Grounded update 0.11.1 is now rolling out on PC and Xbox One. According to the official Grounded patch notes, the latest update resolves a number of issues with the game. Apart from this, Grounded patch 0.11.0 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a major update added 8 new creatures, 4 new biomes, an updated haze area, and more.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing issues with the game. Today’s Grounded patch 0.11.0 will address a few of these errors.

Grounded Patch Notes for Update 0.11.1 – October 21, 2021


  • A full colony of Red Ants will no longer all try to sleep in the same spot in the anthill when sleeping. Reduces Ant bunching at night.
  • Item slots now show the weapon upgrade type (Tough, Mighty, Fresh, Spicy, Salty) instead of the level number. The item level number can still be viewed in the description box.
  • Cactus hazard has a cooldown before hurting you again.
  • The empty jar under the picnic table has been adjusted to make it easier to get out of.
  • Fence planks near the Hedge have been updated to the new fence plank art.
  • Treasure in the Sandbox will randomly respawn instead of all spots respawning all the time.
  • Repair costs for Salt Morning Star and Mint Mace are now equivalent.


Major Issues

  • Addressed crash related to equipping / unequipping items.
  • Addressed crash related to bases.
  • Addressed crash related to creature pathing.
  • The switch to the main lab room in the Black Ant Hill no longer gets stuck in a bad state.
  • Under construction tape blocking the Hot and Hazy areas has been removed.


  • Walls crenelate again.
  • Temp BURG.L Quest text is no longer temp.
  • You can no longer purchase some Milk Molar upgrades without having enough Milk Molars.
  • Duplicate entries for Pebblet Foundation and Shovel+ no longer show up in the BURG.L Swap Shop if you are loading a save from 0.10 or earlier that has collected the old Paint Can BURG.L chip.
  • Tech Chip BURG.L Quests for chips in harder areas of the yard will no longer show up in the available quest list early in the game.
  • Coup De Grass level 2 will properly unlock if you find the clover second. Old saves with this issue will need to do the non-clover part again for it to unlock.
  • Improved client interaction consistency while crouched.


  • Arrow damage values are consistent across the same tier.
  • New Equipment from the Hot and Hazy update now have the correct durability values.


  • Hotpouch slots show the item count again.
  • Clients that unequip an item or throw an item will have their hot pouches correctly refreshed.

Download free Grounded patch 0.11.1 on PC and Xbox One.

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