HALO (MCC) Master Chief Collection update 1.2969.0.0 patch notes released for PC and Xbox players. According to the official HALO MCC patch notes, the latest update brings Match Rejoin, Steam Workshop, Plug ‘n’ Play, Campaign collectibles in Halo: CE and Halo 4 and much more.

Previously, a big update added the latest version of the game engine to the console. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game.

Today’s Halo Master Chief Collection August 31 patch will fix these issues. Check out more details below.

What is new in Halo Mcc December 2022 Update? – December 7, 2022



Reaching a new level in the Halo: The Master Chief Collection progression system will now grant 1 Spartan Point for all available levels. Prior to this update, players would receive 1 Spartan Point per level up to level 100 (Tour 4, Level 10). Players can now earn 1 Spartan Point for all 330 levels (Tour 11, Level 30).


Players will now be able rejoin a matchmaking session they were either disconnected from or intentionally left, so long as the game is still in progress.

Players who were automatically kicked from the match due to a violation will not be able to rejoin an in-progress match.


The Acrophobia and Bandanna Skulls have been added to the Halo 4 campaign. The Acrophobia Skull allows players to fly through the air after double pressing then holding the jump button or key. Once in the air, press the crouch button or key to hover in place. The Bandanna Skull provides players with unlimited ammunition and grenades as well as instant cooldowns for their equipped Armor Ability.


The Recharge and Survivor Support Upgrades, as well as the Resistor Tactical Package, are now available in Halo 4 multiplayer in Halo: The Master Chief Collection.


Subtitles for mission dialogue are now available in gameplay for all campaigns in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. To enable and customize subtitles, go to the Accessibility tab in the Settings menu and select the Subtitle Settings button.


The Acrophobia and Bandanna Skulls have been added to the Halo: Reach campaign.


Forge in Halo: Reach has received multiple new improvements:

  • Object Duplication: Duplicate an object and retain all assigned properties with a single press of a button.
  • Reset Orientation: This feature was previously available in the Forge menu but is now available as a hotkey.
  • Delete By Palette and Delete Everything: Delete all objects from a single palette, or delete everything, using this shortcut in the Forge menu.
  • Location Name Markers: These placeable items allow players to use one of 256 preset names to identify areas on their maps. This feature is currently only available on the Forge World and Tempest canvas maps.

The Options & Career menu is now laid out vertically and includes answers to frequently asked questions. The Exchange, which was previously only available on the main menu, can now be accessed from this menu.

Bug Fixes


  • The text chat window will now scroll down to show messages longer than 2 lines.
  • Loading screens no longer close the text chat window or cause in-progress messages to be lost.
  • Voice chat will no longer be cut off when the game enters a loading screen.
  • Theater’s Toggle Panel function will now consistently close the control panel after being rebound to a non-default key.
  • Loading screen elements and the correct map’s image will now consistently appear when loading into a Custom Game Browser (CGB) session for the first time.


  • Tertiary armor colors now appear correctly in Halo 3’s Customization menu.
  • Improved frames per second (FPS) in the Customization menu on Xbox One X consoles.
  • Corrected the Preferred Species option’s tooltip in the Halo 2, Halo 2: Anniversary, and Halo 3 Customization menus.
  • Tooltips for locked Halo 3: ODST Customization content will now provide details on how to unlock that content.


  • The tab names in the Settings menu will now correctly update after changing the in-game text language setting.
  • The Vehicle Field-of-View (FOV) setting is now named Third Person Field-of-View. This change was made due to the setting also affecting the camera’s field-of-view when carrying weapons such as the Flamethrower or turrets.


  • The correct number of Map Variants will now be displayed on each map’s thumbnail in a Custom Games lobby’s Choose Map carousel.
  • Files will no longer display inflated file sizes after being uploaded and viewed in the Shared Files menu.
  • Files in the Shared Files menu or another player’s File Share will no longer show a file size of 0 bytes once downloaded.
  • Editing then saving default Game Variants in Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 multiplayer will now correctly list the player in the Edited By line of the My Files menu.


  • The tooltips for the UI Color Blindness setting’s Brightness and Contrast sliders have been improved. These updated tooltips now clarify that the Brightness and Contrast sliders apply their changes in addition to the game’s own Brightness and Contrast values found in the Video tab of the Settings menu.
  • When using the tritanopia color blindness setting, weapon crosshairs are now better differentiated when pointed at allies and when in their default state. This change applies to:
    • Halo 2 Classic
    • Halo 2: Anniversary
    • Halo 3
    • Halo: Reach
  • The text chat window will now scroll correctly when the Speech to Text accessibility setting is enabled.
  • The selected UI Color Blindness setting will now correctly appear after relaunching the game and entering the main menu.
  • The Narrator feature will now correctly read the name of each game listed in the Customization menu.
  • Game Color Blindness settings will no longer override the UI Color Blindness settings while navigating menus.


  • Campaign cutscenes can now be skipped without pressing multiple button inputs.
  • To better match legacy behavior, teleporters in multiplayer maps now have a delay before allowing a player to trigger another teleport.
  • Text in the upper left corner of the Heads-Up Display (HUD) is now larger.
  • The crosshair will now turn red and, when using a controller, aim assist will work as expected when targeting Flood Carrier forms.
  • When Classic graphics are enabled, visual artifacts no longer occur after the Master Chief inserts the Index into the control panel in the “Two Betrayals” mission.


  • Resolved an issue in Classic multiplayer that caused players with low shields to see their own shield bar flash and hear damage sound effects when shooting their weapon.


  • In Classic graphics mode, characters’ faces in cutscenes will no longer appear to twitch while they speak.
  • Held weapons will now carry over between applicable campaign missions. Applicable mission transitions include:
    • Outskirts to Metropolis
    • The Arbiter to The Oracle
    • Delta Halo to Regret
    • Sacred Icon to Quarantine Zone
    • Uprising to Great Journey
  • Some weapon elements like Shotgun shells are no longer visible when cloaked with Anniversary graphics enabled.
  • After completing a mission with Classic graphics enabled, switching between graphic modes during the next mission’s opening cutscene will no longer cause the video to freeze or co-op sessions to disconnect.
  • Turning and boosting simultaneously in a Ghost will no longer cause players or their Ghost to shake or stutter.
  • Classic audio quality has been improved to better match legacy behavior.


  • Improved stability for online co-op sessions of 3-4 players.
  • The holographic Rings in the mission “The Covenant” are now consistently visible.
  • A Moa collectible on the mission Sierra 117 will now only appear if it counts towards a Challenge’s progress.
  • Weapon and vehicle skins no longer appear to pop-in at the beginning of multiplayer matches or when picking up new weapons.
  • Kills with melee weapons like the Energy Sword or Gravity Hammer will now correctly grant the Melee Kill medal when the Original or Original+ medals setting is enabled.
  • Stowed weapons will no longer appear to clip through the back of the Mirage chest armor.
  • Warthog headlights are now oriented correctly.
  • Hornet engines now appear correctly when viewed from below.
  • Players who finish loading into an online multiplayer session before other players will now see the in-game scoreboard rather than a black screen.
  • Players in Custom Games will now see the in-game scoreboard rather than a black screen when the session migrates to a new host.


  • Resolved visual issues affecting shield effects on Stealth Flood Combat Brutes.
  • The Boom Skull now has an “experimental skull” warning in the Mission Select menu.
  • Combat dialogue from the player’s character will now consistently play in the selected voice language.


  • Resolved graphical issues that occurred in the corners of the screen when using scoped weapons in a splitscreen session.
  • The Master Chief now appears correctly in the first cutscene of the mission “Forerunner” when played on PC with Performance graphics selected.


  • Players with Elite as their Preferred Species can now enter Sabres in multiplayer.
  • When flown upside down, the Sabre and Seraph vehicles will no longer appear to spin when viewed by other players.
  • Smoke emitting from Noble 6’s helmet in the campaign’s intro cinematic will now animate smoothly.
  • Resolved a rare issue that allowed players to appear standing on top of vehicles in first-person while maintaining control of the vehicle and using their on-foot weapons.
  • The “Swift and Shallow” Achievement will now unlock more consistently when hijacking Banshees in campaign.

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