Guilty Gear Strive update 1.23 (1.023.000) is now available to download on PS4, PC, and PS5. According to the official Guilty Gear Strive 1.23 patch notes, the latest update added a new playable character(Sin Kiske) and fixes for bugs. Apart from this, Guilty Gear Strive patch 1.23 (1.023) also includes general performance improvements.

Previously, a Guilty Gear Strive update 1.21 added a new character Bridget to the game. Unfortunately, players have been experiencing issues with the game since the last patch. Today’s Guilty Gear Strive version 1.23 will fix a few of these issues.

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GG Strive Update 1.23 Patch Notes – November 23, 2022

General / Game Modes

・Added Sin Kiske as a playable character.
*The character will be available after purchasing the “GGST Season Pass 2” or “Sin Kiske” DLC items, both to be released on November 24.

・Added Sin Kiske’s theme, “The Hourglass.”
*Sin Kiske must be selectable in order to use the BGM.

・Added avatar items for Sin Kiske.
*The new avatar items can be obtained via “fishing.”

・Added the following BGM to Gallery Mode:
“Ride on Time” (Sin’s theme from Guilty Gear: Overture)
“Communication” (Sin VS Ky theme from Guilty Gear: Overture)
“Just do it” (Sin’s theme from Guilty Gear Xrd)
The new BGM will be available in each mode after obtaining them via “fishing.”

・Fixed a bug in the Steam version that caused an error when selecting “Network” mode while not connected to the network.

・Fixed a bug in the Steam version that caused errors sometimes when multiple input devices were connected simultaneously.

・Fixed a bug in the Steam version where under certain conditions some letters could not be input via keyboard.

Player Match

・Fixed a bug in the Steam version where changed button settings would not be applied for certain functions in the menu while spectating a match.

・Fixed a bug in the Steam version where a match could be continued after a disconnection when the connection was lost by a specific procedure.

Replay Theater

・Fixed a bug in the Steam version that caused errors when selecting View List of Replay or Search options in the Replay Theater while not connected to the network.

Digital Figure Mode

・Added items related to Bridget.
The new digital figure items will be available after obtaining them via “fishing.”


Chipp Zanuff:
・Fixed a bug with Gamma Blade that would disrupt the match when it hits during the Wall Break sequence.


・Fixed minor bugs.
・Fixed typographical errors in some of the text.

We will post further updates regarding future game updates and their contents on the official web site and Twitter account.
We ask for your continued support for Guilty Gear -Strive-.

Download free GG Strive patch 1.23 on Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Xbox One.

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