Hunt Showdown Update 1.47 (1.8) Patch Notes for PS4 & Xbox


Hunt Showdown update 1.47 (1.8) is now available to download on PS4, Xbox and PC (Steam). According to the official Hunt Showdown 1.47 patch notes, the latest update added a number of changes and improvements across all maps, new tier 2 weapon lobby animations and more. Apart from this, today’s Hunt Showdown patch 1.47 also brings changes to Cain and how he blends with the environment as well as some fixes to the first person view of certain hunters.

Previously, a major update added reconnect support, a new weapon (Berthier Mle 92), new traits, and much more.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing issues with the game. Today’s Hunt Showdown console update 1.47 will fix a few of these issues.

Hunt Showdown 1.47 patch notes

Server and Client performance improvements

We know that many of you have been experiencing performance issues since Update 1.7 and we want you to know we are committed to getting to the bottom of these and improving performance across the board. With this update, we are bringing some tentative improvements from both a server and client perspective. These changes are as follows:

Server Side

  • Improvements made on the server side to the physicalized entities in the world. This means we have reduced the processing costs attached to AI, Doors, chains and any other interactable object in the world.
  • Removed an unused component that could impact server performance.
  • Improvements made to spikes in performance that were caused by idle AI. These AI were using more recourses than needed so we have made some improvement to their cost on the server when idle. Please be aware, idle AI may have a slower reaction time than normal.

Client Side

Made improvements to the way the game interacts with the Steam API. During a game session, we were calling some features of the Steam API every frame, this can be costly for some systems, so this resulted in a decrease in performance for some of you.

Lightweight Profiler

This tool will help us to further investigate the performance issues that some of you are having. We have added this as a user-friendly way to gather the data we need to further our investigations. Here is how it works:

  • Go to Hunt in the game library, and click on the cogwheel
  • Select properties from the dropdown menu
  • Go to the “Beta” tab
  • Enter the following code: cNfwbj56mwcqPZNA
  • Make sure it shows as “Lightweight – Lightweight profiler” in the drop-down menu on the beta tab.
  • Close this and launch the game. Select “Play Lightweight Profiler”


  • Doors can now open inward if you walk backwards while interacting with them.
  • All ‘Barn’ type fences have been overhauled.

General Fixes


  • Grunts, Hives and Armoured will no longer react to stimulus in unison. This will give them a more natural feel.
  • Improvements made to the leeches and their positioning in relation to Meatheads.


  • Added the latest Port Sulphur Band album “The Sinners Songbook” to the song rotation in the main menu.


  • Adjustments made to the textures of the Legendary Hunter “Cain” to improve his visibility within the surrounding environment.


Adjustments made to the weapon meta stats to bring the details more in line with how the weapons perform in-game. (No actual changes have been made to any weapons with this update).

  • Added the Tier 2 ‘weapon equip’ animations to the lobby and Roster menus.


Stillwater Bayou

  • Re-added a vault point that was previously removed on the North side of the Boss lair in Davant Ranch.
  • Reworked the underground section of The Chapel of Madonna Noir
  • Added a new clue spawn position to the cabin between Chapel and Stillwater Bend.
  • Reworked the layout of Cyprus Huts.
    • Added some extra cover around the perimeter.
    • Added some new windows and a new ladder to boss building.
    • Added some new clue positions.
    • Reduced the amount of water present at this location.
    • Updated the forest on the East side of the compound.
  • Updated the AI spawn positions for the Trials tied to Cyprus Huts.
  • Added a new watch tower and several potential clue spawn locations to the area between Blanchet Graves and Cyprus Huts.
  • Improvements made to the white house between Healing Waters Church and Catfish Grove.
  • Improvements made to the cover for the outside corner of the boss pit in Alive farms.

Lawson Delta

  • Added some solid covers to the sandbags to the roof of Lawson Station.
  • Changes made to the boss lair in Iron Works. Some of the overhead holes in the wall have been opened.
  • Added a metal cover piece between the stairs of the water and workshop building in C&A Lumber.
  • Added some obstacles (crate boxes) to the side of the building on the north side to provide extra cover from players peaking that location from inside Wolfshead Arsenal.


  • Improvements made to the spawn point in the field at Moses Poultry. This spawn is now closer to the rocks providing cover when starting the match.
  • Removed some of the sound traps in Pearl Plantation.
  • Reworked the southside approach to Pearl Plantation.
  • Reworked some of the environment around Lower DeSalle and Reeves Quarry.
  • Cleaned up the environment along the west side of Upper DeSalle.
  • Added some extra detail to improve the terrain at various locations around the map.
  • Improved the roof access for the south side building at Reeves Quarry.
  • Added a new passage and drop-in point to a shack at Kingsnake mine.
  • Improved some areas in Kingsnake Mine to allow for smoother movement and better vaulting.
  • Added some crates as a point of access on very long cliff on the north-west side of Kingsnake Mine.
  • Improvements made to the rocky area near the northern gate of Kingsnake Mine. Added some extra metal sheets to this area to provide cover.
  • Added some reeds to the river to the south of Kingsnake Mine.
  • Improvements made to the environment between Kingsnake Mine and Weeping Stone Mill.
  • Moved the Gramophone from the workshop to the construction site in Kingsnake Mine.

List of Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug that caused AI to sometimes become stuff on spawned items in the world.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Waterdevils from traversing through a choke bomb cloud.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Hive swarms to not chase players the way it is intended.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Armoured to continue to attack a door that has already been broken.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the Meatheads to stand still in the world and not produce any leeches.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the leech shedding animation from Meatheads to continue after their death.


  • Addressed a bug that caused the audio from metal sliding doors to be distorted.
  • Pressing start on the tutorial missions now produces the correct sound.
  • Addressed a bug with the reverb and ambience around the cave entrance to Fort Bolden.
  • Corrected the audio tied to snapping twigs.
  • Fixed several reverb issues that were noticeable across all maps.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the swarm of a Hive barrel to have no audio.


Stillwater Bayou

  • Fixed a bug that caused the screen to turn black when entering the Crypt of Healing waters Church while using Dark Sight.
  • Fixed a floating tree in Catfish Grove.
  • Fixed a collision issue on the roof of the small shack, in the southwest section of Davant Ranch.
  • Fixed several ‘one-way’ see through gaps in Chapel of Madonna Noir.
  • Fixed a floating ammo crate anchor next to the generator in Catfish Grove.
  • Fixed some vegetation clipping issues in Chapel of Madonna Noir.
  • Fixed some clipping issues in the Hunting tower south of Catfish Grove.
  • Fixed a vaulting point at Alain & Son’s Fish that was not working as intended.
  • Fixed several unintended ways of entering the boss lair at Alice Farm.
  • Added some new Barrel anchor points to Alice Farm.
  • Fixed a floating loot anchor in Catfish grove.

Lawson Delta

  • Fixed several floating barrels and loot items around Golden Acres & Salters Pork.
  • Fixed several ‘one-way’ see through gaps in the roof at Maw Battery.
  • Fixed some floating look items in Iron works.
  • Fixed a misaligned window in Maw Battery.
  • Fixed some floating skulls that appear in Maw Battery when the spider is present in that location.
  • Fixed a floating loot anchor in the hunting tower south of Goddard Docks.
  • Fixed an area south of Iron works that could not be traversed through.
  • Reworked the collision for the Lawson Station Workshop roof.
  • Reduced the spawn numbers of Hives at Arden Parish.
  • Fixed an area in Salters pork that allowed players to hide behind the Assassin dressing.
  • Fixed some floating objects in Nicholls Prison.
  • Fixed a floating clue in Wolfshead Arsenal.


  • Fixed multiple windows, doors, ladders, and sound traps around the map that were incorrectly scaled.
  • Fixed an area that could cause players to become stuck in the forest between Ash Creek Lumber and Upper Desalle.
  • Addressed a bug that allowed players to walk on the outsides of the bridges around the map.
  • Fixed several unintended gaps & cracks in Stanley Coal Company.
  • Adjusted several windows in Stanley Coal Company.
  • Fixed a non-interactable loot anchor in Darin Shipyard.
  • Fixed a non-interactable loot anchor in Forked Fishery.
  • Fixed an inaccessible cash register that can spawn in Reeves Quarry.
  • Fixed some floating loot anchors in Fort Bolden.
  • Adjusted the gap above the cranked gate in Darin Shipyard.
  • Fixed some floating branches south of Pelican Island Prison.
  • Fixed a spot in Kingsnake mine where players could get stuck.
  • Corrected some aspects of the muddy forest areas around Stanley Coal Company and Heritage pork.
  • Consistency pass performed on the Meathead Spawns across DeSalle.
  • Fixed some vegetation that would disappear when going into Pelican Island Prison from the Testimonial Church.
  • Addressed a bug with the Butcher decals in Upper DeSalle.
  • Fixed some issues with the Assassin decals in Moses Poultry.
  • Fixed some floating rocks in Reeves Quarry.
  • Fixed some of the Assassin decals at Heritage Pork.
  • Fixed some loot anchors that were clipping into the world geometry in Reeves Quarry and Darin Shipyard.
  • Correct the visuals tied to the mud hills near Stanley Coal Company.
  • Improvements made to the train wreck near Moses Poultry.
  • Fixed a previously randomised window that is now permanently accessible in Fort Bolden.
  • Fixed two windows in Fort Bolden that were not working as intended.


  • Fixed some network synchronization issue that caused some hit reactions to glitch.


  • Addressed a bug that caused the FMJ ammo on the Winfield Silencer to have an increase trigger range as well as still having a muzzle flash.
  • Fixed a bug that caused doors and windows to open when removing a knife/axe/bolt.
  • Removing a throwing knife from a teammate will no longer cause further damage.
  • The correct ping marker is now displayed when pinging the consumable ammo boxes.
  • Fixed a rare issue that caused the speed loader bullets to get stuck inside the Scottfield Swift.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the 3rd person animation of the Dual Scottfield Swifts to show the incorrect timings during reload.
  • Addressed a bug that caused the LeMat Cylinder to spin after fanning.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Winfield Musket Bayonet to have the incorrect ammo count when using FMJ ammo.
  • Fixed a minor visual issue with the 3P animation when charging choke and frag bombs
  • Addressed a bug where the ammo switch animation on the Romero was not correctly synced.
  • Addressed a bug that caused the Lebel and its variants to fall through the floor in some instances.

Download free Hunt Showdown update 1.47 on PlayStation 4, Xbox and PC (Steam).

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