Bloons TD 6 update 34 (BTD6 34.0) is now available to download on PC(Steam), Android, iOS, macOS. According to the official BTD6 34 patch notes, the latest update added a new Boss Bloon, a new map, new hero skin, a new achievement, and much more. Apart from this, the BTD6 update 34 also includes a long list of fixes.

Previously, a major update 32 added a new boss, new changes and quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, players are facing various bugs and gameplay changes. Today’s Bloons TD 6 34 update will address a few of these issues. Read more details below.

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BTD6 Update 34 Patch Notes – December 8, 2022

Key New Features

  • New Boss Bloon: Dreadbloon!
    • From the dark underground depths to the skies above, Dreadbloon brings its signature connection to the subterranean to combat even the toughest of Monkey defenses. Destroy Dreadbloon’s earthen armor only to find a lead interior with new special properties – complete immunity to different Monkey Tower categories each time the armor reforms. Even Paragons in those categories are rendered temporarily harmless. As if that’s not enough, Dreadbloon also spawns resilient Rock Bloons each time a skull is reached and until its stone armor is destroyed, and these Rock Bloons are so fearsome that any Monkey set to strong targeting will feel taunted to attack the Rock Bloon before anything else. Watch out for Dreadbloon in upcoming weekly Boss events and win those prestigious Dreadbloon badges!

New Awesome

  • New Beginner Map: One Two Tree!
    • A fun seasonal beginner map with an interesting twist! At certain rounds the trees are taken away to decorate Monkey homes leaving more space in which to build defenses. A bit like an automated Cornfield, but these plots also confer a handful of special properties to the Monkeys placed there. Pay attention to the colors and shapes on the billboard legend to help understand which Monkeys will benefit from each plot. This was a fun system to enable for use in maps, so we’ll plan to do more of this in the future and we also expect this will be heaps of fun for custom challenges – we look forward to seeing your ideas!
  • New Hero Skin: Sleigh Churchill skin
    • Inspired by the work done in Bloons Pop, Churchill’s combat ready sleigh was an easy pick for a seasonal hero skin. We had heaps of fun with this voiceover recording; Kevin Orlando did an amazing job as always, and we promise we only made a couple of sleigh homonym puns!
  • New Achievement: Invigoration
  • New Trophy Store Items
    • Game & UI: Avatar 66 – Avatar of Wrath, Avatar 68 – Absolute Zero
  • Competition Winning items
    • Banner 24 – Boomerang Glaives by u/ReconScoutTeemo
    • Banner 25 – Glyphs by u/PvtMagnuS
  • Limited Time only
    • Co-op – Fullscreen Sleighbells emote
    • Banana farm – Presents projectile swap
    • Ninja Monkey – Snowflake shuriken projectile swap
    • Dart Monkey – Snowballs projectile swap
    • Tack Shooter – Icicles and Snowflakes projectile swap
    • Avatar 65 – Christmas wreath avatar (Obyn Wolf)
    • Avatar 67 – Happy Holidays avatar (Etienne)
    • Banner 23 – Seasons Greetings
  • New CT Team Store items
    • Building Props: Christmas Tree prop
    • Team Banners: Team Banner 9 – Delicate Snowflake, Team Banner 10 – Roast Banana
    • Icons: Alien Icon, Crown Icon
    • Frames: Bloon Frame, Military Frame

What’s Not Here – Yet!

  • Context and Reality Check
    • 2022 was a big year for the BTD6 team and Ninja Kiwi overall. Getting out of lockdowns and back to work in person was a huge gift and we were excited to build big and exciting updates. Both Geraldo and Contested Territory pushed the game into new design and technical areas, but also required additional post-launch work.
    • From a team perspective, getting out of lockdowns and the return of travel also meant long overdue family reunions and we supported extended time off for those purposes without hesitation. In parallel, we also saw more sick leave this year as unsurprisingly cold and flu season hit us particularly hard in Auckland this year, causing significantly more time off for ill health during September and October. While we did plan more time and did one fewer update this year than last in order to make room for a huge end of year update, this important leave time did impact us more than expected and planned.
    • Rather than delay the entire update, we decided to delay two elements so we could still bring the Dreadbloon, the One Two Tree map, Sleigh Churchill, and new Trophy and Team Store items out for holiday.
  • Dark Dungeon Expert Map
    • We’ve been excited to respond to community requests for another difficult Expert map, especially with this excellent and inspiring community design. We implemented as designed and then iterated the room areas and path splits, in particular MOAB-class entering from two paths to prevent single path clustering. We riffed on the secret statue tower and included secrets and traps to match the dungeon theme and balance difficulty across modes and late game. These changes were producing a fantastic quality map but the nuances of the statue tower design, art, code, and QA made it compete for attention with the Beast Handler. At the point where we felt Beast Handler could still be delivered, we had to push Dark Dungeon to update 35 in the new year.
  • Beast Handler
    • This tower is very unique. The Beasts were completely different from any other mechanic in the game, and they of course required 15 new models and animation sets completely separate from the normal tower model and animations. Sharing more about the tower functionality than we have before, the Beasts were also designed to synergize, so several Handlers together would combine their Beasts in order to enable higher tier Beasts.
    • Amazing art and animations were built, signature code was written and optimized, and design was iterated. In many ways, the Beast Handler was completed, bug tested, and nearly ready to release – nearly. Up until last week, we thought the changes were making progress, but ultimately during the last playtests of the week at both Auckland and Dundee offices, we agreed there was too much confusion with the combination system and how Beasts would interact with other Handlers.
    • Ninja Kiwi has always cared about quality and providing our players with the best possible experience and the tower just didn’t feel like it was there. It wasn’t up to the standard we set ourselves and the standard we hold the game to. While we are extremely disappointed that we won’t be able to release a new tower this year, the team felt it was the right call to make as the Beast Handler was just not quite ready to be unleashed.
    • This was a very difficult call after all the incredibly hard teamwork that was put in to get this done – for us to simply say that it is not yet ready to play. We can and will make this better but with the amount of revision needed, we are moving the Beast Handler out at least two updates to update 36 at the earliest. This is not a set date for the release, however. We are giving ourselves a few months to go back to the fundamental design and make sure we can make good on our commitment to quality.
    • We will be working hard to get the Beast Handlers into your hands but we want to release a tower you all find enjoyable, challenging (in a good way!) and, most importantly, fun! We really appreciate the love and support you have all provided us with this year and we hope you will understand the decision we've made and why.

Game Changes / Additions

  • A number of localization fixes, especially centered around the newer Polish language option, thank you to everyone who offered their feedback on that.
  • Advanced challenges & Time Attack tiles in CT will no longer earn XP
  • Failed CT score submissions due to internet problems are now able to attempt to resubmit
  • Boss Events now support multipliers to Boss Speed & Boss HP as an event rule
  • Boss Events now support paragon count limits as an event rule
  • CT Events now support splitting up tile degradation rules based on the tile type
  • CT Events rules now support the option of tiles going ‘stale’, not awarding any more points but still remaining captured – we’ve built out some systems to address issues players are having with how CT works currently and will be trying some things out in future now that the systems are in place
  • The Trophy Store icon on the main menu will now display a notification when there are limited time items available that you don’t yet own

Bug Fixes & General Changes

  • Resolved an issue with placing certain towers near the top of the map preventing their model from loading
  • Resolved a game crash on boost upgrading a hero that has already leveled past 10
  • Save icon on maps should no longer interact with clicks as if it is it’s own separate button
  • Resolved a crash that could occur when exiting a custom input mode for a tower
  • Resolved an issue preventing first game launch without internet for no reason
  • Resolved a number of map specific placement issues
  • Resolved a crash that could occur when quickly entering and exiting from CT
  • Resolved an edge case with host re-joining lobby causing games to run in different modes for each player
  • Resolved an issue where focus markers could remain on CT map after new event start
  • Resolved a noticeable lag spike on game saving the player profile
  • Resolved an issue with stacking model assets on CT island menu
  • Resolved an issue with store purchased relics & their regular counterparts sometimes not stacking together
  • Resolved an issue with CT King item restarting its full animation on every interaction
  • Resolved an issue that could occur with the pre-game prep knowledge spikes being removed if not hitting any Bloons
  • Resolved an issue with remaining Race Passes sometimes being unable to update display to the correct amount that you have
  • Added ‘Teams’ icons to available player banners that are available from their Teams
  • Resolved an issue where creating a paragon from the middle path T5 tower would recover cooldown instantly
  • Resolved an issue where default hero skins were not initially displayed as a selectable hero skin choice
  • All CT Team Store notification Pips should now be clearable by clicking on the items
  • Resolved an issue with the ‘Go to Trophy Store’ button instead saying ‘remove’ on banners you don't have
  • Removed Hidden T-Posing Monkeys in the background easter egg that could occur when a menu is opened over the top of the Main Menu.
  • Resolved some language filtering issues
  • Optimizations made to the Team Search / Quick Join search results
  • Resolved some low framerate issues on specific pixel devices
  • Resolved an issue with Monkey Team rewards not visually displaying for all players in co-op
  • Resolved a crash that could occur when purchasing race passes on the pause menu
  • Resolved a crash that could occur when loading a save with a necromancer in an odyssey
  • Resolved some menu UI situations that displayed a blackened out background
  • Potentially fixed that old crooked medal visual bug that still gets reported a lot
  • A number of behind the scenes optimizations

Dart Monkey

  • Resolved niche cases in which Juggernaut’s projectiles would not properly be able to hit targets again after rebounds

Boomerang Monkey

  • 5xx Glaive Lord DoT can no longer be applied to DDTs from a camo village without being able to deal damage to lead

Tack Shooter

  • Inferno Ring should now swap to 'first' target on upgrade purchase

Monkey Ace

  • Resolved an issue with Goliath doomship degree 100 end trail fx were being culled from the simulation incorrectly

Heli Pilot

  • Comanche xx4 upgrade damage should no longer incorrectly change with crosspathing

Super Monkey

  • 5xx True Sun God resolved a potential Co-op error on purchasing upgrade
  • 4xx & 5xx Super Monkeys should no longer attack during upgrade animation

Captain Churchill

  • Captain Churchill's Tank Drop Trophy Store item's animation now works correctly again


  • Resolved an issue with Vengeful Adora projectile assets not correctly displaying


  • Resolved an error where Etienne would not record all stats correctly to your profile
  • Lv3 Drone Swarm ability now has a forced expiration after the drone swarm duration +10s to prevent them getting stuck
  • ETn beam down animation should now play correctly on loading a save

Platform Specific fixes

  • Windows Store: Resolved a crash that could occur on save
  • Epic version: Webview now supports Linking Codes
  • Apple Arcade: Monkey Names trophy item is no longer available for Child Accounts
  • Apple Arcade: Resolved an infinite loading screen some users could come across
  • Apple Arcade: Resolved an issue with Save Slot 3 not saving to iCloud when using multiple devices logged into the same iCloud account
  • Apple Arcade: Resolved an issue with fresh local saves not conflicting with remote saves
  • Apple Arcade: New UI to notify players of their iCloud account's enabled/disabled state
  • MacOS: can no longer set game resolution to smaller than 800 x 600 since it cannot properly support a resolution that small
  • MacOS: Resolved a game softlock on initial loading screen after selecting new cloud data on older version of the game
  • Resolved a crash that could occur on certain iOS devices
  • Resolved a map compression issue for the Alpine Run map on Android devices.

Balance Changes

For a full breakdown of the balance changes in update 34.0, please check out the update notes on Reddit

Looking Forward

While we need to look at our planning overall and learn from the places where we bit off more than we could chew, we’re still planning on incredible updates for next year!

  • Console: we’ve made great progress on the Xbox and Playstation versions of BTD6, and we will have these released as early next year as possible given the approval process on these platforms; we’ll update on this as we have meaningful news but we can tell you that 4 player couch co-op is truly awesomer!
  • Update 35: we need these first updates of the year to be smaller so the team can rest and relax over the holidays, but we will have Dark Dungeon and as much extra as we can squeeze in
  • Update 36: we’ll be pushing to have Beast Handler ready for this update but we’ll continue to hold it until it’s ready; there will be extra awesome here as well but still juggling whether that would be a Paragon or Boss
  • Key Goals: we’re still brainstorming and pitching ideas for next year so there will be more than the list below but these are areas where we are excited to build new awesome
    • Quests: both as events and as a player-paced progression system, we’re already underway with a system to support multiple linked games with short narratives and special rewards
    • New Heroes, Paragons, and Bosses: with particular focus on new mechanics, challenge variety, and exciting visuals
    • New Team Events and Features: more ways for Teams to play, compete, and have fun together, focusing on skill rather than grind, as well as new Team tools to help find like-minded players and safely communicate
    • Creators: improved coordination around releases, creator events, and expanding the creator code program
    • Map Editor and Player Creators: a fully functional in-game map creation tool with a curation pipeline is a huge goal; we’ll attempt to build this in stages so we can get more frequent community feedback about what should come next
  • 2023 and Beyond: we’ll start working on these pieces in 2023 but we’re not sure whether they will land in 2023 or after
    • Mod support: whether via direct support or 3rd party tools, we’ll be developing better ways for modders to have fun with the game while improving the tracking and compartmentalizing of mod-based play to alleviate friction with accounts, main game progress, and fair competitive play
    • Tower & Bloon Editor: potentially overlapping with mod support, we’ll continue working on ways to play and have fun tweaking existing Monkey Towers and Bloons, and ultimately create a safely curated pipeline for new Tower and Bloon ideas
    • Player Creator payback: a challenge on the technical, legal, and financial fronts, we still think that it’s important to share back with player creators if they help create valuable content for others. We love the idea that someone might get into game design and development because of the work they started in BTD6 or that others might be able to make a little bit of extra money and make their lives better by playfully working on a game they already enjoy. This is a massive challenge but we like the old wisdom that rising tides should lift all boats, and we know Admiral Brickell agrees.

Download free Bloon TD 6 (BTD6) apk 34.0 on Android.

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