Player Profile Limit

increased the maximum Player Profile level from 5,000 to 7,500 and introduced new visual representations of the profiles to support this new level cap.
The currently achievable profile names are:

Malus Necessarium (01 – 2,500)
Ius Obscurus (2,501 – 5,000)
Mortifer Velocis (5,001 – 7,500)

Mono Audio

added an option to enable Mono Audio in the Audio menu.

Instinct Kill Conditions

made some changes to how kill conditions are displayed in Instinct during gameplay. Currently, enabling Instinct when playing a Featured Contract will display the kill conditions (target name, suit, weapon). With this patch, the following improvements have been made:

– Instinct kill conditions are now also displayed when playing Escalations, including Seven Deadly Sins content.

– Default conditions (Any Disguise / Any Method) are always hidden from the Instinct kill conditions

There are a very limited number of instances where the Instinct kill conditions don’t match the mission objectives HUD, due to extremely specific setups in a handful of Escalations. In general though, this change will greatly improve the experience of playing Escalations and Featured Contracts.

Subtitle Background

Added an option to enable a background for the game’s subtitles and choose the opacity.

Master Difficulty

What Is Thy Bidding, My Master? tweaked the Master Difficulty for HITMAN 3, to add more cameras and enforces – to give you the ultimate challenge.
Dartmoor and The Carpathian Mountain are the only locations without added cameras.

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