Motor Town Behind The Wheel Update 0.6.2 Patch Notes – January 19, 2022


Motor Town update 0.6.2 is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Motor Town patch notes, this major update added a new world builder and a new 1100 rest area to the game.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Motor Town patch 0.6.2 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

What is new in today’s Motor Town Patch Notes? – January 19, 2022

New World Builder and New 1100 Rest area

We have a new part-time World Builder, Betty!

Her first job was refreshing the 1100 Rest Area. More things will be followed!

New Vehicle

Duke is added

In-Game Feature Request and Vote

You can now post feature requests from the game and vote (Voting is limited to 3 votes per day)

Auto Parking Brake is Removed

Now you have to put parking brake before leaving the vehicle, otherwise, the vehicle will not stop.

This is chosen to player can push around the vehicle after leaving it

In the case of trailers, you can toggle the parking brake on the Control Panel (Thanks to Gtagentleman)

Back to the ground (Beta)

When the system detects a vehicle accelerate rapidly due to physics error, it rolls back to its previous damage state and reset the location

Engine stops when there is no fuel left. Jerrycan to the rescue!

Vehicle no longer move if the fuel tank is empty

Roadside refuel service cost is increased

Jerrycan Item is added. You can buy it from Fuel Pump and hold 3 Jerrycans for each Quick slot and each Jerrycan holds 20Liter of fuel. It’s one-time use.

  • [Sound] Parking brake sound added for Trailers
  • [XP] Now each track gives different Racer XP by lap (Thansk to ODST_General)
  • [Stuck] Character stuck detection is improved (Thanks to Citizen of Nowhere)
  • [Drive] Now you cannot steal a vehicle when someone is driving it (Thanks to FixFote and Noodle)
  • [UI] Cursor mode Key Hint UI is added and Quick bar is highlighted during Cursor mode (Thanks to Nethiuz)
  • [UI] Vehicle selection UI is removed from Join Menu (Thanks to .Dakota)
  • [Input] “Disable controller while in background” option is added (Thanks to [GTY]Lou)
  • [Localization] Unfinished Languages are removed from the game (Thanks to Skaala)
  • [Vehicle] Small cage trailer’s cargo space width is increased to fit 2 Power box (Thanks to ΣLЯICOFATAL)
  • [Bus] Bus passengers now say “Thank you” randomly when they leave (Thanks to [GTY]Lou)
  • [Radio] ‘ The Mix’ is added (Thanks to B Man)
  • [Optimize] Mirror is off at the low settings and My Car Only at the mid settings
Bug Fixed
  • [Rendering] In the Low graphic option, Ocean and Glasses was blinking with lighting randomly (Thanks to TGEmanuel)
  • [Rendering] (Possible Fix) In the Mid/Low graphic option, the white screen happens randomly (Thanks to H.A.R.M, Maniac2461, Ethan V, chucknoia39, and daboybanana)
  • [Multiplayer] When joining multiplayer, the spawned vehicle can overlap with other vehicles (Thanks to [GTY]Lou and Legeden)
  • [Multiplayer] (Possible Fix) Cargo’s expiration time wasn’t visible in Multiplayer Client (Thanks to Vinylicious)
  • [Multiplayer] (Possible Fix) Police vehicle was invisible in Multiplayer Client (Thanks to Legeden and Vampr1c)
  • [Vehicle] Bora’s backside of the cab was not painted (Thanks to malorob and ΣLЯICOFATAL)
  • [Vehicle] Bora didn’t have a rear anti-roll bar (Thanks to ΣLЯICOFATAL)
  • [Vehicle] Summoning the same vehicle while driving it was possible (Thanks to izkaptts)
  • [Vehicle] Concrete Mixer has small dot meshes in the air while hauling a cargo (Thanks to Dalob and KettuF1N)
  • [Vehicle] Price tag is buried inside a vehicle in Multiplayer (Thanks to [GTY]Lou, Zan’theros, DarkFox49, and Velns)
  • [Vehicle] Trailer’s light was kept on after detached (Thanks to [GTY] Lucas and CaptFingerpaint)
  • [Vehicle] Enfo GT didn’t have a back seat (Thanks to Definitely Lombo)
  • [Vehicle] Vista’s passenger stick out from seat (Thanks to LeeZhang)
  • [Vehicle] Pushing vehicle by first contact was not available (Thanks to DirectorHawke)
  • [Vehicle] Vehicles slide sideways slowly while not driving (Thanks to majored1)
  • [Vehicle] Trailer not moving after parking (Thanks to Erick)
  • [Vehicle] Voltex’s cockpit camera is not aligned with the steering wheel and dashboard (Thanks to NICULL™)
  • [Vehicle] Schoolbus’s light goes mad on multiplayer (Thanks to Reddington [Red] ★, majored1 and AussiePanda)
  • [Vehicle] Cannot paint Duke (Thanks to 8Sh1t)
  • [Vehicle] Heavy trailer sways sideways while standing still with parking brake (Thanks to TheAussiePandaYT ♚)
  • [Vehicle] Bora rear right blinker lighting wasn’t working (Thanks to Ruse Spark)
  • [AI] Autopilot and AI vehicle are ramming back of each other in Multiplayer if Host has low Frame rate (Thanks to [GTY]Lou and DKM)
  • [Passenger] AI Passenger still has chat dialog interaction after arrived the destination in Multiplayer Client (Thanks to .Dakota)
  • [Passenger] AI Passengers wasn’t despawned after arriving at the destination when Players are around (Thanks to Golden Icon)
  • [Ambulance] Patient Navigation doesn’t change when the patient is picked up by another Ambulance (Thanks to hladych)
  • [Ambulance] Taxi level wasn’t showing up in Character frame UI while driving an Ambulance (Thanks to RyanClark1995)
  • [Input] Mouse button binding was lost if open the Control Option UI again (Thanks to Tchey)
  • [Track] Shortcut is removed at the Town Circuit 01 (Thanks to hladych)
  • [Cheating] Host’s cheating affected the client while hauling cargo
  • [Sound] Starter sounds stop while out of fuel (Thanks to Gamer9867)
  • [Input] Splitter/Range Selector as switch option doesn’t work (Thanks to Clumsy, murkster-dubez and lettersnumbers)
  • [Item] Jerrycan did not work on multiplayer (Thanks to TheAussiePandaYT ♚)
  • [UI] Mouse button name was too long in Key Hint UI (Thanks to Tchey)
  • [UI] Paint UI’s saturation bar was not visible (Thanks to majored1 and Zan’theros)
  • [World] Toy factory’s cargo interaction box was too high for Lowered Bora (Thanks to Rustyoutback)
  • [World] Offroad surface on Trailer pickup location at the Oversea Imports (Thanks to Definitely Lombo)
  • [World] Removed floating interior light at the Dealership (Thanks to Louise Lancaster)

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