Gamedec update 1.4 (January 27, 2022) is now rolling out on PC. According to the official Gamedec patch notes, the latest update added quality of life improvements and fixes. Apart from this, today’s Gamedec patch 1.4 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a major update improved performance, SFX’s, polished up the sounds, and many many more

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s Gamedec patch 1.4 will address a few of these errors.

Gamedec Patch Notes – January 27, 2022


– A Traditional Chinese translation was implemented – there is a one bugged codex entry which appears to be not translated, we’re aware of this and already working on it ?

– Fixed some major issues with the Player’s Character location after loading a save on various levels

– Fixed some major issues with NPCs not following the Player’s Character on various levels

– Improved audio on loading screens

– Added missing translations to some Codex entries

– Fixed some issues with loading NPC’s avatar’s during the dialogue

– Tooltips on Aspects will appear again in the Professions menu

– Fixed an issue with the dissapearing NPCs names in Codex

– Improved the text visibility in 720p resolution

– Improved ending’s graphics in the resolutions 1280×720 and 1152×864

– Improved save menu graphics in the resolutions 1280×1024 and 1280×768

– Fixed some minor language issues in the Options menu

– The controls graphic in Options menu was improved

– Fixed some formatting issues in Deduction menu

– The Player’s Character won’t randomly pass through a wall anymore

– Improved audio while going through dialogue with keyboard

– Fixed issues with broken formatting in the text

– Fixed some spelling issues and typos across all game

– The double “Open” button in Deduction menu won’t appear anymore

– After choosing a deduction suggestion from the dialogue, the Deduction menu will now close automatically

– After buying the Profession from the suggestion in dialogue, the Profession Menu will now close automatically

– Improved navigating between links in Codex

– Fixed an issue with random appearing double icons on the left side of the screen

– Fixed the Character Creation screen – the text in the French version won’t overlap boxes anymore

– Fixed notifications in Codex

– Placement of some general tutorials was improved

Like Father Like Son:

– It won’t be possible to move the Character around while getting up from the bed anymore

– Ramon will no longer be lying down and getting up rapidly before an interaction

– Fixed some issues with two NPCs not re-appearing after a certain interation

– Fixed an issue in which interaction with Ken wasn’t possible

– The card trick interaction won’t appear again after taking the cards

– The Player’s Character won’t be blocked after watching the card trick anymore

– The Player’s Character won’t be blocked after being in a dialogue for too long

– The NPC’s animation in the Theatre won’t be so glitchy anymore

– The additional inventory slot was added

– The music and audio effects in the Theatre and Rooftops was improved

– Player’s Character won’t collect information from a different deduction than chosen one

– Finding an NPC’s true nickname will now affect the dialogue with Ken

– The NPC will now remember seeing the Unicorn

– Some additional codex entries were added

Harvest Time:

– Fixed an issue with the black screen appearing after choosing to go back to the Apartment

– If the game was reloaded after restoring power in the Apartment, the light will remain on

– The dialogue about the job in the e-mail won’t repeat anymore during the same interaction

– Improved branching near the case finale

– Saving on the train’s platform won’t be teleporting the Player’s Character to the graveyard after reloading anymore

– Added an additional way to leave the graveyard

– The achievement for getting the maxiumum progress on the Farm will now be counted as intended

– The hay won’t appear on the middle of the road after making a save in the city

– The Player’s Character won’t be invisible after jumping from the roof

– Some case-specific tutorials were moved to the different places

– The sounds from graveyard won’t be appearing after returning to the city

– The quest with meeting the Sheriff at sundown was improved

– Audio improvements

– The Player’s Character won’t walk slowly after talking to a NPC

– The dialogue line which was supposed to be Player Character’s won’t appear as Stanley’s

– Lea Anne’s and Fruit Hilda’s speech buuble won’t re-appear after reloading the game

– The NPC’s shield will now dissapear after the duel

– Fixed collision on a cactus

– Fixed some issues with triggering an exploit on the Farm after reloading a save while harvesting

Fallen Hero:

– Fixed broken interaction in the investigation

– Audio improvements

– Fixed some issues with clues at the Bar

– Quest from the Captain will be dissapearing from the quest log after completing

– Improved some fail and win conditions in the quest with Bob and Rhonda

– Achievement connected with the investigation was fixed

Knight’s Code:

– The music near the Tree won’t cut rapidly anymore

– The Player’s Character will no longer be able to interact with the Forge if the inventory is empty

– It won’t be possible to throw every item from the inventory to bonfire in the Forge

– The information about having to complete quest from the NPC after taking another one is now more clear

– The quest with Staid Beetle was improved. The conversation will no longer lead to a blocker

– Some additional informations about the gamepad controls in the Jail minigame was added

– It won’t be possible to repeat a dialogue line with a NPC, which affected the relationship with him

– The item while eavesdropping interaction will be visible

– Fixed collision on Umbra’s house

Axis Mundi:

– Fixed a cricital bug which appeared while talking to npc

– Fixed an issue with failing to load a cutscene on the end of the case

– Added some new audio content

– The game won’t crash randomly after talking to Jester anymore

– The tutorial in the Gallery will now be visible

– The tutorial will now have new graphics

– The Player’s Character will not change their place in the final cutscene anymore

– The Player’s Character rotation during the jump was improved

– Added some new sound effects in the Haggis Office and the Labyrinth

– The Player’s Character won’t be able to fall off of the boundaries

– An issue with inactive deduction was fixed

– Fixed an issue with Jester not disappearing when he is supposed to

Paradise Lost:

– Audio improvements

– The dialogue with an Eagle was improved and fixed

– Fixed NPC’s avatar in The Vault

– Fixed collision of the car

– The dialogue which was supposed to be Player Character’s thought is not visible as NPC’s dialogue anymore

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