For Honor Update 2.34 Patch Notes (Crossplay Added) – March 17, 2022


For Honor update 2.34 released on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official For Honor 2.34 patch notes, the latest update added crossplay across all platforms (PC, PlayStation, and Xbox) for PVP and PVE mode. Apart from this, For Honor patch 2.34.0 also contains performance improvements.

Previously, a big update added a long list of fixes and improvements. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing a number of issues while playing the game.

For Honor patch 2.34 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

For Honor patch 2.34.0 Download Size

PS4: 1.30GB

Xbox One: 1.70GB

PC: 1.70GB

For Honor 2.34.0 Patch Notes – January 27, 2022


Crossplay Phase 1

  • Matchmaking is now enabled by default across all platforms (PC, PlayStation, and Xbox) for PVP and PVE mode. Crossplay Phase 2: Group Play with Friends to be released at a later date. With the introduction of Crossplay Phase 1 players can expect the following changes:
    • PC, PlayStation, and Xbox players can now matchmake together. This should improve matchmaking time and play session experience.
      • For technical reasons, ingame voice chat is disabled for all Crossplay matches
      • Player skill rating reset must take place at the start of the season (personal skill rating will be re-calibrated after a few matches)
      • Players who do not want to take part in Crossplay can opt out through the Settings Menu under the new ‘Online’ option

Ubisoft Account Username Report

  • Players will now be able to report Offensive Ubisoft Account Usernames on all platforms.



  • Through the previous two Testing Grounds phases, we’ve tested a variety of Dominion Game Mode changes. These changes are meant to bring 3 main benefits:
  1. Improve the Renown Gain of individual classes (for example, so Assassins’ ability to unlock their feats is no longer a feast-or-famine situation),
  2. shift the focus for Point Gain/Renown Gain from being too heavily focused on defending a Capture Point (to now be a better spread between Capture Points and the Minion Lane),
  3. remove the uncontrollable Renown Gain from Special Renown Bonuses (so that teams don’t spike or snowball their renown as much with kill bonuses)

These main Dominion changes are now integrated into the Live game:

  • Standardized Renown gains across all classes. All Renown gains are now equalized for all Heroes.
    • Hero Kill: 20
    • Kill Streaks: 8-20
    • Minion Kill: 2
    • Kill Assists: 10
    • Defend Zones (kill on friendly Zone): 0
    • Capture Zones: 10
    • Contest Zones (fight on a Zone):
      • Fight for ENEMY Zone: 30/min
      • Fight to KEEP YOUR Zone: 36/min
    • Boosting Zones (stay on friendly Zone): 42/mins
    • Revive: 20
    • Rally: 30
  • Special Renown Bonuses have been removed, apart from: Comeback, Revenge and Streak breaker.
  • Defender Renown, which gave renown to all allies in a Zone for each kill within it, has been removed.

Feat Unlock Thresholds are now:

  • Tier 1: 50 (was 58)
  • Tier 2: 120 (was 155)
  • Tier 3: 210 (was 265)
  • Tier 4: 320 (was 335)

Points rebalance:

  • Captured Zone: 0.9 Points/s (was 0.74 Points/s)
  • Boosted Zone: 1.5 Points/s (was 1.85 Points/s)
  • Captured Minion Lane: 1.5 Points/s (was 1.35 Points/s)

Renown Widget has been integrated!

  • All Renown gains will now be centralized in this widget right above your Renown bar.


Zone Capture Speeds

  • Reverted to old values, meaning multiple players assisting the capture will make it speed up, just as it always has.

Boosting and Contesting Zone:

  • Boosting: 42 Renown/minute (previous TG value was 30)
  • Contesting Zone with no Owner: 30 Renown/minute (previous TG value was 36)
  • Contesting Zone owned by opposing team: 30 Renown/minute (previous TG value was 36)
  • Contesting Zone your team owns: 36 Renown/minute (previous TG value was 36)
  • KNOWN ISSUE: The Renown tally shown in the Renown Widget will not be accurate when contesting a Zone; the values shown will be inflated. This is a display issue at this time.


  • Occlusion improvements to make interior sounds more muffled when the player is outside.
    • River Fort
    • High Fort
    • Temple Garden
    • Sentinel
    • Citadel Gate
    • Cathedral
    • Viking Village
    • Hallowed Bastion
    • Qiang Pass





  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue where Shinobi’s Front Roll was not target-swappable.


  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue where Hitokiri’s swinging weapon VFX lingers behind the axe during the side dodge animation.


  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue that made Kyoshin’s in-game idle animation appear unnatural.



  • (Bug Fix) Altered Nobushi’s Second Wind tier 3 feat animation to be consistent with other heroes.



  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue that caused Pirate to repeat a specific voice line in repeated succession after successfully parring an attack.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue that caused lowering of the sounds of battle when playing on Hallowed Bastion during phase 1 in zones 2 & 3.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue when where Conqueror’s Full Block stance caused the shield shuffle sound effect to be heard by all players on the map.



  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue that caused weapons to reappear in hand after an emote.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue that caused the Black Material to appear Blue.
  • (Bug Fix) Added Seawater and Firewood Material to PIrate Queen’s customization options.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue that caused the Crimson Conquest effect SFX for Zhanhu and Tiandi to not be synchronized with the visual effect.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue that caused Gyorin Chest to not appear correctly on Shinobi, if a paint pattern is selected on Chest and Back.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue that caused Berserker’s ‘Move It Along’ Execution to have excessive camera shake.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue that caused a grey texture to appear on Death’s Shadow or Satsuki helms when they are equipped on Shinobi.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue when Kensei performs the Yasuraka execution and no SFX can be heard when they stab the opponent.
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue that caused The Orochi execution “Seijuro’s Finesse” to heratic camera movements. The issue is only occurring with this execution, with Vertical sync off and refresh rate to 60hz.


  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue that caused irregularities of fps when streaming FH on one monitor, whilst playing FH on another monitor.

Download free For Honor update 2.34 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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