Naraka: Bladepoint update released on PC (Steam). According to the official Naraka patch notes, the latest update added a new structure (Trifid Junction), terrain adjustment (Windwail Gorge) and various bug fixes.

Currently, Naraka servers are down. You can check the Naraka Bladepoint server status here.

Previously, a big update was released which added a new game mode (Bloodsport) to the game. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing a number of issues with the game. Today’s Naraka: Bladepoint patch will address a few of these errors.

Naraka Update Patch Notes – March 31, 2022

Brand-new content!
I. Map Updates

  1. New Structure: Trifid Junction
    Added tunnels between Shipwreck Expanse and Celestra with destructible windows, a new means to flank the enemy.
  2. Terrain Adjustment: Windwail Gorge
    Added a large, semi-open pavilion structure located at the Shipwreck Expanse Suspended Wreckage exit. Watch out for flaming cages when the weather’s dry.

II. Time-limited Event [Spring Herald]Event Time: 03/30/2022 update – 04/13/2022 20:00 (UTC)
Rewards claimable until 04/18/2022 20:00 (UTC).
The event rules are as follows:

  1. Completing Weekly Quests, opening Troves and destroying breakables in-game grants Willow Branches exchangeable for limited-time event rewards! Up to 15 Willow Branches can be gained from Troves per match, up to a max of 40 per day.
  2. Each week, some players will be assigned as Spring Heralds: play in a match with a Spring Herald to get Spring Herald’s Blessings (regardless of whether you’re in their party)!
    [Spring Herald’s Blessing]:
  1. Increases the max number of Willow Branches available from Troves and breakables to 20.
  2. Green or golden Troves will be available in the match, and players will have a chance to get Spring Chests. Only 1 Spring Chest can be gained per match, and up to 2 per day.
  1. Players who become Spring Heralds gain Happy Spring Cards each day, which are used to send others blessings in the form of Qingtuan. Qingtuan are redeemable for limited-time event rewards (but can only be gifted to players while they’re online).

III. Preparation Phase
Opening Time: 03/30/2022 update – 04/13/2022 19:59
We’ve prepared loads of kites for you during the Spring Herald event! They can be flown during match preparation phases. Embrace the spring breeze!

IV. Limited-time event: [The Unspoken][The Unspoken IV]Event Time: 03/31/2022 20:00 (UTC) – 04/03/2022 20:00 (UTC).
Rewards claimable until 04/04/2022 20:00 (UTC).
[The Unspoken V]Event Time: 04/07/2022 20:00 (UTC) – 04/10/2022 20:00 (UTC).
Rewards claimable until 04/11/2022 20:00 (UTC).
Event Rules: Gain [Rattan Cores] by completing quests during the event (items in different event periods are independent). [Rattan Cores] can be redeemed for rare rewards such as the hero outfit [Dusk Silk] and accessory [Gilded Mirror].

V. Limited-time Daily Check Event
Event Time: 04/01/2022 20:00 (UTC) – 04/10/2022 20:00 (UTC).
Event Info: Players who sign in a total of 5 days while the event is running can receive limited-edition hairstyles, limited-edition avatars, and other event rewards.
1st Day Sign-in: Avatar·Qingming Willow
2nd Day Sign-in: Male Hairstyle
3rd Day Sign-in: Willow Branch x20
4th Day Sign-in: Female Hairstyle
5th Day Sign-in: 800 Tae

Hero Adjustments
I. Yueshan’s Ultimate

  1. Reduced the first stage of horizontal strikes’ damage while in the Almighty General state from 156% to 102%. Increased the second stage’s damage while in this state from 156% to 190%.
  2. Reduced [Leaping Slash] damage while in the Almighty General state from 38% + 190% 2 to 34% + 166% 2.

II. Justina Gu

  1. Adjusted the amount of armor restored by [Ice Core] and its duration. Whereas it previously recovered 125 armor 5 times throughout its duration, it now restores 300 armor 2 times instead.
  2. Adjusted the usage times of [Shadowswipes] gained from [Arctic Wraith]: now it can be used 3 times in Solo modes.
  3. Optimized the icons for Justina Gu’s Talents and skills.

III. Tianhai
Improved the visual effects shown when exiting the Vajra state.

IV. Wuchen
Optimized the Talent and skill icons for Wuchen’s ultimate, [Tai Chi Rift·Portal].

Weapon Adjustments
I. Ranged Weapon Close-range Damage Falloff

  1. Pistol
    Added close-range damage falloff: 40% damage falloff at 0-6m and 20% falloff at 6-12m.
  2. Repeating Crossbows, Swarms Bows, Muskets
    Adjusted damage falloff from 40% less damage at 0-6m and 20% less at 6-12m, to 40% less at 0-9m and 20% less at 9-18m.

II. Greatsword

  1. Optimized the hit of charged third-stage horizontal strikes of Greatsword.
  2. Optimized some of the hit performance of [Earthshaker].

III. Spear
Slightly shortened the startup frame of charged vertical strikes made with Spears.

Souljade Adjustments
I. Bow Souljades

  1. Adjusted [Target Lock] effects to “Landing a shot on an enemy with your Bow leaves them unable to sprint or dodge for 3 sec. Attacks on the same enemy can only trigger this once per 15 sec.”.
  2. Reduced the damage of [Fire Arrows]’s single burning from 80 to 50.

II. Pistol
Added the new legendary Souljade [Spring Thunder]: reduces Pistol’s damage and removes the ability to charge shots, but launches 5 explosive rounds with each shot.
(Available only in the [Eternal Blazes] and [Shadow Surge] modes.)

III. Repeating Crossbow
Added the legendary Souljade [Incendiary Quiver]. This Souljade makes your Repeating Crossbow a single-fire weapon, but shots explode on impact with enemies.
(Available only in the [Eternal Blazes] and [Shadow Surge] modes.)

Match Adjustments
I. Omni’s Nightmare

  1. The Evil-Ent Lord and Evil-Ent leveling system has been overhauled. Evil-Ent Lords and Evil-Ents now gain single-match EXP upon defeating enemies or extinguishing Soul Sparks, while granting other Evil-Ent Lords and Evil-Ents a certain amount of shareable EXP too. Gaining EXP levels them up and increases their max health, Attack buff (percentile) and Embers damage resistance.
  2. Added random match-wide effects that trigger when lighting Soul Sparks: ① Two extra Morus’ Blessings. ② 60-second Rift Dealer discounts. ③ 60-second Rage build boosts.
  3. Added random effects that trigger to affect all heroes in range when Soul Sparks are extinguished: ① Skills Banned ② Grappling Hooks banned ③ Blind.
  4. Evil-Ent Lords can distinguish between chat channels, and are able to send messages in the Hero and Evil-Ent channels as they wish.
  5. Heroes no longer drop armor and weapons upon death.
  6. Added a Scout Bell in the center of the map.
  7. If bound by a fake Rattan, players can now tap the interaction button to reduce the duration they’re caught in its clutches.
  8. Improved the logic of matchmaking, Factions, and role assignment. Parties that enter the mode while in a party will usually be assigned to the same Faction. Faction auto-balance is now improved. You’re increasingly likely to be assigned to the Faction you didn’t play as in your previous match.
  9. Improved Evil-Ents’ attack animations, reducing their sprint attacks’ recovery frames and distance. Enhanced performance for Upward Strikes.
  10. The Heroes’ remaining Rebirths will be deducted 600 sec after the match starts.

II. Eternal Blazes
Increased the respawn waiting time by 3s in Eternal Blazes.

III. Rich Resource Area Adjustments
Rich Resource Areas now appear only within starting safe zones, at random.

IV. Soul Run
Formerly, the match would end if only one team remained; even if those on other teams still had Rebirths left. This has been changed: as long as there’s others with Rebirths left, the game will continue even if only one team remains alive. All enemy players must be defeated and have no Rebirths remaining in order for it to end. The number of players currently in Rebirth status is shown in the top-left corner.

V. Mechanics
Increased the max number of Forbidden Seals that can appear in a match.

VI. Controllers

  1. Optimized Bag slot selection. Now, the right stick can be used to select Bag slots.
  2. You now move the map cursor with the right stick, instead of the left stick. Also improved cursor movement and zooming out.
  3. You can now delete map markers by tapping Y on an Xbox controller or △ on a Playstation controller.

VII. Movements
Optimized the movements when falling and rolling from a height, as well as those when sprinting after Sprint Dodge’s second stage.

VIII. Performance Improvements
Optimized the performance in Omni’s Nightmare.
Optimized the behavior patterns of the AI BOT enemies.

Out-Game Adjustments
I. New Ref Spectate Features

  1. Refs can now select Rift Dealers/Morus’ Blessings on the map, and tap I to show the preview interface.
  2. Refs can now tap O to show a player’s Souljade info.
  3. Raised the display priority of Rift Dealers and Morus’ Blessings shown on the map in Ref Spectate, making them easier to select.

II. Custom Lobby Adjustments
Spawn Zones can now be named automatically when set.

III. Gestures
Optimized the display of some gestures and emotes in the outer-match interfaces.

IV. New Controller Mode Settings

  1. Split the View Sensitivity setting into Vertical/Horizontal Sensitivity.
  2. Added “Turning Boost “, “Outer Threshold”, and ” Turning Ramp-up Time”.
    1)”Turning Boost “: Applies when pushing the stick to the greatest extent in a direction.
    2)”Outer Threshold”: Adjusts response bounds when pushing the stick to the greatest extent, the range can be reduced up to 30%.
    3)”Turning Ramp-up Time”: The duration in which “Turning Boost” steadily increases while pushing the stick to the greatest extent.
  3. Added the ” Deadzone”: Helps avoid stick misinputs that would otherwise shift the camera. Lower values offer increased accuracy.
  4. Your original settings have been carried over to “Horizontal View Sensitivity” and “Horizontal View Sensitivity (ADS)”. Other settings remain at their default values.
  5. Players can now change these settings through Esc – Button Layout – Controller Mode – View Sensitivity.

V. Free Training Mode Adjustments

  1. It’s now possible to try out locked skills and ultimate variants in Free Training.
  2. It’s now possible to try out locked outfits in Free Training (having chosen a hero, select non-owned outfits in the Outfits menu, tap ‘Tiral’).

VI. Interaction Optimization of Closet

  1. You will be sent straight back to the Closet interface when you return, having navigated to other menus.
  2. Cancelled the red-point prompts in the Closet interface.
  3. Optimized some of the Weapon icons so as to fit the in-game performance better.

VII. New Store Feature: New Items
Players are now able to browse the newest content in the current (or previous) version from the Store’s ‘New’ page.

Store Updates
I. New Cosmetics

  1. Added the new legendary Wuchen outfit [Incompletion Robe]. Original price: 1,800 Gold. Current price: 1,500 Gold.
  2. Added the new legendary Grappling Hook skin [Flying Squirrel]. Original price: 4,200 Gold. Current price: 3,000 Gold.
  3. Added the 2021 Koi Cup Champion legendary Greatsword skin [Dragonforce Koi·Scorch]. Original price: 1,500 Gold. Current price: 1,250 Gold.
  4. Added the 2020 Koi Cup champion legendary Katana skin [Dragonforce Koi·Blossoms]. Original price: 1,500 Gold. Current price: 1,250 Gold.

II. Discount Info

  1. Valda Cui’s legendary exclusive outfit [Tsunami] is now available at a discount price of 1,500 Gold. Original price: 1,800 Gold.
  2. Tarka Ji’s legendary exclusive outfit [Ill Omen] is now available at a discount price of 1,500 Gold. Original price: 1,800 Gold.
  3. Justina Gu’s legendary exclusive Team Stats base [Idyll•Wild Deer] has returned to its original price of 1,200 Gold.
  4. Justina Gu’s legendary exclusive Team Stats background [Idyll•Firefly] has returned to its original price of 600 Gold.
  5. Kurumi’s legendary exclusive outfit [Silky Leisure] is now back to its original price of 1,800 Gold.
  6. The legendary Longsword skin [Light Bane] is now back to its original price of 1,500 Gold.

Bug Fixes
I. Hero-related Bugs

  1. Fixed an issue where, in certain circumstances, Wuchen couldn’t teleport with [Tai Chi Rift] if he was stunned or grabbed.
  2. Fixed a timing issue that would occur when Justina Gu followed her ultimate with [Shadowswipe] or [Shadowswipe·Blizzard].

II. Weapon-related Bugs
Fixed an issue where sword energy would sometimes fail to stagger enemies.

III. Combat-related Bugs
Fixed an issue where you couldn’t jump, dodge or crouch to interrupt the recovery frames after reviving a teammate with a Rebirth Charm.

IV. Controller-related Bugs
Fixed an issue where nearby item prompts shown when opening your Bag would show the wrong interact button, even after customizing the button in settings.

V. Hero Stats
Fixed an error that would cause inaccuracies in the Top 5 Rate data shown for your last 12 matches.

VI. Omni’s Nightmare

  1. Fixed an issue where Evil-Ent Lords couldn’t use their ultimates while under attack.
  2. Fixed an issue where, if an Evil-Ent had voice chat turned on before they died, it’d default back to off upon respawning.
  3. Fixed an issue where there was no damage reduction applied between Evil-Ent Lords and Evil-Ents.

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