long list of bug fixes and gameplay changes.

Currently, Naraka servers are down. You can check the Naraka Bladepoint server status here.

Previously, a big update was released which added a new game mode (Bloodsport) to the game. Bloodsport is a melee-focused 1v1 game mode where players face off against their opponents by dueling them one by one as they make their way to the top.

Unfortunately, since the release, players are experiencing a number of issues with the game. Today’s Naraka Bladepoint patch will address a few of these errors.

Naraka Patch Notes New season (cavalry)- November 11, 2021

New Season: Cavalry

I. Season Rewards
Season rewards will be awarded based on highest rank gained in The Herald’s Trial (Solos or Trios) during the Tidal season.
Reward Rank
Avatar – Dark Depths Silver+
Avatar – Dark Depths,Dagger Skin – Mara’s Edge Gold+
Avatar – Dark Depths, Dagger Skin – Mara’s Edge,Background – Raging Sea Platinum+
Avatar – Dark Depths, Dagger Skin – Mara’s Edge, Background – Raging Sea,Tidal Treasure*3, Solar+
Avatar – Dark Depths, Dagger Skin – Mara’s Edge, Background – Raging Sea, Avatar – Depths Dragon, Tidal Treasure*5 Empyrean+
Avatar – Dark Depths, Dagger Skin – Mara’s Edge, Background – Raging Sea, Avatar – Depths Dragon, Tidal Treasure*7 Astral+
Avatar – Dark Depths, Dagger Skin – Mara’s Edge, Background – Raging Sea, Avatar – Depths Dragon, Tidal Treasure*10 Asura+

Hero Adjustments

I. New Hero

The family glory and arduous training have carved loyalty to Eternia in Yueshan’s heart since childhood. When the political conspiracy was about to endanger the stability of the empire and the survival of the family, Yueshan, decided to fight for the true king of Eternia. The heroic soul of the soldiers was rebuilt into the undefeatable incarnation in the ashes. Wuwei Marquis, a youthful general of Eternia is making his entrance on Morus Isle, with his Cavalry army.

II. Temulch

1. The startup frames of [Zephyr Wisp] and all its variants will no longer be interrupted by attacks.
2. Removed the damage deduction to armor from all of Temulch’sSkills and Ultimates, and adjusted [Zephyr Wisp]’s damage.
Adjusted the damage of [Zephyr Wisp] and all of its variants when tossing up enemies in the air from “dealing 50% damage to health and 25% damage to armor” to“dealing 37% damage to enemies”..
3. Removed the effect of energy deduction when [Zephyr Wisp] or any of its variants hit an enemy.
4. Greatly reduced the thickness of [Zephyr Prison] and all its variants, and increased the [Slowed] effect when enemies pass through it. ([Slowed]: Consume all energy and greatly reduce energy recovery speed for 4 sec.)
//Dev Note: Temulch’s ultimate has made him the most picked hero in multiplayer modes. We want enemies to think twice before passing through Zephyr Prison rather than being easy targets after being staggered. With this change, the barrier can be easily crossed, but energy will be consumed.

III. Tianhai

1. Increased the Clash distance and stagger duration of enemies when they attackTianhai’s[The Divine Bell] or any of its variations.
//Dev Note: Under some circumstances, the enemy’s clash stagger duration will end before Tianhai’s skill [The Divine Bell] finishes. Owing to this, we have adjusted the stagger duration and flash distance so that the fighting of the two sides can more balanced.
2. Adjusted how damage is calculated while in Vajra form.
//Dev Note: As Tianhai deals bonus damage to armor while in Vajra form before, it has been difficult for players to gauge exactly how much damage is dealt. Thus, we have removed this bonus damage and instead increased its basic damage, with the total damage remaining unchanged.
3. Increased the health of Tianhai’s Vajra form in multiplayer modes to 4,000 (was 3,650).
4. Removed the stagger animation when dropping below a certain health threshold while in Vajra form.
5. When grabbing and slamming two enemies into the ground, the ultimates will no longer be interrupted if an enemy struggles free of Vajra.
//Dev Note: As players are getting increasingly familiar with Titan’s Call and its mechanics, some of its shortcomings have become more apparent. So we have reevaluated Titan’s Call and come up with the aforementioned changes.
6. Removed the Vajra’s weak spots in the initial [Titan’s Call].
7. Adjusted the duration of the initial [Titan’s Call] from 40 sec to 30 sec.
8. Reduced amount of health recovery when grabbing and slamming an enemy into the ground in the [Titan’s Call: Heal]from 1, 500 to 1,000.
//Dev Note: [Titan’s Call: Heal] has proved to be slightly more powerful than other talent choices. We’re therefore adjusting some of the ultimate to make them more balanced.

IV. Tarka Ji

1. [Inner Fire: Gigaflame] will apply an extra [Vulnerable] effect onto enemies hit, increasing their damage taken by 10%.
2. [Blackout]’s energy recovery now affects the entire team.
3. [Blackout: Frenzy]’s attack buff now affects the entire team by 10% (it previously increased Attack by a set amount).
//Dev Note: Tarka Ji has been lacking cooperative ability in multiplayer modes. Owing to this, we have increased his contributions to the team without increasing his power in solo battles.
4. Removed [Blackout: Frenzy]’s energy recovery effect.
//Dev Note: [Blackout: Frenzy] granted both a boost to damage and energy recovery, which coupled with the strong survivability and made the ultimate’s position a bit blurry. However, we want to better differentiate it from [Blackout].
5. Removed the armor damage multiplier of “Evasive Strike” and “Lethal Descent” from all skills s and the skill [Inner Fire: Bide]. We’ve also increased the base damage of all of these.
Lethal Descent now has a 275% damage multiplier that deals to enemies(was 200% to health and 400%toarmor).
Evasive Strike now has a 150% damage multiplier that deals to enemies(was 100% to health and 200%toarmor).
The first stage of [Inner Fire: Bide]’s level 2 counter now has a 115% damage multiplier that deals to enemies(was 130% to health and 91%toarmor).
The second stage of [Inner Fire: Bide]’s level 2 counter now has a 190% damage multiplier that deals to enemies (was 170% to health and 221%to armor).
The fourth stage of [Inner Fire: Bide]’s level 3 counter now has a 275% damage multiplier that deals to enemies(was 200% to health and 400%toarmor).

//Dev Note: With bonus damage to armor, it has been difficult for players to gauge exactly how much damage is dealt. Thus, we have removed this bonus damage and instead adjusted base damage, with the total damage remaining unchanged

Weapon Adjustments

I. Dagger
1. Slowed down the landing timing of horizontal jump strikes.

II. Katana
1. Shortened the stagger of vertical [Blink Strikes].

Souljade Adjustments

I. Dagger Souljades
1. [Dreadful Wail] added a sound prompt and special effect of the combo in Leap Strike.
2. [Dreadful Wail] Leap Strike is no longer a Focus move.
3. [Dreadful Wail] increases the airborne drop speed of[Biding Serpent].

In-Game Adjustments

I. Combat Adjustments (Scale Rush, Upward Strike, Dodges, etc.)
1. Improved the recovery frames when usingVitalia and Armor Powder.
2. After a successful counter, if players get hit by a Focus attack, they can now trigger another counter or dodge immediately to interrupt it

II. Shadow Corruption Timing Adjustments

1. In The Survival trios, the 1st Shadow Corruption starts shrinking after 5 minutes (was 4 min 30 sec).
2. The 1st Shadow Corruption shrinking duration is decreased to 240 sec (was 270 sec), and the shrinking range is reduced.
3. Slightly reduced the duration of the safe zones of the 2nd to 7th Shadow Corruptions, reduced the shrinking distance, and increased the shrinking duration.
4. The next Shadow Corruption spread will be viewable immediately when it stops spreading.
//Dev Note:

1) Delayed the start time of the 1st Shadow Corruption spreading in Trios. This aims to alleviate not having enough time to search for resources as initial battles sometimes last quite long.
2) While Shadow Corruption spreads over a shorter period of time now, we have also reduced the spreading range. This means that Shadow Corruption spreads slower than before which should make it easier to escape it.
3) The next safe zone’s location will be viewable earlier than before so that players can plan out rotation ahead of time.

III. Optimization

1. Re-added health bars over heroes in battle. Improved FPS in multiplayer battles.
2. Lowered CPU usage for physics simulations and resource management to increase frame rates.
3. Improved resource load speed to reduce stuttering and waiting times from resources being loaded.

IV. Bloodsport

1. Added the new Winner Spectate function: the winner of the battle will automatically start spectating other players after defeating the opponent. Players can quit the spectating anytime, or reenter the spectating through Match Schedule.

2. Adjusted some areas of the Bloodsport map, and some areas have been replaced.

3. Damage reduction in Bloodsport has been increased to 40% (was 25%).

4. Upon entering the final, the heroes and weapons you used during the previous three rounds will now be automatically selected. You may change your setup before the timer runs out.

5. You can now gain weapon proficiency inBloodsport.
//Dev Note: We adjusted the gaming pace of Bloodsport and will continue to optimize in upcoming versions.

V. Random Rich Resource Areas

1. We’ve added rich resources areas that will appear at random. These will be highlighted on the map and viewable while selecting your spawn location and during the course of the match.
//Dev Note: The five main areas are no longer certain to be rich in resources. Be sure to check your maps before landing on Morus Isle!

VI. Morus’ Blessing

Morus’ Blessing will now provide more varied mythic weapons and souljades. There will now spawn 2 Morus’ Blessings at a time.

Out-Game Adjustments

I. Adjusted the Stats display when entering the match.
Statistics will be displayed in all modes. The Stats will be aligned with the current mode rather than all Stats of trios and solos.

1) Quick Match/The Herald’s Trial: Top 5s & Total Kills
2) Bloodsport: Wins & Total Kills
3) The Bloodbath: Wins & Total Kills

II. Adjusted the difficulty of some hero Cultivation Quests, taking them more in line with expectations:
1. Kurumi and YotoHime now only need to complete 8 Prayer quests (was 10).
2. Temulch and Tianhai now only need to complete 8 Blessing quests (was 10).
3. Tarka Ji and Valda Cui now only need to complete 8 Treasure Hunt quests (was 10).

III. Custom Lobby New Functions & Optimization
1. Added a toggle for Soulbloom Essence to The Herald’s Trial mode.
2. Added the option to randomize the Environment.
3. Added settings for Nearby chat.

IV. The new [Autumnal Parade] event is now available!

Event Time:
11/11/2021 – 11/22/2021 20:00(UTC)

Event rules:

Gain [Tiger Amulets] by completing quests during the event. [Tiger Amulets] can be redeemed for great event rewards.

Redeem ends at:
11/23/2021 20:00(UTC)

Note: Rewards may only be redeemed up until 24 hours after the event ends, so don’t leave it too late!

Store Updates


1. The [Cavalry] BATTLEPASSis now available with plenty of rare items and cosmetics! Players can also unlock Advanced Hidden Treasures for even more rewards!

II. New Cosmetics

The new cosmetics will become available on November 11.

1. New character outfits and weapon skins.

Added new character outfits, accessories, and weapon skins.

2. New Party Display Content:

Added new custom content in Party Display! This includes new bases, gestures, and backgrounds! Collect all manner of custom items to kit out your heroes!

3. New Hairstyles:

Added new custom hairstyles which you can acquire during the new season! Collect them and customize your heroes!

4. New Gestures & Emotes:

Added gestures exclusive to Valda Cui. We’ve also created a range of new expressive emotes which you can equip and use in-game!

5. New Avatars:

Added a bunch of new avatars for you to collect during the new season.

III. Store Vouchers for Great Discounts

How to Use Vouchers:

You can use vouchers in the Cashier menu when buying items at the Store.

How to Get Vouchers:

You can redeem [Lucky Voucher Treasures] during the [Autumnal Parade], which contain one of the following vouchers:
Voucher Drop%
Epic Outfit Voucher 15%
Epic Weapon Voucher 15%
Epic Accessory Voucher 15%
Display Voucher 15%
Treasure Voucher 25%
Legendary Men’s Outfit Voucher 3%
Legendary Women’s Outfit Voucher 3%
Legendary Melee Voucher 3%
Legendary Ranged Voucher 3%
Legendary Accessory Voucher 3%
Vouchers will expire on:
11/24/2021 20:00(UTC)
Note: Vouchers will become invalid after expiry, so don’t leave it too late!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the background music would stop when a player died in the Bloodsport final.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies would always be knocked from the same direction when hit by Tarka Ji’s [Inner Fire: Gigaflame].
  • Fixed a bug where enemies would always be knocked from the same direction when hit by Valda Cui’s [Nether Nightmare] horizontal strikes.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies couldn’t counter Tarka Ji if he charged up a move and quickly dodged while affected by his ultimate.
  • Fixed a bug where some heroes cannot release skills when being hit.

Download free Naraka Bladepoint update for PC.

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