A new Medieval Dynasty update is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Medieval Dynasty patch notes, the latest update added new building(Farm Shed), five new furniture, and much more. Apart from this, Medieval Dynasty patch also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a major update added new dialogue sounds, break slots for Hunters in Hunting Lodge, new activities for NPCs, and more. Unfortunately, some players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Medieval Dynasty patch will address a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Medieval Dynasty 1.5 Patch Notes – November 24, 2022


  • New building – Farm Shed (Employees work in the fields and orchards. Those in the barn don’t do it anymore).
  • New furniture – Composter.
  • Five new furniture – Containers.
  • Seven new wall decorations – Reliefs.
  • New Gate – Plank Gate.
  • New Fence – Plank Fence.
  • It is possible to build the snowman in winter.
  • It is possible to craft snowballs in winter.
  • Over 20 new locations generated on the map.
  • Aim Assist for controllers.
  • New break animations for employees.
  • NPCs reacting to getting bumped into.
  • NPCs reacting to getting hit by a snowball.
  • Horse can fall if it hits something at high velocity.
  • Donkey can fall if it hits something at high velocity.
  • Gameplay tips in loading screen.
  • In some dialogues the ESC/Cancel button will result in exiting/going back in dialogue.
  • New status indicating the number of problems with work in fields and orchards.
  • Number of coins in possession visible during dialogue.
  • Sounds for Player – Scythe and Sickle.
  • Sounds for picking from fields and orchards (every vegetable and fruit has its unique picking sounds).
  • All foliage types have their unique picking sounds (for example: there are different sounds for reed, stick, stone, broadleaf, mushroom, or sapling etc.).
  • Sounds of eating: carrot, onion, and beetroot.


  • Animals launching into the air when killed on steep terrain.
  • The Talk area marker on the compass is bugged when player is mounted.
  • In the quest “Young Love” flowers stay in the inventory after talking to your son.
  • Furniture from “Other” category can be built before getting permission to build on the land.
  • Wrong item selected after removing whole stack.
  • List in Builders Hut not updating when buildings get damaged by a tree.
  • Disappearing items when loading a game save.
  • Toddlers sneezing problem.
  • Dough in cooking stove is not showing correctly in third person when ending crafting.
  • If LMB was pressed before RMB for Throwable item, player had to release both buttons to be able to throw it again.
  • Fixed fast traveller lantern sounds.


  • Memory usage optimizations.
  • Increased the basic building limit by 5.
  • Animals don’t reproduce if they are hungry.
  • Animal Inverse Kinematics improvements.
  • Several animal walking/running speed adjustments.
  • Improved falling off a mount.
  • House decoration system (More slots).
  • Improved the pathfinding on roads.
  • House decoration menu now has categories for easier management.
  • Small trees in orchards don’t block characters.
  • Assigning an NPC to a workplace now no longer requires selecting a profession (now every building has only one profession).
  • Desired skill and profession added to building slot in NPC workplace selection.
  • In the building details at the storage part now weight and coins are visible.
  • Stage names for fields and orchards, suggesting next tasks.
  • Several UI optimizations.
  • Using unstuck button outside of map borders now should move player to starting location.
  • Count of throwable weapons is now shown in HUD.
  • Loudness level of music. Default value of music that we recommend is on 75% and all other sounds like sfx we recommend on 100%.
  • Music Soundtracks are levelled to general loudness standards.
  • All languages updated.

Download free Medieval Dynasty update on PC (Steam).

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