Gloria Victis update 1.1.6 is rolling out on PC(Steam). According to the official Gloria Victis patch notes, the latest update adds quality of life changes and improvements.

Previously, a major update added new changes, fixes, and gameplay improvements. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the release. Today’s Gloria Victis patch 1.1.6 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Gloria Victis Patch 1.1.6 Notes – May 25, 2023

uild banners

We are introducing Guild banners that give allies buffs in the area of effect. Guild leaders will receive 10 banners for reaching 150% of the guild activity and the banners expireafter 7 days.
Banner Mechanics:

– Spawn the banner by using the item in inventory. It will appear in the player’s hands.
– Walk and run with the banner. You can’t sprint with it.
– Banners can not be carried while mounted.
– Players cannot fight while carrying the banner.
– Unused banners can be traded between players’ inventories or sold on the market and sales booths.
– Drop the banner on the ground to fight.
– Any other player may pick up and use a dropped banner, including enemies
– Banners in inventory cannot be looted.
– The banner spawn lasts for 20 minutes from the time it is deployed regardless of who holds it.
– BUFF ALLIES: Press the attack button while carrying the banner to buff nearby allies with +1 Health regeneration and +20% stamina regeneration for 30 seconds. This buff is usable once every 30 seconds.
– BUFF ALLIES: Press the block button while carrying a banner to buff nearby allies with -90% stamina drain while attacking for 1 minute. Players can receive such buff once per 20 minutes.

Destructible buildings

With today’s patch, we are adding new destructible buildings to fort locations: wooden houses and huts that spawn additional guards. By introducing them to the game, we want to increase the siege immersion. We want to create the feeling of war and destruction around the fighting location.

Each house spawns additional guards in the location and the guards that come from the houses have reduced respawn time compared to the guards from the guardhouse. A destroyed house and hut do not respawn guards, so destroying them will make the siege easier because that way players will be reducing the number of guards.

In the first iteration, we are introducing houses to the forts. Each fort has 6 houses, 3 inside the location and 3 outside. Players can destroy them by axing, burning them down, and by using siege engines.

The houses have 3 upgrade levels:
– Level 0 – Destroyed house. Does not spawn guards and will transform into ruins.
– Level 1 – Simple hut. Spawns one guard.
– Level 2 – House. Spawns more guards than a simple hut.

Side note: In the future, we will let defenders rebuild these houses during an ongoing siege.

VoD score tweaks

Made changes regarding the required score to win the VoD tournament. We decided to decrease the score in the following way. We made it because the VoD events last for too long in these days.

Ismir theme map requires 500 points to win, (previously 1000 points)
Midland and Sangmar theme maps require 600 points to win, (previously 1000 points)
The siege map requires 1000 points to win.

The reason why the Ismir theme map requires 500 points is due to the fact that there are fewer flags that are generating points.

Quality of life

– Optimizations in the shop filters.
– Tweaks to the amount of audio and sounds being played at the same time. We made it to decrease the feeling of a “sound void” during huge battles.
– Increased the cooldown for quest boards related to crafting for beginners from 15 minutes to 2 hours.
– Group loot chest. From now on, if the chest has more than one item, it will be spread among the players with the highest rolls. The player with the highest score will receive the item which is the most valuable based on the value from the market. This works only with regular brown chests.
– We made some GPU-side optimizations. This should result in potentially smoother FPS.


– We found out that Midland was missing a quest board for beginners dedicated to tailoring and leatherworking. With today’s patch, we are introducing it.
– We have fixed all reported and reproduced edge cases of invisible kicks. If anyone knows of any additional reproduction please remember to send them to us.

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