Gotham Knights Heroic Assault update is rolling out on PC(Steam). According to the official Gotham Knights patch notes, the latest update added new features, 4 player co-op, 30 floors and much more. Additionally, the Gotham Knights patch also includes stability fixes.

Recently, a major update added various tweaks and quality-of-life changes. Unfortunately, some players are also experiencing issues with the game. Today’s Gotham Knights update will address a few of these issues.

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Gotham Knights Patch Notes – November 29, 2022

New Features

Heroic Assault

• Journey deep into Gotham’s underworld (literally) and discover the mystery awaiting at the bottom!

• Four player co-op

• 30 floors

• New gear

• New transmogs

• Launched from player’s location in North Gotham or through the main menu

• Main menu access is available after initially using the North Gotham entrance


• The villains are back for round 2! Square off against supercharged versions of the game’s main DC Super-Villains, including Mr. Freeze, Harley Quinn, Clayface and Talia al Ghul.

• Solo or two player co-op

• More difficult versions of the game’s boss fights

• New gear

• New transmogs

• Launched from the villains trophies in Belfry



• HP requirements for Stealth takedowns

• Boss elemental gears requirements and resistances

• Late game content

• AI Spawning closer to the player’s level

• Enemy health has been lowered on hard difficulty

• Weapon and gear stats


• Fix for missing ability points not granted to the player at times

• Robin’s Vantage Mine blast radius reduced

• Robin’s Hanging Vantage Takedown will slightly alert enemies instead of revealing the player’s location

• Robin’s Warping Shot ability doesn’t stop armored attacks anymore

• Fix for AI reaction to Batgirl’s Hacking Overload on non-grounded turrets

• Robin’s Slideways Takedown ability disabled on Court of Owl’s Talons

• Robin’s Bo Swing now applies guard break

• Fixes for Piercing ability icons

• Removed cooldown HUD visual feedback for instant abilities

• Throwing enemies will do increased damage. Additionally, it will cause the enemy to be stunned

• Co-op attack damage has been increased and will award 1 bar of momentum


• Ruthless Healing conditional property now working as intended

• Increased stealth potential stat on stealth gear

• Adjustment of CPL value, to make it more representative of the gear strength


• Simplified and clarified Knighthood challenge objectives

• Increased the amount of Nth Metal awarded by Penguin


• Reduced Health of the Drone Master

• Fix for throwing Large Enemies into wall not causing damage


• Fix for incorrect enemies vulnerabilities.


• Player will have access to the Cosmic Batcycle colorway after completing Batgirl’s Heroic Traversal side activity in North Gotham

Gear drop

• Fixed last Hidden cache not rewarding anything

• Added a message when blueprints are automatically converted into salvage

• Boss Fights

• Fix for Talia getting stuck on a wall without evading

• Fix for Talia using her bow as a katana during the fight

• Fix for Batgirl’s Drone staggering bosses

• Fix for Red Hood’s “Focus fire” ability being blocked by Bosses

• Fix for Clayface’s spiked attacks on cloaked Robin

• Fix for Harley Quinn counter attacking when being stunned

Photo Mode

• Added new Body Poses

• Added Intensity option for many of the Filters

• Added Look at Camera option (available when a Body Pose is applied). This option is replicated to other players

• Light Rigs are now replicated to other players

• Light Rig global intensity is now higher and each light’s intensity can be separately controlled


• Matchmaking privacy setting option added when starting a New Game

• Fix for certain crime victims dodging the Batcycle

• Turning Off the Enemies stat display in the Options menu will no longer make the Informant Icon disappear

• Red Hood’s laces will no longer stand out

• Fix for rumble suddenly stopping from working

• Adjusted rumble intensity in various situations.


• Added Dynamic range presets under audio options

• Home Theater (Default and Full dynamic range)

• Night Mode

• TV

• Headphones

Download free Gotham Knights update on PC.

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