A new Generation Zero update 1.36 (The Tactical Response Update) is rolling out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. According to the official Generation Zero 1.36 patch notes, the latest update brings new Procedural Missions, a new Tactical Equipment Pack and more. Apart from this, Generation Zero version 1.36 also includes a long list of bug fixes and changes.

Previously, a major Generation Zero update 1.31 added 4 New South Coast Control Points, Revamped Vesslan Warboard Missions and much more. Unfortunately, since the last major update, some players are still experiencing a number of issues with the game. Today’s Generation Zero patch 1.36 will address a few of these issues.

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Generation Zero Patch 1.36 Notes – May 24, 2023

Procedural Missions
  • Anomalous signal
    A strange signal has been picked up coming from somewhere on the island. Investigating it, players find that a malfunctioning machine is calling in beacons.
  • Repair station removal
    An old army repair station for the machine prototype field tests has been found. Since this could still be used by the machines to repair and refuel, it’s best if it is disabled. There might even be some good stash of resources left there!
  • FNIX outpost sabotage
    Reports have come in about new, high value FNIX outposts being spotted around the island. These outposts are great places to scavenge for resources, but more importantly, sabotaging them will help keep FNIX from taking over!

The individual missions take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete and of course offer a reward in the form of some sweet loot.

Quality of Life improvements
  • The Vintovka has been added to the Wolf’s loot table as well as the Firebird’s. Also, there is now a form of Bad Luck Protection to make sure you get it after a certain amount of tries! Happy hunting.
  • The emergency broadcast sound that some TVs make has been adjusted to a quieter sound on a different wavelength to reduce the chance of triggering tinnitus in players. Please let us know if you still experience tinnitus in any part of the game so we can continue to improve!
Building Blocks Voiceover

The “Building Blocks” mission has been updated with voice over conversations between Pontus and Therese! While the mission remains the same, new players will get to hear new conversations and radio chatter between the two characters as they work their way through the mission.

Tactical Equipment Pack 2

Expand your arsenal with these five finely crafted pieces of guerrilla equipment. Used to spy, scout, distract, or destroy, the contents of this premium DLC provides players of all playstyles with something new to enhance their combat effectiveness or just to have some fun!
The Pack contains:

  • Toy Car Lure
    A modified RC car with a radio strapped on top. Once placed on the ground, this car will drive away from you at top speed, with its radio at maximum volume. This lure is great for drawing enemies away from you in a sticky situation.
  • Sensory Jammer
    The sensory jammer creates a specially tuned EM field when it is turned on. This field interferes with the senses of any machine in range, making the player practically invisible.
  • Hacking Dart
    A lightweight lawn dart modified with a magnet (to stick to machines) and a contact hack device. The dart is built to be thrown quite far and accurately, allowing you to hit enemies with it from relative safety. Once attached, the device disrupts the friend-or-foe identification system of the machine it is attached to, causing it to attack any other machine on the battlefield. The effect lasts until the device’s battery runs out.
  • Remote-Controlled Tick
    This modified Tick has had its navigation system overridden, allowing it to be controlled via an RC car transmitter. For good measure, a homemade pipe-bomb has also been attached to it. This allows you to directly control the Tick, sending it into the midst of unsuspecting machines to scout them out and blow them up!
  • Portable Homing Turret
    This portable turret is a potent weapon against both ground and airborne targets alike. It fires small, guided rocket propelled grenades in salvos of 3. These guided munitions lock on to any nearby machine, meaning nothing is safe when one of these turrets is active.

Bug Fixes


  • Materials used for crafting but stored in the Plundra used to be displayed as available for crafting, but couldn’t be used until transferred to the player’s inventory. Crafting will automatically access your Plundra storage as well.
  • Soviet Weapons Pack ammo can now be crafted


  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the wrong ambience or reverb would trigger indoors or underground
  • Fixed an issue where the first shot of automatic weapons triggered twice


  • [Community Reported]: [Machines] – The Reaper now properly fights back against the Soviet machines
  • [Community Reported]: Machines no longer start rapid firing when damaged while shooting. Thank you to, well, everyone! Many had this problem, no more!


  • [Base Assault] – Fixed the collision on walls with a spotlight


  • [Community Reported] Tylöveden Control Point no longer resets when launching the game after updating. This will sadly not reinstate already lost bases.
  • Fixed some Control Points having the Base Defense prompts offset slightly to the left
  • Building Blocks – Doing the mission in multiplayer sometimes blocked the client from claiming their own base. This is no longer the case.
  • “Building Blocks” no longer autocompletes if the player had “Good News” active before the update. Sorry speedrunners!
  • Fixed Command Centers sometimes being invulnerable during Base Assault
  • Fixed clients being able to start Base Defense missions in someone else’s world
  • Reclaimed Arrows now disappear for all players in a lobby


  • An Invitation Mission – Fixed a bug where the last objective could disappear from the host’s log and the whole mission would disappear for the client.
  • An Invitation Mission – Fixed an issue where [redacted] would not appear.
  • An Invitation Mission – Fixed mission progress transferring incorrectly between client and host


  • [Skins] – Sometimes weapons skins preview screen could break if a gun has a non-default mag or barrel installed. They now display correctly
  • Vesslan Warboard was missing the “Building Blocks” mission for some players when interacting with it for the first time. It’s now back!
  • The Chat Box no longer overlaps with the Warboard UI
  • Fixed the Crosshair reappearing when opening the weapon wheel while on a bike or bicycle
  • The Resistance Heavy Bow charge meter is now visible again!
  • DLC showcase now updates correctly when navigating the menu
  • [Community reported][Tubular Vanity Pack] – “Cheer” emote no longer shows up twice in the player’s menu
  • Another Castle – Generator button could still be interacted with after turning it on. Now we’ve got UNLIMITED POWEEER!


  • [Tactical Equipment Pack] Molotov cocktail AoE damage no longer expires before the visual effect ends


  • Players can now shoot through the windows of sheds.
  • Fixed missing collision on part of a wall in Kaseberg
Known Issues


  • The game sometimes crashes when firing an Experimental AG4 at machines
  • Using the Small EMP Cell can rarely break the first-person model


  • [Resistance Bow] – Explosive Arrows do not deal damage to FNIX Outpost Generators
  • Host might not see the player character of the client when the client is riding a motorbike
  • Turrets in FNIX bases sometimes don’t play their explosion effect when being destroyed

Equipment and Weapons

  • Some Throwables don’t last as long as they should after being thrown
  • Reload animation for Vintovka 1891 in multiplayer is always the full reload one


  • UI screens can overlap when pressing multiple buttons at the same time
  • Bike tutorial might play for all players in multiplayer instead of just the one triggering it

Download free Generation Zero update 1.36 is now available for download

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